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Conversations w/Denise of Hardcore Modeling

Porn Valley- Monday night I spoke to Denise of Hardcore Modeling, Denise operates out of Tucson and has had her agency about two years. Denise has been embroiled in a point of view dispute with Roy Garcia over a model named Anna Rose.

Denise sounds like a highly pleasant woman, possessed of her faculties. “But things could be better,” she laughs. “I didn’t think this was going to get so blown out of proportion.”. I suggest to Denise that when you begin posting lengthy advisos on industry message boards what do you expect. That being said, I ask Denise what would make her think things would turn out otherwise. “The only thing I was upset about is that I was being left out of the loop by both Roy and Anna,” Denise says.

“I think that’s what upset me the most. I went out of my way for three weeks to get him Anna out there. The only thing I asked is that my model call me. After a week of almost not hearing from her- and then she calls me- she’s basically I need to talk to you. I don’t want you as my agent any more. Which is fine. I’m not mad at her for that. I guess she doesn’t understand that.”

Denise said she told Anna she has no problems with her decision. “In her contract it states that she needs to get it in writing that if she ever wants to get out all she has to say is I want out of my contract on such and such date. She signs it. I sign it. Copy. Copy. It’s done. But the point is that if Anna approached Roy to represent her all he had to do was call me up and say, hey, what can we do about this?” Denise is saying, however, it was done in a way that left her wondering what was going on.

During the course of this drama, Denise claims she had been trying to contact Anna Rose several weeks to book her for a shoot. She left four messages on Anna Rose’s machine to call. “I kept leaving messages and didn’t hear anything back,” she says. At that point, Denise said she called Chelsea from Roy Garcia’s office that Anna Rose wasn’t calling her back. “I told her straight out I didn’t want to hold up their production. The next e-mail I received was from Roy. He said he really wanted to shoot her and has already paid for the shoot.

“Roy said the guy he was shooting for had his mind set on her,” says Denise. Denise was then told another local girl was available, and Denise advised using her because of the difficulty in contacting Anna Rose. Denise then called Anna Rose again to find her phone disconnected. “She took personal time off and had personal issues to take care of,” says Denise. “She wasn’t home and I left her a note to please contact me. Two days later she contacted me and said she was interested. She came over and we sat down. Maybe I should have researched this better but I said I don’t know Roy but are you interested in doing this and she said yes.”

According to Denise, with Anna Rose sitting there she called Garcia and set the shoot up on the phone. Denise then gave Anna Rose Garcia’s number along with a backup number. “It was just in case. I didn’t know this man. I said if you’re in any trouble or things go wrong, call my friend up and he will come and get you.”

But according to a story offered by Anna Rose, Denise was supposedly telling her she [Denise] met Garcia and knew him. Denise disputes this saying she never met Garcia in her life. “I don’t know why she’s claiming that.” Asked if the context of Anna Rose’s interview on Adultfyi surprised her, Denise said very much so. “I was like why is this getting so blown out. Why is she basically lying to Gene. A lot of the stuff she said wasn’t true. Like about her not getting any jobs. Again, she is a hard person to get a hold of. When I did have jobs for her she wouldn’t return my calls. Then a week later she’d call and say I’m interested and I’ve have to say too late. I already scheduled another girl.” Denise says she conveys this to all her girls that producers don’t wait a week or two weeks to shoot you.

“In that time they’ll find other girls.” Denise is of the opinion that this whole matter could have been handled differently and more civilly. “There was a story on your site about how Roy claimed that two years ago Wicked stole one of his girls. What I don’t understand is if this was done to him, why is he doing this to other agents? If you want this girl so bad, is it so hard to call me up and say, hey, she wants to be signed with me, what can we work out. I have no qualms about letting Anna go because I’ve tried for four months to get her work. She’s not very reliable. She’s a very pretty girl, but she thinks she’s L.A. Direct material which she’s not. She’s not your typical thin model. She has a lot of tattoos. Her skin is very bad and she wears wigs a lot. That’s the reason I made the drag queen comment because two producers out in California really thought she was a drag queen. They asked me if she was a woman, physically. I was like, yeah. They were like what’s with the wigs and heavy makeup. I said that’s just her.

“I have nothing against her,” Denise continues. “But I really felt that her comments about me were so out of place. When I wrote my original e-mail I didn’t even mention her name just to protect her. Then I saw her response and I was like what is going on? This is a girl that I had at my house that was crying when she had boyfriend problems. I know her ex-boyfriend out in L.A. He was like something’s not right with her.”

Denise doesn’t claim to be a big modeling agency. “I’m in Arizona. I get girls work in Florida and California. I have a contact in Hawaii. But believe it or not, because of this coming about, I’ve received more contacts. People looked at my website and saw that I have some good-looking girls.”

Asked what she would have made in the deal, Denise says 10% of Anna’s $800.

All this for 80 lousy bucks


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