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Conversations with Bobbi Blair- final

Porn Valley- I caught up with the gorgeous Bobbi Blair today at the Defiance Films, offices. She was wearing clothes. The last time I saw Blair she was naked on the Double Penetration Nation set and getting ready to do a scene with Taylor Rain. Blair was going to fuck Rain in the ass with a strap-on. Jenna Haze was also in the scene, and Blair fucked Haze in the ass with a dildo. Funny thing about Haze- Blair tells me she used to rent Haze movies and jerk off to her.

Blair has been in the adult business since April of last year but didn’t really start doing videos until a couple of months ago. She has also been doing things for Playboy TV like Night Calls.

Blair has this kind of face you can’t take your eyes off, so it comes as no surprise that she got discovered Playboy, with Playboy thinking she may have already done Playboy. Blair was at a Playboy party attended by Hefner at The Sky Bar. A casting director from Playboy TV saw her and asked if she was a Playmate or in the industry. Blair was very flattered. “Being the tomboy that I am,” she says. “I ended up going over there and auditioned for Seven Lives Exposed. I had a little part doing that and I did Night Calls several times.”

Blair wasn’t a model, however. She had a boring 9 to 5 desk job at an insurance company. “With a desk job there’s some predictability there,” says Blair. “In this industry there is no predictability. Don’t expect anything the way you expect it to be.”

Blair got bored with the desk job and alludes to her growing up in a strict Catholic environment. But I first wanted to hear about the hot, bored Catholic chick at the insurance company. I figure Blair got hit on by her bosses looking to check out her actuarial tables. Blair did, but not in the way you’d figure. It was the female bosses that were coming on to her. Blair laughs about them at least having some respect for her. And they’d always ask Blair to show her tits- a request that can be made with generous dollops of respect.

“It was funny,” says Blair. “The women were more aggressive than the men.” My recollections of insurance companies is that they tend to hire a lot of hot broads. Blair says my recollections are correct. “There’s a lot of hot-looking, smart women walking around,” she says.

“In their eyes it was, like, we’re all girls here,” she continues. “But I knew what their intentions were. I know how women work. They were always all talk, though.” Blair said she had already made a decision to quit to go on to Playboy, that a couple of girlfriends came over on her last day of work. “They said let’s get together and hang out. This is the last time we’re going to see you for awhile. Yeah, there was a little fondling then.”

The Playboy opportunity presented more money and it was a big factor in Blair’s decision to leave. Growing up in that strict Catholic environment put Blair on a very short leash. “My mom is from the Philippines and my dad grew up here in America but from a very traditional, old-fashioned family,” she says. “My mother having that background, I had the respectful Asian discipline.” By the same token, Blair and her mother were always at it.

“I’m basically the black sheep,” says Blair who has two other sisters. “We’re all completely different. For some reason, I ended up being the wild one.” Blair was kept to 10:30 curfews. “They had to know where I was, what I was dating, who I was with.” But that didn’t stop Blair from busting her cherry at the age of 16 with a boy she had been seeing for three years. I tell Blair the leash couldn’t have been that short.

“It was a boyfriend- it was the quarterback of the football team,” Blair explains. Blair wasn’t a cheerleader as you might expect. “I was a total nerd in school,” she laughs. “I had a lot of friends. I didn’t have a specific clique that I would hang out with, but I was friends with everybody. I hung out in the library.”

I’m curious how the captain of the football team checks out the nerd. Blair says that’s easy if you share a lot of the same classes. Asked if he stole her answers, Blair said the kid was a friend of a friend. “It was come meet my friend.” Blair did it at his house. “There was all kinds of pressure,” she states. “If you want to stay with me, you’re going to have to put out. Stupid me, of course. I fell for it.”

Blair had been dating the guy for three years before the big occasion, and I wonder how he kept his hands all that time off her. “My dad would have killed him,” Blair laughs, stating that she knew the boyfriend was cheating on her behind her back. But around her he stayed a gentleman.

“It was the first time, so that was fun, now what,” Blair says sarcastically, evaluating the situation. “I ended up breaking up with him.” In other words, the sex wasn’t great.

“The guy should have kept it in his pants,” I tell Blair. She agrees. Her first experience with girls came when Blair was 11 or 12. Blair would have slumber parties. “Some times the girls get curious and let me see yours. What does yours look like? One thing leads to another.” Blair says, yeah, this is what goes on at slumber parties. Here I’m thinking, flannel pajamas, popcorn and slasher films.

Asked what let me see yours entails, Blair is searching for a word. I help her.

“In other words, it’s a coochie party,” I suggest.

“Yeeeeeah,” I guess so,” Blair laughs.

I couldn’t possibly think what else that ler me see yours comment might mean unless someone wanted to look at a stamp collection. Blair says, yeah, there’s the popcorn, but when mom and dad go to sleep there’s a different ballgame on.

In her time in the business, Blair’s gone through a number of agents. She started off with World Modeling. “I was only doing print work at the time.” Blair was asked if she might want to work with other women. She tried it out. “I had never been on camera with a girl and I didn’t know what to expect,” she says. “That’s how it went. Playboy TV was giving me checks. I said this is nice, how do I get more work. I was with World Modeling then I switched to xxxmodeling, then I went to Derek; and now I’m with Kent Smith and Exotic Star,”

Blair’s sticking with girl-girl scenes and we talk about the scene she did with Taylor Rain and Jenna Haze.

“It was Taylor Rain’s first girl-girl and the whole time I was focused on her,” Blair explains. “I was totally concerned because I had been there one time in front of the camera with another girl. It was funny because my first experience with a woman on camera was intimidating so I know what she was feeling. The whole thing was making sure she was comfortable. I was really excited working with Jenna Haze because I used to masturbate to her. That’s pretty gnarly.”

Blair swears she used to rent porno movies specifically for Hayes. Asked what the turn on was, Blair says she loves brunettes. “And just watching her, I thinks it’s the way that she cums on camera. It was something that awed me. I ended up being a Jenna Haze fan, now I’m friends with her.” Once Blair started working for Playboy TV, she also subscribed to it and would watch Haze movies as well.

“Nerves,” says Blair of her first time with Haze. “I was very excited.” I assumed that Blair never drilled anyone in the ass with a strap-on at the slumber party. “Oh, no,” she says. “That was the first time I did someone in the butt [Rain] with a strap-on. And it was only the second scene I’ve done with a strap-on.”

Blair’s going to start directing and editing her own movies. “I have a voyeur fetish,” she says. “An extreme voyeur fetish. I like to watch.” Depending on her mood, sometimes Blair will interact. “But not too much. There’s something with just seeing it that gets me off. It’s really weird. And the thing is, there’s some things that turn me on that I wouldn’t do personally. For example I like to see the woman’s face as she’s orgasming- the way she sounds.”

Because Blair gets a lot of free porn now, she’ll still whack off to it. “But now it’s a little different because I know like 80% of the people that are on them. It’s funny. All my friends are on there.”

And now that she’s worked with Haze, Blair’s shot all her expectations in the ass and can’t think of someone else she might want to work with.

“Put it this way,” I tell her. “If you’re going to cheat on Jenna Haze who would you cheat on her with?” Blair seems to think Paola Ray. “I’ve worked with her, too,” says Blair. “She’s another hottie. She’s something else.”

I take it that Blair has been ruined for the average girl. Not necessarily, she says. Blair tells me about the Target in Thousand Oaks. “I recommend it,” she laughs. “There are some nice looking broads there. Behind you, in front of you, standing in line. Yeah. Even the MILF’s. They’ll catch me checking them out.” But Blair says she hasn’t made advances, that she’s still working on that.

“I’m starting to get a little aggressive, now,” she says. “It depends on the environment I’m in. Normally at parties…or a slumber party. That’s a situation where I’d go, take off your panties.”

Blair’s strict mother doesn’t know she’s doing porn. “The only information they know is I do Playboy TV,” she says. “That’s the extent of it. She doesn’t know there’s videos out. I think my dad knows. Actually I know he knows, but he won’t tell.” And Blair says there was also lots of opportunity for fooling around at Playboy.

“There’d always be dildos laying around,” she laughs.


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