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Content Ideas to Entice Fans and Earn Big on Valentine’s Day

For many content creators, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate friendship, love and sensuality with their fans. If you’re thinking of jumping on that V-Day bandwagon, here are some tips for making the most of this special day. Hint: Flowers and chocolates are out of fashion; what fans really want is hot and spicy content!

Start Off With Some Sexting

Get creative by dripping wax on your skin, drawing shapes based on the requests your members send your way.

Sexts are perfect for connecting with fans seeking interaction and a personal touch. If your platform offers pay-per-view messages, you’re in luck. Get the word out about your exclusive “just for Valentine’s Day” sexting service, and let fans contact you. Another option is to send out a mass message like “Need a Valentine? I’m here for a chat.”

Run a Promotion

Valentine’s Day presents a prime opportunity to launch enticing social media promotions. After all, this is what most mainstream businesses do, so we already know that it’s an effective approach.

Take a moment to review your product or service lineup and uncover potential ways to position your offerings as an ideal Valentine’s Day treat. For example, make the holiday an excuse to offer your sexy photos with an exclusive discount.

You can also lower the price of your content for that one day only, run a promotion on your content platform, or host engaging contests and exciting giveaways on your social media channels.

Offer Special Custom-Themed Content

If you have a request menu, consider including special V-Day options. How about some lipstick fun? Offer custom photos with a unique dedication: the fan’s name in red lipstick on some body part. The highest bidders can venture into naughtier and more risqué territories.

Since candles are strongly associated with romance, why not try a slightly kinkier and more daring take on Valentine’s Day by exploring the world of hot wax? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are candles designed with a lower melting point just for this purpose. Get creative by dripping wax on your skin, drawing shapes based on requests from your members. It’s a unique activity that’s not only visually enticing, but also adds an element of thrill. You can even opt for heart-shaped candles.

Arrange a Virtual Date

Want to embrace your inner romantic? Plan a Valentine’s Day meal with your members. Transform your space with candles, an elegant table setting and delightful sweets, creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic rendezvous. Make it one-on-one personal by recording yourself for private dining experiences with individual users, addressing them directly and acting just as you would with a real-life partner.

Spice Things Up With Games

Get some heart-shaped balloons and take things to the next level with a fun “dare” game. Jot down various challenges on slips of paper and tuck them inside the balloons before inflating them. The idea is to make one clip per balloon. With this in mind, assign numbers to the balloons, corresponding with each video.

Record yourself popping the balloons one by one, channeling your sexy prowess as you embrace the challenge written on each slip of paper. Finally, sell those clips on your platform without revealing which challenge you take on in which clip, so that each clip is a surprise for users. This may entice them to purchase more than one clip, to satisfy their curiosity about what happens in each.

Sell Sexy Baking Videos

Picture yourself clad in nothing but an apron and, of course, a sprinkle of cheekiness. Of course, feel free to start off with a tad more clothing, then shed layers as the baking extravaganza heats up. Be sure to make it sensual and play with the ingredients, sucking on strawberries or playing with the whipped cream as you top your dessert. The best part? Not only does a sexy baking clip promise entertainment, but you also wind up with scrumptious treats. It’s a win-win.

So, whether you’re team “I love Valentine’s Day” or team “I hate it,” remember: The 14th of February is a consumer event and therefore a great excuse to do something special — and cash in on some serious money.

Eva is an industry insider who helps performers make money on their own terms. When she’s not writing a blog post, poking around online or networking, she is practicing yoga or doing Netflix marathons. Contact her at [email protected], visit and tap into subscription-based platform My.Club.


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