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Conversations with Bishop- final

Porn Valley- I ran into Bishop on the Lesbian Bukkake #5 shoot last Friday. Bishop tells me he’s now being repped by Naughty Talent. Bishop has been in the business five years and is a veteran of over 300 scenes. He also won an AVN award last year in the Best Group sex scene category. It was for TT Boy’s Orgy World #8.

“TT Boy is a great director and I knew that was a great scene,” says Bishop. “Everyone had fun doing it and there was great sex. So when it won it was a pleasant surprise. I knew it was good when we did it and it got the proper accolades.

“Naughty Talent is finding me work,” Bishop continues. “There’s no agency fees over there at Naughty right now for men or women and I’m really appreciating the work that they’re doing for me. And I’m looking for my next opportunity to direct.”

Bishop mentions the fact that he recently directed a movie for a company called Wanted Angel.

“It’s an all-star movie that I shot for them,” he explains. “But in post production, unfortunately funding ran out and it’s on the shelf right now. It’s an all-interracial anal, five scenes starring Kelly Wells and Courtney Cumz. There’s a young lady named Bambi, and there’s a bonus scene shot with a cellphone ala Tom Sizemore with the lovely and talented Miss Kandy Kream. It was classic.” According to Bishop, the status with the movie is that it’s waiting further funding to finish post production.

“I certainly hope that it will be out soon,” says Bishop. “It’s definitely my best work as a director and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to do that.”

During the course of conversation, we’re talking about Bishop’s “war” with Mike South over the Kurt Lockwood incident at the AVN Awards. Bishop had a few things to say about it on

“I chose to call Mike South out, and he chose not to accept my invitation to duel it out in the squared ring,” laughs Bishop.

“Kurt’s a great guy and I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions about him. They don’t know him as a person. I hate to standby and watch somebody attacked for no reason. I’m not booking myself for any female-domination scenes, but Kurt is good people and Mike apparently can’t take a joke. Either that or maybe I’m the touchy one. I don’t know.”

According to Bishop, some friends wanted him to invite Lockwood to have his say on XPT.

“I thought it might be a good idea to test the waters first before subjecting him to that sort of thing,” Bishop continues. “I threw the stone out. I saw the ripples and I left Kurt alone. It just didn’t seem like a place that was going to be kind to him and Kurt is really a sweet guy.”

At the same time, Bishop loves those types of grab-for-the-throat forums.

“It’s so much fun- you get to hear how people really feel either for the best or for the worst,” he says. “And you get good ideas about where you might want to go in your career. They let you know how they feel about things there and I appreciate that.” As far as his feud with South, Bishop says he never heard from him.

“He chose to ignore me- he chose to be the bigger man,” laughs Bishop. “But I don’t blame him though because I was figuring Mike can come out here to LA and we can get in the boxing ring and spar a couple of rounds. He said he was going to stab Kurt with a fork.”

Bishop remembers making a post on what a great guy he thought Lockwood was.

“And how much fun he was to be around and how much he’s enjoying his life and ignoring all this controversy,” Bishop adds. Later he discovered that Lockwood wasn’t necessarily ignoring the comments.

“But Mike South wrote a parody of my post on his site,” says Bishop. “And that’s what started the feud between me and Mike. It was a very short feud where I fired back and he ignored me!”

But this isn’t the only celebrated feud Bishop can attest to.

“Let’s not forget Bishop vs. Grant Michaels,” he says. “No one won.”

I hasten to remind Bishop that Michaels, a bodybuilder, has a little bit of juice going for him.

“But in a decapitation death match there are no winners!” declares Bishop. “Grant and I came to an understanding. He made an assumption; he voiced an opinion. He saw a post on XPT that was about myself and Byron Long on a set one afternoon and jumped in. He thought that Byron Long and I were the two most unattractive guys in porn and that we had no business in the industry whatsoever.”

“I like Byron Long- he’s a very cool, mellow guy,” I tell Bishop.

“Not only that but one of the most dependable performers and easy to be around guys,” Bishop adds. “He’s taught me quite a bit since my time coming in.”

“You may fall asleep around him,” says I.

“Especially if you sit within range,” snickers Bishop. “But as long as you don’t try to keep up, you’ll be alright. But I informed Mr. Grant that the reason why Byron and I were in porn is because we both get calls on a regular basis. As long as that keeps happening, you should expect us to be around. I told him that I didn’t understand why a man would want to artificially inflate himself. And it went back and forth and we offered to cut each other’s heads off and have a little dance in Vegas and a couple of other things. I’m not sure if he called me or I called him on the telephone but after that phone call we’ve been buddies as a matter of fact. I’m hoping to meet Grant at Porn Star Karaoke one night. He’s a nice guy. But not to put him down in any way I still don’t think he’s buying off the rack. As soon as you can’t buy a shirt off the rack your life is complicated.”

On another issue, Bishop appreciates what he perceives is porn’s steering away from misogynistic scenes.

“I don’t believe it’s anywhere near as it was two years ago,” he states. “It seems to be a little bit kinder and gentler and a little more friendly towards the ladies. I definitely appreciate that because they’re my favorite people, man. Women are the greatest people on earth if you ask me. I love being close to women and the guys- there’s a tight circle like a family and there’s a camaraderie. But if I could change anything, there’s quite a bit of deception involved in the business dealings. Things start out one way and they end up another.

“If I could change anything it would be that people would be more aboveboard. I’ve directed three movies now and in all three movies I told people what it was that I needed from them. I told them how much I was going to pay them and that’s exactly how it turned out. The one incident that I’ve had with that in three years was one young lady held a check that I wrote her for more than two weeks before she deposited it. And some other charges went through and resulted in her check bouncing which I made good on right away! But aside from that, nobody came into a shoot with me and left having had any surprises along the way and I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Asked if he’s had any unpleasant surprises like his own checks bouncing, Bishop-surprise, surprise, says he has.

“Unfortunately when that happens, I can understand that,” he says. “A director has bookings; he’s doing payroll and booking locations aside from getting the shots that he needs. Sometimes things get a little bit off check. But any time that’s happened to me in my time here, it’s always been made good. No one has ever made me chase them for money. I also hear a lot of complaints about people who feel like their position is somehow compromised by their rates. I really don’t see that. Porn is driven by money and money decides what gets shot. People want to see some see real base type material. If it tugs at their insides to see something that portrays the stereotype, then, hey, I make a fair wage for a day’s work; and people seem to forget that they’re acting a lot of the time. I don’t have a problem with any of the content that I don’t believe is harmful to anybody.

“The one issue I have as far as race is concerned is that black women have been consistently making about a third less than just about everybody else. Somehow that has got to change. It’s just not fair. They’re doing the same work as everybody else. The only reason that they’re paid less is that people somehow see less value in their efforts but yet they’re willing to shoot them.”

On that note, Bishop applauds the efforts being made by Vanessa Blue with her agency XGirl

“But there seems to have been a misunderstanding about that agency,” Bishop notes. “Her agency is open to women of all races. They’re trying to strengthen the position of women in porn. Period.”

Now at 42 years of age, Bishop feels that he’s doing some of the best scenes in his life.

“I’m settling in now,” he says. “There was always the uncertainty before a scene for a long time but I’m really comfortable now with the girls in front of the camera. I’m having a great time and am looking forward to the next person who gives me an opportunity to bring them back a movie.” For inspiration in his approaching golden years, Bishop is looking to Ron Jeremy.

“The Hedgehog is still hitting ’em hard, man,” he laughs. “He’s one of my heroes.”

Asked what made him decide to get into the business, Bishop was an aircraft fueler at Van Nuys jet port at the time when he answered an ad in the newspaper.

“It was for a Japanese bukkake,” he recalls. “They came in from Japan; they brought the girls and said come in, make a couple of extra bucks and interact with the porn stars. There must have been a hundred guys on that set at one time or another. Out of those hundred, I believe there were a half dozen of us that were able to be directed. It wasn’t long before Jim Powers and Brandon Irons both saw me either on that set or on each other’s sets and I’ve been working ever since. Within a month’s time I was making more money on porn sets than I was at the airport. There was no question. This is the easier, softer way. It affords me time to spend with my son- I’m a single dad, and it affords us a level of comfort that we would never have had the other way.”


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