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Conversations with Alexis Redd- 4/1/05

Porn Valley- I love Irish broads. Something about Irish broads. I’m telling this to Alexis Redd who’s got the red hair and the freckles. Not a lot of freckles, like connect the dots freckles. But Just enough to be outrageously sexy. Redd, who hails from Baltimore, is new to the business and is with XTC Models. I meet her on the set of Who’s Next in Porn.

She tells me this is, like, only her third scene. “I’m still brand new,” she says. Redd describes herself as a free spirit willing to try anything. “I like to have fun and I think this will be a good experience to meet some cool people, meet some nice friends,” she states. “Me and all the girls get along great.”

Redd has already established a game plan to be in the business four or five years. “That’s about it- but I’m not going to work every single day.” Redd says she was pretty mischievous as a kid, noting that her mother and father divorced when she was nine. Her mother got re-married when she was ten, and in the process, Redd acquired some step brothers. “I was the oldest girl with three younger brothers so I was pretty much the tomboy. I was pretty but I was all about dirt biking and rolling around in the mud.”

I ask if that extended to fixing cars. Redd laughs because only a couple of nights previous she had a date with a “rich kid” who apparently didn’t know a Honda from a hood ornament. “The guy’s car stopped working and he was trying to get under the hood.” Redd said he couldn’t find the latch to pop the hood. She had to help him. “He was like one of those little rich boys, he’s, like, what’s wrong with it. I’m telling him it’s his alternator. He’s like, who? I’m saying this is so sad. I’m a girl and I knew more about cars.”

Also being a tomboy, Redd said she really didn’t go out and get nuts with sex. “The guys that I slept with were boyfriends that I had.” I ask if she would have considered sleeping with the boyfriends’ fathers. Redd says with one of them, she would have. “I think my best friend’s dad is hot. I’d sleep with him, but I think his mom would kick my ass.” Redd first had sex at 16.

“It was around my birthday- three days after Christmas. So it was kind of a birthday/Christmas present. It was my very first boyfriend. We had sex and we didn’t finish. I told him to get off of me. I didn’t like it! We fooled around for awhile and finally decided to sleep with each other. We were five minutes into it and I was, like get off of me! I don’t like this. And then I ended up dating two girls after that.”

Redd said it was a better experience in one sense. “They want to be touched and everything but they were crazy. They would call my house and be, like where are you at? I’m obviously at my house. You called it. What are you doing? Eating a bowl of cereal. I couldn’t deal with that. Then I started having boyfriends again.”

Redd started doing nude modeling back east and had some of her pictures posted on “I got an e-mail to come out here,” she says. “It was for a different agency than the one I’m with now. They said come out here but I didn’t get a lot of work. I wound up doing my first scene here, at this house. I met Thomas [from XTC]. Thomas called my agency and said we could really use her and they kind of pawned me off,” she laughs.

“Since I’ve been with XTC I’ve definitely gotten more work than I thought I would.” With her former agency, Redd got a couple of shoots in Florida one of them for something called Peeping Peter. “Supposedly that magazine’s coming out next month and I’ll be in it. Look out for me. But my name was different at the time. It was Nicole. I like Alexis better.”

Redd was very nervous the first time she got naked. “It was on this interview with a producer. I had just gotten off a plane. I was all dirty and I looked horrible. He wanted to take pictures to send them out. He said get naked. I’m, like, oh my God, this is ridiculous. If you had seen me two months ago I was like don’t look at me, I’m ugly. Now it’s naked time, yeah! I love it.”

By growing up a tomboy Redd said she didn’t have a lot of guys who were especially interested in her. “But it was last year that I started dressing really cute and looked nice. A lot of the guys back home would say I was beautiful every once in awhile. But coming out here you’re surrounded by pretty girls.”

Redd said she’s going home to pack up for a permanent move to L.A. later in the month. She’ll be living with another porn star who goes by the name Alley Kat. Redd said she’s excited about the prospects of moving here permanently rather than attempting a commute each month. “There’s no point in having two places.” Redd said the game plan is to install webcams throughout the house. “We’re going to have to have release forms for anyone who comes over the house- they’ll be on camera.”

All her friends know about her porn career, and she plans to tell her mother when she goes home. “But I won’t tell my daddy,” she adds. “He’s very strict. He’s Jewish and to him everything’s the devil. He’s crazy about religion. I can’t tell him. If I tell my mom she’ll be okay. Before I came out here I told her about the modeling. She told me if I wound up doing anything else she would love me.”

Asked what she might have been doing had a porn career not gotten in the way, Redd suspects that she would still be with a house cleaning service called Merry Maids. “I made $400 a week,” she says. “I got paid Friday and I was broke by Monday.” Redd said between her and her boyfriend, they had expenses that stressed them out. “We ended up breaking up because it was too soon. He’d make $500 but by the time we’d pay the bills and everything were stressed out all the time. We were fighting.”

I asked Redd if anyone offered her more for doing an extra good job on their toilet. Redd said most of her clients were little old ladies so that wasn’t happening. Asked if she ever worked for a topless cleaning service, Redd said only the places where you’d wear khakis and a long green shirt.

“There is some gross stuff in peoples’ houses,” she laughs. “There was this one lady, we’d clean her house on a Tuesday and Thursday. By the time Thursday came around the house was trashed. She would drop things on the floor and never pick it up. And her son pissed everywhere. Ugh. I don’t know how he missed the toilet all the time. And she had this rabbit that would run around and poop everywhere.”


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