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Cindy Crawford- The Rumors Continue

Porn Valley- Did she or didn’t she? Did Cindy Crawford actually beat up her husband? One story says Crawford did. But Crawford’s husband is claiming no, she didn’t. Part of the story also claims that Crawford had her husband fired from Sin City, but Crawford’s husband said his erratic sleeping habits took care of that. Monday night, Wankus on KSEX reported that Tyler Faith was working on a Sin City shoot and got some of the skinny from the Sin City crew.

Wankus also said he first called Crawford when the story broke to ask if the story was true. When he didn’t get a response he called again. “Saturday morning her husband called and said, no, it’s not true,” Wankus said. Wankus quoted Crawford’s husband as saying, “We got in an argument. She didn’t beat me up. We got in an argument. The cops were called. She didn’t get arrested. I got fired from my job. I got fired because I was too lazy to wake up.”

According to Wankus, Faith shot a scene and got the crew report Monday.

“The cops definitely came,” said Wankus. “She was drunk off her ass on a porn set according to witnesses on the Sin City crew that relayed this to Tyler. Rumor has it, Crawford was at this set drunk off her ass, drinking straight vodka. She decided, when her husband came to pick her up, that she was going to drive home completely naked. She was going to drive drunk off her ass and she was completely naked. And her man said, no you can’t do that. I guess a fight ensued. Somewhere between the Sin City set and the Freeway, or somewhere, cops were called. She was arrested or at least detained by the police for beating him up. Allegedly. This, according to the Sin City crew. I think there’s good merit that they had a clue what was going on, since she was on their set.”

Wankus said he’d enjoy the part of the story if Crawford did drive naked, but not drunk. According to the story, Crawford did leave driving naked. Whether the cops stopped Crawford and pulled her out of the car naked is up for grabs. “I don’t know when the cops came and got involved,” said Wankus. “I don’t know if they arrested her. I don’t know if she beat the fuck out of her man in front of everybody in the parking lot of Sin City or the Freeway. There’s a lot of I don’t knows. Again it’s all rumor has it. Don’t put anything in the bank yet.”

Wankus said he knows Crawford and has seen her in many inebriated and chemically enhanced states. “I tend to believe the story, but that’s just me.” Someone in the chat room wrote that Crawford wasn’t going to stop until she kills herself. Wankus said he commented on the very thing to Faith that Crawford was going to be dead soon. Faith agreed.

“She’s gone from the hottest, one of the sexiest porn stars who had the world on her shoulders to one of the most fucking rank, trailer white trash drug-induced…

“I don’t even want to keep making up descriptions because they’re all going to be printed,” Wankus laughed. Co-ho Rebecca Love mentioned that she replaced Crawford on the Monday night show. Wankus said that was the beginning of Crawford’s downfall. “When I first met her she was just a knock out and a great personality. Now everytime you hear her she’s like hi, Wankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus.” Wankus was doing an impression of Blue Iris.


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