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Conversations with Alana Lipps-final

Porn Valley- Alana Lipps is from Tampa and she, along with her 36 DD’s were in town over the weekend, checking things out. Lipps, who was hanging around with Rebecca Bardoux, is looking to get into the business. She plans on being in town till the end of the week and is looking at maybe a return trip in August.

Lipps, who was raised in California, is the oldest of seven children and was a tomboy. “I was always looking out for everybody,” she says indicating that being the oldest she was held to example. “If I did it, they did it.” And being a tomboy is what Lipps says pretty much led her to join the army for four years. “It was that female G.I. Joe-thing,” she explains. “It was the cartoon. I always liked to play with guns as a kid and go out and do stuff.”

From the sounds of things, she had her best run, sexually, during those four years in the military. Lipps was very active in sports as well. “I was always the one playing with the boys in the streets,” she says. “I’d play football and get all skinned up. I’d try to do tricks on the skate board. I was always falling and crashing.” Lipps also describes herself as a track & field nut. “I loved it,” she says. Lipps ran the 50 yard dash; the 100 yard dash; the 440 Relay; the long jump and shot put. “I loved it,” she laughs. “It was fun competing when I was younger.” You check out Lipps’ voluptuous body and one of the first thing that crosses your mind is weight training. She didn’t train like that while in school but later on in the military where she hurt her back.

“That’s why I haven’t been weight training lately,” she explains. Lipps got out of the Army in 2000 and started bar tending which she still does on and off. “I love bar tending,” she says. “I love talking to people, having fun with them and being interactive.” While in the army, Lipps was in supply. Asked why she didn’t make the army a career, Lipps said her next stop would have been Korea and she wasn’t too enthusiastic about that. “Not that I didn’t mind being a female overseas at that point,” she continues, “but anywhere else and I would probably have stayed in.”

What struck me during a conversation I had with Lipps at a party Sunday night were her comments about Showtime’s airing of Family Business and how it got her interested in porn as a career. “It intrigued me,” she said. “I would sit there and watch those shows and see all the work and the thought process that went behind it. There’s a lot of organization and I would like to be like that, including the sexual aspect as well. Lipps has rented adult movies from time to time but only now finds forums like ADT being helpful to her. “I don’t know much now but I knew less then,” she laughs.

Lipps says she’s very versatile, sexually. “But it really depends on my mood- sometimes I like it really rough. And I like a lot of eroticism and fetish-stuff. I liked to be talked to, as well. And girls turn me on as much as men do.” Lipps mentioned that she met Rebecca Bardoux through industry vet Vince Miller. “I met him at AEE back in January. He’s a very nice gentleman. Then he gave me a call and invited me out here to see Erotica LA. He’s talked about helping me out and showing me the ropes a little bit. Then when I got out here last week, I met her. They’re both sweethearts.”

If she doesn’t make a full move out here, Lipps suspects that she’ll commute maybe every six weeks. “I’m still debating- I don’t want to make a definite decision at this point, but if I do move, it’ll be like the beginning of August, the beginning of September.” Lipps moved to Tampa when she took a job with a contractor as a head hunter. “Then the company went under.”

While in L.A., Lipps took the opportunity to network along with a wait and see approach; and I was curious if she got hit on by any talent agents. “I had one gentleman,” she says. “But I wouldn’t go with him. We just didn’t click. He was nice, don’t get me wrong. He was very polite but I think if you’re going to have someone running you and do all the work for you, you should be able to click.” Lipps also talks about an upcoming fetish convention in Tampa as well as the Nightmoves show. “I’m going to get ready for that,” she says. Lipps likes the lighter side of S&M as well. “I haven’t taken a full plunge dive into it.”

Lipps was 17 when she lost her virginity. Her boyfriend was her boss. “He and I started going out,” she recalls. “My first job was at Taco Bell and he was the assistant manager. He was 18 and it was over at his house,” she said, precluding any questions about Taco Bell rendezvous. “He wouldn’t do anything like that.” Lipps says the first time was okay although it hurt a little bit. “I was a little disappointed, but the second time was better.” Lipps describes herself as being very sexual and always wanted more ever since the first time. “That has never ben an issue but there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit picky in your personal life.”

Many of Lipps’ hotter stories seem to have a khaki flavor to them. Her first girl-girl escapade came while in the army. “We were in the same barracks.” According to Lipps, she was on watch. “We were in her room. She was watching a movie, taking a break. We were drinking but we weren’t supposed to. “She started touching me. She was Bi and I didn’t know it. She started touching me and I liked it. We started making out. We started eating each other out. It was very erotic. It was very hot but we never did anything again because of her boyfriend. he wouldn’t let her get near me anymore. He said it was all my fault.” But there were a lot of girls afterwards, says Lipps. “Tons of girls- I love them. Just as much as I love men. They both have their benefits.” Given a choice between the two, Lipps says it’s too hard of a decision. “I like pieces of both of them. But it would probably end up being a man. Because I do like to feel them.”

Lipps does anal in her personal life but might hold out on that. The first time she tried it she was 22, drunk and in the army. “Because that’s all you do in the military on the weekend- you get drunk,” she says. We used to do that a lot. I was getting ready to ride him and he had been bugging me about it for a couple of months. So I slid down slowly on him.” Lipps likes the learning experiences that military service gave her. Not to mention the sexual conquests.

The craziest sexual experience she can recall came outdoors on her apartment stairwell. “It faced the highway maybe 20 feet away. We had sex there. It was in the afternoon in Springtime.” Asked if motorists were honking their horns, Lipps said she was too preoccupied to notice.


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