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Confusion Over An “S”

Porn Valley – The launching of Seka’s website, may have had something to do with another adult website hearing from Seka’s attorneys recently. Sean Quick from, suspects that there may have been some confusion between himself and another website which is billing itself as

To that extent, Sean said he got a letter from Seka’s attorney earlier this month. “Basically it was a cease and desist,” Sean says. The attorney’s letter goes on to say that it had come to Seka’s attention that Sean’s site was using Seka as a basis of a website “which is neither authorized nor licensed by the trademarked holder” and that was being given seven days essentially to remove all material pertinent to Seka, citing proprietary right. Sean said he then informed Seka’s attorneys that what appears on his site is nothing more than a generalized biography and a picture of her captured from a boxcover with a few more pieces of information that amount to less than a hill of beans. It was then that he did a quick Google search and ran across which is registered to someone in Texas.

“This website has Seka-stuff splashed all over it,” says Sean, noting that the website makes a point of using the words “featuring Seka.” It contains a biography including fan club information but with no address. “There’s also filmography, a gallery, the usual stuff,” Sean notes.

Sean said he sent Seka’s attorney copies of information comparing the Seka content of both sites. He got a letter back from the attorney stating that they found nothing objectionable with his Seka references on It also went on to say that they were going to contact the administrator of In the meantime, Sean said he had the Seka information deleted from his own website just to avoid any kind of potential hassles. “Simply, just because,” he said. “I took care of the Seka issue and to be quite honest, I’m not too upset that this guy who runs might catch a little hell out of this. I think it’s kind of cheap that he basically uses the name of my website but makes it singular not plural.”

As a note of passing interest, Sean said his Google search also came upon several other sites that are using Seka’s name including one that purports to be the actress’ official site though it’s not “I don’t know if she has business agreements with these individuals, and if they don’t I feel sorry for that sonofabitch. But in searching information on who owns these websites, they’re scattered all over. I think one’s based in Canada. And if you type in the named of Seka, there’s some towns in Europe named Seka. I guess it’s a common name over there.

“I had a feeling that I was not in the wrong to begin with,” Sean goes on to say. “There are so many sites out there that are similar to pornlegends in the fact that they have a brief biography on the stars, then they sell the videos. So, I knew if I was going down, I knew a few bigger websites would be getting clocked too. But we removed her stuff.”

Noting that Seka was never the basis of to begin with, Sean said he includes information on at least 60 porn luminaries from the past with their merchandise. “Their names are in the public domain so to speak. And there’s so many copycat websites out there that I could see where the stars would be upset.”

Sean says there was a time when he ran a Seka fan club for a couple of years. “She ran it herself for many, many years through Club Magazine. Then she kind of stopped. Her and Kay Parker are pretty good friends and I was running Kay’s at the time. Kay was going to talk to Seka about other issues not related to the fan club. I said while you’re talking to Seka mention let’s start up her fan club. Seka agreed and we ran her fan club for a couple of years. I can understand how this happened but I’m glad we got everything clarified in the end. God knows I’m not out to rip anybody off. And Seka is pretty powerful when she wants to be. I think everything’s fine now. I wish her luck. I’m just surprised that it’s taken her this long to set up her own website.”


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