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Her muscularly defined dancer’s legs very much in prominence, Amira made her debut Tuesday morning on the set of Filthy Old Farts. She worked with Don Hollywood. Amira’s repped by Dick Nasty and

Gene: At least you came up with a name that no one, and I mean no one else, has.

Amira: Isn’t that awesome?

Gene: What’s the origin of Amira.

Amira: It actually means “princess” in Arabic. And I’ve been called a princess quite a bit.

Gene: Do we have a little Arabic-ian in us?

Amira: Actually, no. I’m totally Canadian. But I appreciate Middle Eastern cuisine, Middle Eastern culture.

Gene: So you’re brand new. What made you decide to do this.

Amira: I’m totally new. I’m infatuated with the adult industry and really, really enjoy sex. So I figure why have sex for no reason. Have it on camera. And have some fun with it and enjoy life.

Gene: I see you have the dancer’s calves.

Amira: I’ve been an exotic dancer for quite some time- in Canada- all different clubs. They circulate you.

Gene: It’s pretty wild up in Canada. Much different in the U.S.

Amira: Actually they’re pretty conservative I would say. Very much more.

Gene: I thought it was just the opposite where in Canada everything goes. No holds barred. And you’re saying quite the opposite.

Amira: VERY conservative.

Gene: Like in what respect? Down here they’re trying to outlaw lap dancing.

Amira: Up there there’s no touching; there’s no contact between client and dancers. They don’t allow you to be touching yourself or masturbating.

Gene: Things have changed since I’ve been up there. It was like Dodge City.

Amira: Depends on the province. Different provinces have different regulations.

Gene: So you’re in a conservative one.

Amira: Pretty much.

Gene: What got you in dancing.

Amira: That’s what I love to do. I love music. Music makes me move; music inspires me. That’s about it.

Gene: How long have you been in the adult business.

Amira: I have just started. This is my first day. My ears are open and I’m learning.

Gene: How do you feel about all this?

Amira: I’m extremely nervous. But I’m also extremely excited. I hope to meet some good characters.

Gene: You’ll meet a lot of characters, alright. Have you been going around to the different companies and getting introduced?

Amira: I’ve been doing interviews and what not. I’m very particular. I would like to be able to do things that I want to do.

Gene: What are some of those do and don’ts.

Amira: I love erotica. I love sensuality. I love sex.

Gene: Love a good massage?

Amira: I love a good massage and I love to give a good massage.

Gene: What won’t you do on camera?

Amira: I’m going to leave that open to life. You never know what you’ll be in for. Maybe something will appeal to me later on. Right now I’m taking things easy and really slow.

Gene: You grew up in Canada?

Amira: Yes.

Gene: What was your first time?

Amira: It was 18. I’ve been pretty conservative most of my life.

Gene: Your parents conservative?

Amira: No. Myself, I have been. That’s why I want to enjoy the rest of my life having a good life.

Gene: Give me details of you first time.

Amira: It was uncomfortable. It was a boyfriend.

Gene: What made you decide then and there this was the night, the afternoon or the morning.

Amira: I wanted to have sex. I was ready at that point. Any time before that I wasn’t. I was ready to let go.

Gene: How about sex in wild and crazy places.

Amira: I would love to. That’s so wonderful. Especially if you can find somebody you click with and there’s that energy. Geography is nothing. It doesn’t matter where as long as you’re having a good time.

Gene: Give me a where that you were having a good time.

Amira: A rock concert in the audience. IN the audience.

Gene: Circumstances, details, please give.

Amira: We just started getting wild and hectic because the music was great. Everyone was pumping energy and people were having a good time. We decided to have a thing of our own alone there.

Gene: At a rock concert you’re not necessarily alone. This was right in the middle of a crowd?

Amira: Yes. It was us two. We were into each other having a great time. There ere people all around us. Nobody got involved. It was us just feeling really erotic.

Gene: How was this accomplished?

Amira: He lifted up my skirt and kind of slipped it in from behind. It was very sexy.

Gene: Speaking of sexy, you do anal?

Amira: Not yet.

Gene: Ever tried it?

Amira: Never have done it.

Gene: With that ass you must have been asked on a few occasions.

Amira: Yeah. I just still feel uncomfortable with the idea. That’s about it.

Gene: The issue will keep coming up. I know this business. Prepared for all of that?

Amira: LOL. I’m working towards it.

Gene: Bless you, Let me know if you need any practice off camera.

Amira: Right on.

Gene: What do you like to do?

Amira: I love to sing, I love to dance. Those are the things that are very comforting to me. I love the beach. If I can find a beach where I can tan without a bathing suit, that’s my spot. I love nude beaches. But there’s so few in between.

Gene: How did you hook up with Dick Nasty.

Amira: I met Dick through an advertisement I answered via the Internet. We kept in touch. I got a good energy vibe from him. As soon as I recognized his name, I was, like, right on. I’d love to work for that guy.

Gene: Who are you working with today?

Amira: I think Don Hollywood.

Gene: He’s a big guy.

Amira: He has a beautiful penis.

Gene: I’ve never had the chance to tell him.



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