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We caught up with Cherry Lane the other day on the set of EvolutionErotica’s Teen Meat 3. Our first remark was about Cherry’s legs.

Gene: Those legs had to come from a dance floor.

Cherry: Actually sports. I’ve been in volleyball, softball, basketball and track. I’ve been in all those

Gene: Oh God. Lady athletes.

Cherry: Actually now I’m doing boxing on the side.

Gene: You want to enter it professionally?

Cherry: Not professionally. Just for fun, work out-wise and it’s fun to learn how to kick some ass.

Gene: There’s a couple of girl in the business who do it, notably, Jacklyn Lick. What got you interested in boxing.

Cherry: I got something in an e-mail. It’s called Fight Club-Wild Girls. It’s basically girls who wear sexy outfits and box. They literally kick ass. I got into it and all of sudden I’m practicing every day for four hours. I couldn’t stop. I wake up in the morning and the first thing in my head is I want to go in and train. It was crazy and now it’s been like five weeks. I think I’m going to stick with my guns just training for fun.

Gene: So how long have you been in the business.

Cherry: About 8-9 months

Gene: Remember your first sex scene.

Cherry: Yes I do. It was a girl-girl scene. And I was a virgin at the time. We used a strap-on. I fucked her but she didn’t fuck me. That was the first time I fucked a girl without having sex, technically. I was shy about even taking off my shirt but now I love it. I love the camera, everything.

Gene: You’ve become an exhibitionist.

Cherry: I’ve always been one. But when it came down to nudity I was never like that. I was always conservative. But all of a sudden when that camera was on I was taking off my shirt. I was like loving it with people watching. It was interesting.

Gene: Were your parents strict with you.

Cherry: Yes. I was a straight-A student, in sports; and my family is very business-oriented. They made sure I had good grades. If I came home with a C I was in trouble. And I as a virgin, too, until I was 18. Next thing you know here I am doing porn and they don’t know. But I’m happy, though.

Gene: Sounds like you were working your way towards an athletic scholarship.

Cherry: I was but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to go to medical school. I actually finished one year of medical academy, too.

Gene: What made you decide to switch?

Cherry: To be quite honest, when I was about 13 or 14 years old I used to watch porn like Debbie Does Dallas, part 1 to part 5. I’ve always liked porn. I’ve always been kinky like that but I was always a virgin. I always knew what sex was about so I didn’t have to go out and do it. I wasn’t curious. I was like why not wait for the right guy at the right moment.

Gene: So did you wait for the right guy.

Cherry: No. I waited for the right moment. It was with my best friend. We’ve been best friends for four years. He’s always been there for me and it was just that spur of the moment. We were both sitting in my room and talking about how like we’ve always been there for each other. I had just recently broken up with a boyfriend- he was an asshole.

Gene: By being an asshole this guy never got in your pants?

Cherry: We were dating for four months and he was hurt that I hadn’t given him sex yet. It wasn’t personal, it’s that I wasn’t ready. I was waiting for the right moment. It was never the right moment but it was the right guy. So he couldn’t wait so he decided to cheat on me. Here i am hanging out with my best friend who was always there for me. I said, if a guy is going to have my virginity, why not a best friend.

Gene: So the best friend actually scored points on this one.

Cherry: Yes he did!

Gene: They usually say if your best friends with a girl that’s pretty much because she’s not attracted to you or you to her.

Cherry: Not always. He didn’t have to say anything. I knew that he was genuine. I knew he didn’t want to have to take my virginity, he’d be happy if he didn’t have it.

Gene: And you were 18.

Cherry: Plus I was in no hurry. I was happy with oral in my relationships and I didn’t feel like I needed to have sex yet. I was very ambitious. I wanted to wait later.

Gene: Being a lady athlete did you ever have sex after the volleyball match or during the volleyball match.

Cherry: Actually no. Because I had graduated, then I had sex. And when I was going to college- which was only or four months- I wasn’t into sports. I graduated one year of college in four months- the Pace program. They cram all the work in four months.

Gene: How did you wound up in the adult business.

Cherry: That’s the weird thing. Me and my best friend- Fallon Summers- we used to hook up in our personal life when we were drunk. She calls me one day. She saw an ad in the paper. She’s like want to make a video? Want to get paid to have sex? I was like are you serious. Yeah. We did it and got paid. It was like, oh my God, we got paid and ever since then we’ve been in the business and loving the camera. When it’s turned on we’re happy and horny. I’ve probably had sex maybe four times off camera and I’ve had sex maybe 35 times on camera. By the time I get to a hundred times I think I’ll lose count.

Gene: Has any man partaken of the glories of the Cherry Lane sphincter?

Cherry: Yes I have, once or twice. That was it. It wasn’t my thing. It didn’t feel as good as I thought it would. I’ve seen most girls where it looks like it feels good, but every girl’s different. And my asshole just doesn’t feel right. I gave it a shot.

Gene: Was it a ugh, ow situation?

Cherry: It was very uncomfortable. I wasn’t relaxed. I’d rather have it in the other hole.

Gene: What kind of game plan do you have for this business.

Cherry: I plan on giving the fans out there more videos. And it’s fun too.

Gene: have a website yet?

Cherry: No. But I do need one and I want one. Definitely.

Gene: be very careful now. There’s a lot of unscrupulous webmasters out there.

Cherry: I know. That’s what scares me. Maybe I’ll go to school and do it myself.

Gene: Which is probably a good idea because some girls are making that a second career. Who do you enjoy working with in the business.

Cherry: I love working with Dino, Trent. He was one of the guys I’ve worked with that’s large to me. Him, Talon, John West is a nice guy to work with. I wish I could think of all the games, but I’m bad at names. I won’t lie to you!

Gene: With 8 months in the business have you developed any feuds yet?

Cherry: I haven’t because I won’t work with anybody that I think won’t be good to work with. So far everybody’s been great to me. I haven’t had any complaints or anything yet. But we don’t know what’s going to happen later.



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