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Conversations with Cheyne Collins 11/14/2005

Porn Valley- I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with Cheyne Collins on a Cherry Boxxx shoot. Collins along with his wife Chenin Blanc started out in the industry in 1996.

“We went to a Hollywood swing party one night and our friends happened to know Vince Voyeur,” says Collins. Collins and Blanc were in one of those, what the hell, let’s try a scene type of moods. Voyeur suggested they get their tests done.

“At that time all you needed was a PCR test,” Collins recalls. “We went back and did that and they called us up that week. Randy West shot me, my wife and Vince in a threeway anal scene. We did maybe five or six movies that year to see what it was like. Then we got out. We had jobs at the time.”

Collins was a grocery manager at a Lucky’s and Blanc worked for a sunglasses company.

“Of course they found out what she did,” says Collins. “They’re freaks on the Internet. We were planning to move to Hawaii at the time and thought we’d do some more movies and take some money to Hawaii with us. But we never got out of the business. We stayed in it the whole time. I love the business.”

Collins stresses that he loves his wife 110%. “We’ve been together 20 years together, 15 years married,” he notes. “We’re the couple of the industry- a lot of people come up to us for advice and what not.” Collins is a Scorpio while Blanc’s a Cancer.

Blanc has been out of the business but is planning a comeback next year.

“She’s been on the road doing some ‘privates’ and things like that,” Collins acknowledges. “She’s coming back next year to do a farewell tour- she’s going to do a year of just scenes for new companies and people that she hasn’t worked for in a long time. This is just to say good-bye. She’s not going to do any more scenes after next year.” The fact that Blanc has been on the road a lot has been a hard transition for Collins to make.

“I’m a freak for watching her have sex,” he says. “I love that shit. Then when the industry got nastier, I had to train my brain to accept that.”

Collins and Blanc met while in high school. “It was the last month of my senior year,” Collins recalls. “She was a junior- it wasn’t easy. I tried for a whole month to be with her and she wouldn’t give in to going with me. I scared her. Finally I took her out in a limo- did the whole cool-thing. Nobody did that and we’ve been pretty solid ever since. There were a lot of problems on my wife’s side. Her dad was very abusive and I stepped in and kind of took over that spot. And it’s been great ever since then.”

Collins and Blanc started swinging about five years into their marriage.

“Honestly at that point I thought I had lost our marriage,” says Collins. “I had a work partner of mine [a woman] who came over for some advice. And she took it the wrong way. My wife caught me in the house. My clothes were off and her clothes were off. We weren’t having sex, but, oops.”

I wanted to make sure I heard that right, but Collins insists everything was on the up and up between him and this other woman when Blanc walked in.

“That’s a hard one to explain,” he laughs. “She [Blanc] walked in the door, and it’s one of those things that, believe it or not, takes over your mind. We had started kissing and making out and the next thing you know it’s what the fuck am I doing? At the time I thought my marriage was over but we worked it out, and we’ve gone through a lot of trial and tribulations along the way. Like I said. I’ve always been chasing her tail.”

Collins and Blanc then began swinging with a body building couple.

“They happened to live in our complex- they were hot and were at the pool one day,” says Collins. “The next thing you know my friend said hey, how about getting together. It would be hot. It would be awesome. We also hooked up with two other couples that we always hung out with, that year. We went to some swing parties with them.”

According to Collins, as Blanc entered the business, she began doing scenes for Stoney Curtis; and he started working for Fallen Angel.

“We never exclusively worked together,” he notes. “We’ve always been apart but when we do work together, it brings out the nastier side of us. We love to bring in people. At first we were really shy- everything was a step for us and we’ve gone through a lot of steps in our lives. I guess the last step was her doing privates and letting her understand I like what she does because it’s a job. It’s what we do. We go to work.”

Asked if the adult business ever became an issue for the two of them, Collins thinks it was at the very beginning of their careers. “It was the first six to eight months,” Collins recollects. “I was so curious about how the guys fucked her. Did they fuck her hard? Did she enjoy it? There was crazy and nasty things that went through my mind. I’m a true voyeur so I’d rather watch her get fucked by a guy; and she’s unbelievable with a girl. She hooked up with a girl this year and just destroyed her. I said you still got it, babe. She never lost it.”

According to Collins, another reason for Blanc’s “farewell tour,” is that she wants to come in and train the new girls.

“She wants to show these girls who can fuck and who can’t,” says Collins. “She’s old school and has been raised around the days of Chandler and Taylor Moore and all them. She’s a nasty girl. She wants to show all these girls quit being a wimp and let’s fuck.”

Before Collins met Blanc he was a surfer kid.

“I’ve always been the beach boy,” he says. “I had maybe five or six guy friends in high school. The rest were all girls. We just hung every day in our pack. I surfed ever since I was a kid. I was a junior lifeguard when I was a kid and wanted to grow up to be a paramedic and fireman.”

Collins says, you never know, he may revert to one of those occupations later.

It’s a big jump from wanting to be a fireman to being a food manager at Lucky’s, it’s pointed out to Collins.

“That’s the trademark of my family,” he replies. “They’ve always been in the grocery business. Not so much my parents but my brothers. They’ve all been in that business. So I kind of followed in their footsteps and the money was really good. I was 18 and making $500 a week- that’s a lot better than half the kids out there. I worked the night crew back then so I would have the whole day to surf.”

The night Collins lost his virginity he was at friend’s house.

“We went out to surf- he’s teaching me how to surf,” Collins recalls. “We had these girls come up. They were three or four years older than me. There was this one girl who was 21 and I was 15. We went to the movies that night, came back and here I am in a room in this guy’s big house. I ended up having sex with her. But I had to ask is it in? She’s, like, don’t you know? Yeah, I know it’s in. But I had no idea.”

Collins would then see his future wife at parties.

“She was the hottie little blond in a mini-skirt,” he remembers. “And I’ve always been the freak for what’s under the skirt. I want to see the panties. I’m a panty freak. Then at my best friend’s 18th birthday party, I ran into her there. I had a girl with me- it wasn’t a date type thing. She went off and did her thing and I was running around doing my thing. I ran into her [Blanc] again. I reached across- I was all drunk- and gave her a kiss. There was just something about her that drove me crazy. I had three or four girlfriends at the time that were friends. I just put all that on the back burner. I wanted this girl. I really did. There was something about the chemistry between me and her. We hit it off. But it kind of came back to beat me in the ass because I had dated a lot of her friends and didn’t know that. I fucked them and did all that kind of shit. So her friends were, like, don’t go out with him. He’ll just fuck you and leave you.”

However, Collins’ mother also had a strong inkling that Blanc would be his wife.

“My mom just knew,” says Collins. “She had that look in her eye- she’s, like, I knew this one was for you.”

I ask Collins the inevitable question- the first time he and Blanc got it on.

“It was her 17th birthday party,” Collins recalls. “She invited me to be there early because she had an ex boyfriend that was hanging around, what not. She said show up early and we’ll talk. Great. I show up and happen to see her sitting on her ex boyfriend’s lap. So I walked out the door. She comes running out the door and says, wait, give me five minutes and I’ll come right back. No problem. She went in the house and five minutes later she came out. To this day we don’t know what she said to her ex boyfriend. But we never saw him after that.”

As the party broke up, Collins says he begged Blanc’s friend to let him take her home.

“I promise I won’t do anything to her- I’ll let you guys come get her after the party’s over. I took her home. She was drunk off her ass and I fucked her. So she gets back in her friends’ car. They came and picked her up. She’s going I’m missing something. I’m missing my panties. I always stole panties from the girls so I got the phone call right away- what the fuck are you guys doing? It was good. That was the first night we had sex.

“Then, like I said, it took her a month after that for her to get even near me.”


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