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Conversations with Crystal Clear-final

Porn Valley- I had a conversation with Crystal Clear [photo-] on a Rob Spallone shoot this week. Clear has been in the business since January and tells a story about standing in line at the bank with her father when she’s approached by Kevin Rubio of Ducati Productions.

“He handed me a card and said are you interested in joining our modeling agency?” Clear says. She then got her boyfriend on the phone.

“I said I’m going to be a model; he says what does the card say? I said Ducati Productions. He told me it wasn’t a modeling agency, it was porn. I was, like, fuck it. I’ll do it.”

“But you were with your father when you got approached to get into porn?” I ask, to clarify.

Clear says that she was. But her father was under the impression it was a modeling agency.

“He’s like I know my daughter’s beautiful.”

According to Clear, when she was handed the card she didn’t have a California ID or a social security card at the time.

“And I didn’t have a test,” she adds. “He [Rubio] told me it was an audition. He fucked me on camera and didn’t pay me. It was scandalous.”

“He filmed it- then he told me he was going to make me into another Jenna Jameson, a big star.”

Clear said that ended her budding porn career for the time being until another time she was in the social security office.

“Someone approached me about a tattoo,” she said. “They asked me what I do for a living. I said I was trying to get into porn.” Long story short, Clear said she wound up doing a job that paid her $200.

“They did me dirty- I left them. A good friend of mine said I’m going to take you to an agency where there’s an office, not a house, not a cell phone. And so I did it that way. I did really good and made a lot of money.”

Clear said that was Seymore Butts’ agency, although at one time they dropped her.

“But they took me back,” she said, also noting that she’s repped by a couple of other agencies including World Modeling. Clear said she likes being in the business.

“It’s like a regular job,” she says. “You know what to expect, it’s safe. You know the people around you and the surroundings are comfortable. If I’m not comfortable, then I say something.”

Clear was also in the World’s Oldest Gang Bang which Rob Spallone assembled.

“That was quite the experience,” she says. “It’s not what I expected. I made it through. It was very difficult- I guess, being with older men but it wasn’t that bad. I just had to re-group, re-focus and realize this is my job. I was going to follow through with my word. I did it and I did it for the publicity. A lot of good came out of it. It was fun.”

Clear figures she probably did about 30 guys in that production.

“I tried to get my ex-boyfriend to be in it,” she says. “He was my boyfriend at the time, 41. He looks like 50.” Clear says she’s no longer with this guy.

“I was with him for two years,” she states. “He left me, I guess, for another girl. We were having problems. But I think we’ll get back together. We’re just taking our space. We really love each other. I talk to him every day because he owns the condo I live in.”

Clear is casually reminded that she just got pregnant by her new boyfriend.

“He’s the father.”

“Yeah,” she smiles. “But I’ll take care of it.” Even with that, according to Clear, she’s not a drama queen.”I’m a family girl, actually,” she says. But if you ask her what she was like growing up, Clear admits that she was a bad kid.

“I was a rebel without a cause,” she says. “I got sent away for treatment- not treatment but a lockdown. Juvenile. Out of state. California didn’t want me for seven years. I got into a lot of trouble. I was in drugs. I was gang banging. I was stealing money from my mom. I had bad grades. I tried to kill people, kill myself. I’m adopted so that’s where a lot of it came from, bring confused and being unhappy. I just got mature and fixed my shit. I’ve got a life ahead of me. I have a family and should be thankful I got my shit together.”

According to Clear her family knows she’s in porn and is okay with it.

“My family is actually happy that I have a job,” she goes on to say. “I have a roof over my head because when I started in the industry I was going around with grocery bags from house to house of people in the industry. I had nowhere to live. I got my shit together. I wanted to be independent.”

Then Clear mentions the fact that she got robbed a couple of months ago.

“I had plasma TV’s taken from me- a lot of stuff stolen. I had someone in the industry living with me and they robbed me. Because I told them to get the fuck out. They weren’t paying me rent. It was a couple.” Clear said she had other problems with the couple. For instance her parents came over and the girl- Myah Mason- walked around the house in her underwear.

“Don’t do that around my brothers, my parents, have respect for my home,” Clear told her. “Then they smoked a blunt. I said don’t do that shit around them. So they had no respect. I told them to get out. They didn’t like that so they robbed me [allegedly].” Clear says she hasn’t run into them since.

“They’re kind of scared of me,” she says. Clear plans on going to AVN in January partly because she thinks she’ll be signing for Metro.

And Clear pretty much does everything including anal, gangbangs, etc.

“For my first anal scene I got $3600 for fifteen minutes of ass fucking,” she claims. “It was for my boss, Seymore Butts. It was scary because it was the first time I had something in my ass. I worked with Kurt Lockwood.” Michelle Avanti cuts in and asks Clear if Lockwood asked her to put his finger in his butt. Clear says, yeah.

“He always does that!” laughed Avanti. Clear says that was the second time she’s worked with Lockwood and put her finger in his ass before that.

“It was scary with the anal,” she said. “But I stuck it out, opened my ass and said, fuck it, I want the money. That’s good payment for your first anal. I’ve heard girls or their first anal only get $600 or so. Like, oh no, I’m Crystal Clear.”


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