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Conversations with Brandie May- 9//22/05

Porn Valley- I talked to Brandie May, who was celebrating her 19th birthday, on the Tom Zupko shoot in which she worked with her husband Nick Sparks. May and Sparks started in the business together, and I ask May for the official story on how they met.

“I was living with my brother a couple of summers ago,” she relates. “I spent the night over at my boyfriend’s house which was my brother’s best friend. Nick pulled in the driveway one morning to smoke a joint with him and to take him to work.. That afternoon he came back- hey, is Chris here? I’m like, no. Then he goes do you want to go out to lunch? I said, yeah. What do you want to feed me? That’s pretty much how we met.”

Asked if there was a mutual attraction, May said she liked Sparks’ car. “He has a 1974 Camaro LT Type 1. It’s a very rare car. It just got a brand new paint job on it. Now that we’re married, it’s half my car too!”

After this year’s AEE show, May began dancing in Florida- one club called Oz in Clearwater. Now she’s dancing at a club called New Secrets in St. Petersburg. May and Sparks commute to L.A. Their longest stay is generally three weeks but May says they’ve got kids to mind. “It’s harder for us to stay out here for a long period of time,” she says. “We come out every other month, maybe.”

May was all revved up over the fact that she was shooting for Hustler and adds more detail to her and Sparks’ first scene on camera. “It was a doctor scene,” she remembers. “It was for a company called Photo Greg in Miami. It was strange being on camera. And it took me doing my first b/g scene other than him to get over being shy and embarrassed in front of the camera. Me masturbating, I was scared. Taking pictures I was scared. Anything involving me being in front of a camera I was scared until I did my first b/g shoot without Nick for Bang Bus. It took me doing that scene to get over being shy and not shaking profusely.”

Sparks is the sole reason that she got doing anal, says May. “He got me into anal. I was 16 going on 17 when I first did anal. I met Nick in July, 2003 and by August I moved in with him.” May said her ass experience started with a finger at first. “He just wanted to wear me into it to see if I’d like it or not.” But May can’t remember the first time Sparks’ dick penetrated her ass. She asks Sparks if she was uncomfortable. He says no.

“I guess it was pleasurable,” she laughs. May says she’ll do anal when she’s in the mood. “Like when I know it’s going to count like this [she and Sparks were scheduled to do it on camera for Zupko] then yeah. When I’m at home just me and him I’d rather have regular sex and enjoy it, I love you, da-da-da.”

May said she’ll only do anal with Sparks on film. “That’s something we share and I’ve only kissed one other person on film since I’ve been with him. And that was Randy Spears. That was for Playgirl. I was so nervous. It was a picnic scene. We had grapes and chips and guacamole. Every time he would lean in to kiss me, I would grab a grape – here, eat a grape.”

I asked May how she likes the business so far. “That’s a hard question,” she answers. “Some points I like it. I love traveling. I love money. Of course everybody does. But I’m not a greedy person. Some of the guys I like. Some of the guys I don’t like. Some of the people I love to work with like Evan Stone. That’s my fantasy- to work with him. And Jenna Jameson. The first time May ever saw Stone was not in a film but an interview, she states.

“It was an interview for the movie he did, Space Nuts- I don’t know. There’s something about him.” May then met Stone at AEE. “I interrupted his interview just to talk to him. I was, like, hey, how are you. I know who you are. You worked in Space Nuts. You’re Evan Stone. I was so infatuated to meet him. That was the first time I had been to AEE.”

May said she and Sparks will watch porn if they’re in the mood while they’re having sex or both masturbating.”We’re freaks,” she laughs.

At the time of the interview, May said she wanted to work for Club Jenna. “I’ve talked to her several times,” says May. “I gave her a business card at the XRCO Awards and told her that I wanted to work with her. She said she wanted to work with me that I was really beautiful, that she want to shoot me and everything. But it’s now to the point where she’s just busy. If I’m not there in person to say, hey, are you going to shoot me then it’s hard for her to say I want to shoot this girl. She remembers who I am. If I see her walking down the street and say what’s up Jenna, she knows exactly who I am. I’ve introduced myself to her several times. It’s a matter of when she’s going to shoot me and my modeling agency ain’t sending me there.” May is repped by Foxx.

“I just met Steven Hicks the other day from Penthouse,” May said at the time of the interview. “And I just met Holly Randall. I met them because I e-mailed them. I literally went out and bought magazines to find out who the photographers were.” May’s beginning to believe that the best representative of yourself is yourself. Sensing that she has buttons that can be pushed, I asked May what would piss her off during a scene.

“Guys that try to force themselves on me,” she answered. “I’ve worked with Mr. Pete for Third Degree and I told him that I don’t kiss. He tried to force kissing on me. Every time he did, I’d have to move. I don’t want to kiss somebody that smells like pot. That’s all he smells like. And he looks like a chimp when he fucks. That’s gross. If I’m going to kiss anybody, I’m going to kiss somebody for a high class company like Hustler or Vivid or Wicked. Not no scumbag. I won’t work with him again. I won’t work with Will Powers. I have nothing against him. I’ve shot with him two, three or four times- I don’t like shooting with guys over and over again because I feel awkward with them. I would rather get to know somebody for five minutes, bang ’em, do the cum shot, get paid and go home and never see the guy again. Maybe see him occasionally at parties or something- hey, what’s up? But that’s it. I don’t want to get to know these people. They’re not my friends and never will be. Maybe down the road when I’ve developed a name, I’ll develop some friends. Until then, I don’t need no friends. I’ve got four kids to be my friends.”

Besides this kissing-thing, May won’t do cream pies, either.

“I hate swallowing- I hate cum, period,” she says. “I force myself to do a cum shot. As soon as that camera goes off after the cum shot, it’s, like, get this shit off of me. It’s gross. It’s nasty and I don’t want that all over my face. That’s what makes baby. I have no sexual fantasy of seeing a girl get cum on her face.” Cum swapping is another thing May’s adamantly opposed to.

“If it involves cum and me having to do it, I won’t do it,” she says. “Cream pies- I’ll do it as long as it’s him [husband Nick Sparks]. Because if I’m going to get knocked up, I’m going to get knocked up by my husband.”

May’s advice to women in the business is be careful who you shoot for and stick to your guns. “You show up on a shoot and you’re supposed to do a boy/girl, all of a sudden three black guys walk out of nowhere, you be, like, no. This is not what I’m getting paid for. Don’t bargain for any amount of money because then everybody’s going to want to shoot you for it. Stick to your guns.”

I ask May about the Max Hardcore incident when she first got into the business. She refused to work for Max.

“Because we already knew about him,” she says. “I’ve got his work at home. I’m not stupid to this business. I know not to shoot with Anabolic or Diabolic or Red Light District or Max Hardcore or Evasive Angel. It’ll ruin my career. These girls that go into these companies are in and out a year at tops. Then they’re done. You won’t see them again. I don’t plan on that happening. I’ve got 12 years before I’m inducted into the Legends of Erotica. That’s one of my goals- and to win an AVN award. But I don’t have 150 movies under my belt, either. I don’t plan on it. I want to be Jenna Jameson but as Brandie May. I don’t want to copy cat anybody but I don’t want to do 150,000 movies by the time I get to retirement. “I’ve already got my own company started which a lot of girls feed on; there’s my Internet site which a lot of girls feed on. I’m about to start featuring because I have credits- I’ve got Playboy. I’ve got Playgirl. I’ve got Hustler Magazine. I’m in the November 2005 issue. This is bits and pieces but I at least have credits. I’m not making up credits. I’ve worked for Metro. I’ve worked for Third Degree. Third Degree’s going to help me make my 8 by 10’s for when I start featuring. They’ve got a lot of really good pictures of me.”

May plans to feature in Florida and Georgia for now. “Next summer we’ll take all the money from me featuring- we’ll move to Ashville, North Carolina. Then I’ll start featuring nationwide and locally.” May also likes the idea of living on the east coast.

“Because it keeps my kids away from it,” she reasons. “if I can keep my kids away from it, then my kids can grow up and be healthy and smart and keep their minds on books- not on drugs and sex and money. I don’t want my kids to think about that. I want my daughter to be a lawyer.”

May swears that her kids will never find out about her porn career. “That’s why we’re moving them up to the mountains in the middle of nowhere, to keep them away from it.”

On the other hand, May’s parents know about her career.

“My step dad doesn’t really care any more,” she says. “My dad really doesn’t care. My dad’s accepted everything I’ve done. My mom really hates it. My mom’s never been close to me anyway because of my step dad. My little brother’s cool with it. My older brother’s trying to do the same thing with a website. My website’s, going to be just about me. Me, just me. This is the thing. I’ve tried launching it- several times. The first guy that did it totally fucked it up. He did not do it the way I wanted it done. My website’s about ME. Then the second guy who did it made me sound ignorant like I was a hillbilly because he misspelled everything. He put I was born in Georgia. I wasn’t born in Georgia. I was born in Indiana. I was raised in Georgia but he had everything backwards and mixed up and in the wrong place. It really looked stupid. Now the guy that’s working on it, it looks really good. It looks like I want. He’s Lorenzo. He lives in Florida. He does orgasmagoria and smoking girls. He has like 17 different websites. He’s going to run all of our websites. I’ve already bought my server and everything.

“I’ve got a head start on all these girls,” may continues. “I’m 18 and I’ve got four websites; I’ve got my own company; I’m going to start featuring. I’ve got such a big head start and the best thing to do is take this shit nice and slow and don’t rush into it. Don’t do whatever every other girl’s going to do.”

With that philosophy, May predicts that when she’s ready to do interracial or cream pies, she’s going to get paid more to do them. “But I’ll never do interracial or anal on film,” she says. “Because I find the sexual appeal in doing a black man is uuuuugh. Right. My best friend’s a black girl and I love her to death but I can’t do a black man. It doesn’t appeal to me at all.”

Because of her stance, May doesn’t feel she’s losing work. “You can never lose work in a business that’s about sex,” she says. “There’s always going to be something I can do. Right now I do girl/girl and boy/girl. I do girl/girl interracial. Pussy is pussy as long as it’s clean.”


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