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“Clueless in Brazil”

> Gen Padova posts on Like many of us whores, we always get an e-mail or two that stands out above the rest. Here’s one of them that should fulfill all of your guys’ anti-Brazilian fetish here at XPT. I’m not sure if I should reply to fuck with him or ignore. Tough decisions. Enjoy:

Nov 10 2006 1:20 AM Flag spam/abuse [ ? ]

Subject: Hi Gen! I’ve got an IRRESISTABLE BUSINESS PROP 4 U!!!

Body: Hey there sexxxy, I hope u actually read this cuz i’m sure u’ll be interested! Well, 2 make a looooooong story short, I’m moving to Rio de Janiero in March to eventually start a travel agency/personal security and tourguide/conciegre service with a few of my friends that live there. Until i learn the language fluently i will be directing and producing adult films with local S. American talent, as well as willing participants from various other countries. U are more than welcome to work with me and my Brasilian and Argentinian crew of gorgeous ladies and hung guys @ your own convenience. U may even bring along your choice of co-star(s)–Male and/or female!!! I, as the director/producer, will give the actors/actresses alot of artistic/creative freedom as to how they will perform and what, as well as who, they will do–that’s how the best sex and porn happens…..right?!?

The flight, as well as other accommodations, will be paid for. Just think of it as a “working vacation” If u are interested or would like more info, feel free to contact me. I am a man of my word and ALWAYS follow thru w/ my promises. I hope 2 hear back from u! It would be a pleasure having u work for us in the future!!!

P.S: Please tell any of your friends in the industry about my proposition if u think they may be interested. I’d appreciate it GREATLY!!!

Sincerely, Ryan

> NitneLiun posts: Everything about that email just screams SNUFF FLICK! I think you should go, Gen. It would be a fitting end to a legendary career.

> frankenswine writes on What fucking moron introduced the idea of a Red Carpet? When most of these idiots have never truly been on a Red Carpet, who is it that they think takes their picture? Aside from AVN and Luke Ford, the only other people taking photo ops are perverts. For some reason these delusional people think that they are gonna end up on the cover of US Magazine or In Style. The only word I have for a Porno Red Carpet is “Gay” (and not homo gay) but gay like ridiculous when you were in 9th grade. Grown children pretending to play dress up and be glamourous for a lame party or a jack off movie is really fucking funny, but not as much of a joke as Kurt Lockwood at any given moment, but I digress.

> thevodguy writes: Those people taking pictures, other than AVN and Luke Ford, are called ‘fans’. They’re the ones that pay for all the drugs, booze, and German engineered cars that the pornstars like to drive. Without them, the pornstars are nothing.

Jenna can fart, and it’ll make more money than a lot of the crap that Hollywood puts out anyway, but porn gets absolutely no respect from mainstream moviemaking.

Porn’s repsonse: Fuck you, we’ll have our own damn awards show. I totally support that stance… besides, the more interaction they have with their fans, the more money they make.

> conky writes: The only red carpet action the fans get at the AVN awards is the painfully slow, embarrassing ‘death march’ of crack whores in tissue paper dresses as they troop down to the metal detectors (thanks for helping to introduce those, Snoop Dog). The actual area for photography is now way back from where “the public” might be able to see it.

And talk about a fight to get into the cordoned off area for ‘real’ photo ops and interviews! Man, it’s just plain sad, watching some of those coked out surgery victims clamouring for attention like children.

Mind you, they rope that area off from anyone they don’t want to interview or take pics of, so maybe we could just run a decent current through the carpet?

Might be a way of culling some of the serious Cythereas out of the biz.

The real fans, the ones who buy the porn and put the stars where they are, they have to make do with a glimpse of their favourite girls outside the those two shitty night clubs in the Venetian.

> Da Burglar writes on XPT: Male attention Whores/Sex Addicts like Kurt and Lex need to be run out of porn, or smothered. They are insufferable…Kurt’s latest e-mail/myspace individual hissy fit barrage is pathetic, the last message I saw that he sent to Michele Aston is phenomenal for it’s insipid attack upon a FEMALE poster/performer. I’d be ok with Kurt Posting pictures of himself Giggling while standing in Line at a B of A teller as she pays him off his strap-on earnings, but these rants of his are ridiculous.

AS for Lex, he is much simpler: He is a sex addict in addition to being a mentally lazy, not very bright failed Black Stock Broker/Financial planner. He roars when he ejaculates, essentially turning into an animal and exposing his innermost thoughts that show a man who thinks orgasms are the point of living. If you have seen a Lex steele Gonzo scene the last 6 years you know what I mean. I recall a scene from 2001 (?), I think it was a Diabolic production of Down the Hatch where Lex was jerking off into Jewel Denyle’s mouth (or Lex was jerking off into a chick’s mouth and Jewel was watching the action up close, either or…) and Lex ROARS: “Ahhhhhhhh, Feeels GoooD! It feels Good when cum shoots out of my dick….” The look on Jewel’s face was priceless, and my disgust was complete. He kills Porn Scenes’ Strokeability….Lex is to porn scenes’ enjoyability what Narcan is to Heroin Highs.


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