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Christie Lee: I Can Stick My Hand in My Ass

But Forget Anal, She Sez

–Gene Ross

The other night we chatted with Christie Lee on the set of Evolution Erotica’s Teen Meat 3. Christie’s one of the most adorable girls we’ve met, and talk about someone fitting perfectly in the teen feature niche. Surprisingly, Christie was telling us about some fat slob producer who wouldn’t shoot her because he claimed she was overweight. That aside, Christie’s game plan is to save her money and retire from the business by the time she’s 25.

Gene: What were you like growing up. You look so sweet and innocent.

CL: I know. That’s what I love about myself.

Gene: So you’re saying you feel everybody.

CL: Absolutely.

Gene: How nasty nasty.

CL: S&M nasty.

Gene: When did you start getting into that?

CL: Six years old.

Gene: Doing little play games, tying friends up, torturing them?

CL: I didn’t get into S&M until I had my first sexual experience at 15. But at 6 I fooled around with my girlfriends.

Gene: Playing doctor, taking each others clothes off.

CL: Yeah. And playing dress up.

Gene: I’d rather have you playing dress off. How far did these games go?

CL: Kissing and touching. But at 6 years old I had no idea what I was doing. It was, like, let’s do this. This looks good.

Gene: With spring training so early on in your life tell me about your first sexual experience.

CL: It was boyfriend. We dated for two years.

Gene: How long did you wait.

CL: Two years.

Gene: So this guy had blue balls.

CL: Yup. Actually I was really innocent. I was really shy.

Gene: This guy must have been going crazy.

CL: He was three years older than me.

Gene: Even more so. This is an 18 year old guy going with the program. How did you keep him interested for two years.

CL: He was a virgin.

Gene: I would have been going through the roof. You must have done something.

CL: We would fool around in my parents backyard. We’d feel each other up, kissing.

Gene: Ever give him a handjob.

CL: No, I didn’t know how LOL.

Gene: So I guess a blowjob was totally out of the question. After two years what finally did it.

CL: I was really horny. I wanted to know what sex felt like. Then my parents left the house. They told me behave.

Gene: Of course you weren’t going to.

CL: No.

Gene: So what happens when the guy comes over.

CL: We started watching TV, started kissing and cuddling. I said I want to have sex.

Gene: Music I’m sure to his ears.

CL: He asked me why.

Gene: The thought would occur to me, too, after two years. What happens next.

CL: Then he undressed me. I undressed him. There wasn’t a lo of foreplay. I just wanted to get to the point.

Gene: Where was it.

CL: In the living room.

Gene: It must have happened real quick.

CL: It hurt so much. He’s really big. He was like 9 inches. I thought it was small.

Gene: Nine inches is a pretty good size and you thought it was small?

CL: I thought it was normal.

Gene: You must be a woman hard to please.

CL: No, not at all. I prefer a medium-sized cock.

Gene: So what happened to the relationship?

CL: We got really inventive after that because we couldn’t fuck at my parents house all the time. So back where I lived it was a small town. There was a snow machine so we hopped on the snow machine.

Gene: So you indulged in a lot of cold weather sports.

CL: Oh yeah.

Gene: By the fireplace.

CL: Never by the fireplace. Always outside.

Gene: Outside in the snow?

CL: 30 below.

Gene: Let me tell you something, that nine inches must have gone down to two inches. What would you do in 30 degrees below zero, get naked?

CL: Stark naked. On top of the snow machine o we’d have sex in a snow bank or on top of my parents roof.

Gene: I guess that’s where the Up on the Roof song came from.

CL: We would go where no one could see us.

Gene: I imagine. Did you ever get caught by the cops?

CL: Yes I did. We were looking for a different place to go around town and there was an abandoned school. We were back there among all the kid play stuff. We started having sex and the police saw shadows moving behind the school. They came back there. We were butt naked! They told me to go home. They asked me how old I was. 15. Get home. We didn’t go home, though.

Gene: Sounds like you two were having a lot of fun. What finally broke you up.

CL: He was jealous.

Gene: Were you seeing other guys behind his back.

CL: I wasn’t. I was actually in love.

Gene: What made you decide to come into the adult business.

CL: My incredible hunger for sex and I like to have sex with different men. I like variety.

Gene: Off camera have you had multiple guys, like gangbangs.


Gene: How about the most guys?

CL: Two.

Gene: How long have you been in the business.

CL: Since June.

Gene: What was your first sex scene like?

CL: I was excited! I wanted to do it. It was with T.T. Boy LOL.

Gene: Talk about jumping into the fire.

CL: He was great. We worked really well together.

Gene: Do you do anal?

CL: No.

Gene: Did you ever try it?

CL: I tried it. I have thing about my butt. I can stick my whole hand in my butt, but if someone were ever to stick a finger near my butt, I would tense up. I think it’s a trust-thing.

Gene: But you would try it if you trusted somebody.

CL: Yeah.

Gene: So you seem very experimental and a good time girl up for almost anything.

CL: Hmm-Hmm.

Gene: I take it you didn’t dance.

CL: Just a small town girl wanting to get into the adult industry.

Gene: A small town girl doing small town things.

CL: Hmm-Hmm.

Gene: What were you doing before this. Did you have a 9 to 5 job?

CL: No. I’ve never had a job. That’s not true. At 17 I worked at a sub shop for one month and I quit. I can’t take this.

Gene: Fool around with the manager under the counter?

CL: No.

Gene: Are you sure nothing went on between the ham slices?

CL: Not with the people I worked with.

Gene: I take it you like sex with strangers.

CL: Oh yeah.

Gene: Ever live out that fantasy?

CL: Yeah. I used to get into bars when I was 16. Because one of my best friends was 26 and she worked at this one bar.

Gene: I’d love to know the bar you were able to get into it.

CL: It was a pretty cool bar. Like Cheers. Everyone knows your name. Well she was pretty good friends with the owner and the owner thought I was hot. I slept with the owner to get into the bar so I got into the bar any time I wanted and drank for free. I met some pretty cool people.

Gene: So you partied all the time.

CL: I’d party all night. Sleep all day. I’d wake up about 8 o’clock at night, call one of my friends to pick me up to take me to the bar. I’d be there until three in the morning. After that we’d have after parties. I’d strip.

Gene: You’re a bit of a tease.

CL: I like to give a guy just a little something and walk away. LOL

Gene: You’ll go far in this industry.



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