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Alexa Jaymes was the kind of girl me and my college buddies were always on the look out for. We called ‘em “laughers”.

All you had to do was fart, and the “laughers” would hold their sides, splitting a gut, thinking you were the funniest guy in the room. Jaymes is good times, and you’d like her immediately. Well, for one thing, because she laughs. And she also likes to be spanked which is the quality I find most endearing in my women.

Jaymes’ spanking-thing was made very obvious several times during our conversation.

“I love sex and being naughty- I love the spanking,” she says. “I love to tease.”

So pardoning the pun, Jaymes, who’s from Montreal, Canada, is brand spanking new in the business. She’s been in it about 2 ½ months and is with A List Talent.

“I’ve been wanting to do porn for a long time,” she explains. “Probably ever since I was 15.”

Jaymes finds this idea to be funny, but I assure her every girl at that age thinks the same way about going into porn. Well, again, maybe they don’t.

“I thought it was a crazy adolescent dream but it stuck in my mind,” Jaymes continues.

“I remember ever since I was really young I’d watch porn. I was very sexually open with my girlfriends. It became a part of me, a sexy fun side that I wanted to explore more. And I think it was also all those Playboy magazines, and I’ve always been a huge fan of pinups and glamour. I wanted to be part of that.”

Jaymes goes on to say that Stacy Valentine was always someone she wanted to be like.

“She has the sweetest story of being this housewife who decided one day to do porn and make it big,” states James.

“She won her awards and stuck to her plan. She seemed like a sweetheart. She worked hard and stayed in the game, and was soooo sexy.”

Jaymes would love to meet Valentine one day.

As Jaymes began wrapping up her psychology classes last semester she made the decision to take a semester off and come out to Los Angeles to chase her dream.

“I thought, this is it- it’s my time to try, if it goes well, super. If it doesn’t I’ll go back to school.” That’s when Jaymes made a few contacts with people from the industry on Facebook.

“There was this random guy who contacted me- his name was Clayton.”

“The random guy? Don’t you read all those Google stories about the random guy?” I ask Jaymes. “You wind up in a motel room somewhere, or in random pieces in a dumpster with the random guy.”

“Absolutely!” she roars. “I was kind of skeptical. I was, like, this guy wants to get into my pants or sell me off. Next thing I know I’ll be a sex slave!! But he did not give me the creepy vibe. He was quite normal.”

“It’s always the NORMAL guys,” I remind Jaymes. “He was a nice normal guy said the next door neighbor as they uncovered the model’s body from the septic tank.”

Long story short, Clayton wound up becoming Jaymes’ manager, so I kept the Clayton remarks at a bare non-sarcastic minimum.

“That’s okay I give him a hard time too,” Jaymes concedes. “It’s all good. When I met him he turned out okay. He was the one who got me in contact with many of the adult agencies in Los Angeles. Though I did some research on my own, I had no idea. He’s a very honest, I can say, and I’m absolutely positive of that. He’s the one who got me together with A List. In January, I started booking from there.”

Jaymes confides that she was supposed to go back to Montreal and continue commuting but likes it so much she decided to remain in Los Angeles.

“There goes the education, schooling and the psychology-shit all out the window now,” Jaymes is warned.

“Being from Montreal is it fair to say you like hockey?” I also ask.

“Yes, I do. I was really happy with the Canadians this year,” she replies. James mentions that she also contributes to a hockey website.

Besides attending school, Jaymes, also danced at a strip club in Montreal.

“Otherwise I worked as a shooter girl being very sexy and just talked to all the guys at the bar.”

When not playing the professional bimbo in the short skirt, Jaymes worked part time editing scientific articles for a laboratory.

“So when I’m not on set, I’m geeking it up,” she says. “When I’m not naughty, I’m geeky.” Jaymes explains she took classes with the idea of becoming a Virologist.

“All I know about virology is what I learned from the TV show, 24,” I tell Jaymes. “I imagine you haven’t come across any Anthrax.”

“Thank, God, no,” she replies. “But I have the flu today.”

I also wanted to establish whether Jaymes had intimate relations with either Tiger Woods or Jesse James before I got scooped by TMZ.

“I wish I had, but I did not,” she answers emphatically.

Perhaps she’d have given them a run for their money, because Jaymes discovered that with her first time on camera she was very natural and into it.

“A lot of people who meet me might see me as shy, naughty, a smart girl,” she says. “But on camera I just go really, really wild!! It always surprises everyone. I was really into it.”

The scene was with Ralph Long, and Jaymes remembers shooting it for New Sensations at Jessica Jaymes’ house.

“I remember being put into a little maid’s costume,” she recalls. Jaymes next mentions an orgy she shot for Brazzers.

“But there’s been nothing too crazy,” she adds. “I’m starting it off slowly because I want to stay here for a long time. I don’t want to be out in six months.”

Jaymes broke the news about her career to her folks, quickly on.

“I’m very honest with my family. I never keep secrets from them,” she states.

“I have a great relationship with my family but we don’t really talk about it in detail. But as long as I’m happy they’re happy.”

“What was their initial reaction? Did you have to scoop them off the floor?”

“I left them a lot of little clues,” she replies. “I know they picked up on them. They’re very smart people. I couldn’t hide it from them even if I wanted to. My mom’s a doctor so her initial reaction was did you get your shots?”

“If she were a veterinarian, I’d expect that comment a lot more,” I tell Jaymes who says her mother had a lot of questions and Jaymes answered them as well as she could.

“It’s all good, now. We have family dinners. We don’t dwell on that. I’m very happy. My family would support me in anything I did, but they weren’t surprised. They know my wild side.”

According to Jaymes, she’s always been sexually driven.

“Where did they drive you?” she’s asked.

“I had this best friend I used to make out with all the time,” recalls Jaymes. “She was a girl, my first sexual experience. I was 4.”

“Was this kissy-face or more to it?”

“Tongue action,” says Jaymes. “And lot of touching but not going down on each other. It was mostly making out and touching.”

“No little girl pubie stuff?”

“That was a few years later,” she says. “That was with my other girlfriend.”

“That must have been some neighborhood.”

“This was kindergarten,” Jaymes explains, lest her neighborhood be painted in a lurid palette. Jaymes mentions that she had her first boyfriend at the age of 15, but he didn’t get squat.

“He would bring me flowers every day.”

“That’ll teach him. Bet the second guy got all the action.”

Jaymes says, yes to that, noting that the second guy made her laugh a lot more, which is not hard to do.

“And food, she laughs. “He fed me.”

“That’s where I went wrong,” I tell Jaymes. “I made my girlfriends laugh but starved them by chaining them to a wall.”

It was also around that time Jaymes decided to film herself doing three other guys.

“I made this adult video with three of my guy friends. One guys was 17, the others 18 and 20. That was pretty wild. I thought sex was incredible. I need more of that.”

“Is this movie going to show up on the Internet any time soon?” she’s asked.

“Unfortunately, no, but it was really nice looking.”

Among her other turn-ons, Jaymes says she likes being called dirty names – this, of course, while being spanked.

“Every day I need my daily spanking,” she says as a reminder.

“I applaud a woman of your values,” I tell her. “You truly know what’s important in life.”

Jaymes explains that it all started with a guy complimenting her ass and telling her how much he loved it and asking if he could he spank it.

“It felt really goooood,” she coos.

Jaymes soon discovered that her ass was a bonafide conversation starter and for which she gets most of her compliments.

“I guess it goes with the spanking,” says Jaymes who does anal in her personal life but not yet on camera. Again she was 16 when rectally consummated for the first time.

“We came back home and my boyfriend said you want to try it? We were a little tipsy. It felt amazing, amazing. I was, oh, wow!”

“Beyond spanking, I love a man who knows how to use his tongue well,” Jaymes continues. “And if he touches me in the right places. I’m a good girl, I know what I want. I give directions.”

“You give directions because, after all, you’ve been driven,” I remind her. “So now you probably keep a road map in your glove compartment.”

“I see sex as one big long road trip,” says Jaymes cracking up.

For now, Jaymes, romance-wise, isn’t serious with anyone.

“In other words, you’re teasing the world.”

“Totally,” she says. “And they’re all going to get mad, and they’ll all going to start spanking me!”


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