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Conversations With Dana DeArmond- final

Porn Valley- Before Dana DeArmond consumed the equivalent of a baseball up her rectum over the weekend,, we had the following conversation on the set of Girls Sodomizing Girls #3 directed by Skeeter Kerkove for Robert Hill Releasing.

DeArmond begins at the point her apartment burned down in January.

“My apartment burned down when we were all at the show in Vegas,” she notes.

“A lot of people in the industry were really helpful and I got a lot of donations and stuff. I live in a little apartment with my boyfriend and we’re trying to build everything back up again. I’m jusr really working hard, trying to focus and making movies and directing.”

According to DeArmond, the incident occurred January 12 when she was signing for Pink Visuals. DeArmond says she found out about the fire when someone messaged her on MySpace and asked if she were okay because her house burned down.

“I was what the fuck and I called the fire station,” she continues. “They were, like, yeah, your house burned down. I cried and I called my mom and I talked to my dad. After that I didn’t go to any parties or anything in Vegas. I still signed on Saturday and went to the awards show. People thought it was big of me or whatever to go. I didn’t have anything to go back to.”

“It was the woman across the hall,” explains DeArmond. “She had a candle burning in a plastic cup. It’s a bad idea. A fire hazard. This was the third floor of the building. The second and first floor were mostly water and smoke damage. And nobody had renter’s insurance except for the person who lived in the first apartment of the first floor, which, ironically, had the least damage done to it.

“And my boyfriend lost everything as well,” she continues. “We’re alright now. People have been pretty cool. But some people were jerks about it. They’re, like, you’re a porn star and you’re rich. How could you ask people to help you. But they don’t realize what losing everything entails. You literally have nothing. I had a suitcase that had short shorts and cute outfits for signing. I didn’t have any spare clothes or anything because I took what I needed for the show.

“I didn’t even have a jacket because I was, fuck it, I’m going to be inside the entire time. But when I got back it was really cold and miserable.”

DeArmond also credits the American Apparel Factory for helping her out.

“They donated clothes and let us pick out whatver we wanted,” she said. “I felt really bad because I thought I was putting somebody out. I didn’t go overboard or anything. I took a boxful of clothes. And they’re, like, if you need anything else just let us know.

“I really don’t have any place to put stuff right now,” DeArmond goes on to say. “It’s a 450 square foot apartment that I have with my boyfriend Daniel.”

DeArmond got into the business in 2004.

“I contacted Cybernet which is now,” she says. “I was hired immediately and my first shoot ever was for Hog Tied. I got tied up and stuff. I went up there- I was really surprised because it was an office environment. Because when you think of porn, you think of some casting couch situation.

“It’s pretty funny,” says DeArmond. “I just got back from Baltimore, Maryland- I did a signing and a party and a radio show there. And I started production of a movie. Baltimore is where it’s at.

“San Francisco, though, isn’t the sex-friendly community it builds itself up as,” she thinks. “Obviously with the purchase of the armory by, people have been really upset and have been going to these community things and going to city council meetings saying these women are being raped. It’s just completely fucking ludicrous but Baltimore is the home of John Waters and everyone is really just doing their own thing and letting it all hang out there. I think it’s a really cool place.”

According to DeArmond, the promotion in Baltimore was a Vivid-Alt one that involved some Eon McKai projects.

“We were on the radio there and the reason we went is because the product sells really well. And we have a lot of friends there and they sell out of a record store called The Sound Garden. They just sell shitloads of porn out of this record store. It’s a big place and the only porn they carry is Vivid-Alt movies. I went to promote that and interview some girls that I’m going to put in my new movie.

It’s called Role Modeling and it’s based on DeArmond’s experiences with girls who approach her about wanting to get into the industry. DeArmond’s shooting this, likewise, for Vivid-Alt.

“It’s supposed to be a very sexually positive, comfortable and feminist environment,” she continues. “Hopefully it’ll be the best experience these women will ever have.”

DeArmond she used to be a stripper and got fired six months after she quit drinking, according to her.

“You were less fun?”

“That’s what the owner says, look at me now!” she replies. “I’ve always been fun. But I felt like I was really spinning my wheels anyway. So I took that as an opportunity to switch gears on my career. I’m really happy. I’ve had some really positive experiences and met some really awesome people in the business.

“ is where I got started and they’re really like family to me,” she states. “Over at Vivid, they’re really progressive and they let you do what you want. No one’s ever said no to me there. I said I want to make this movie and travel to these girls and document them in their own environment and make them feel really happy and comfortable. And it’s not my fault it’s expensive!”

The first porn-porn movie DeArmond ever did was New Wave Hookers for McKai.

“I had done a lot of BDSM work on the Internet,” she adds. “And then I decided to do more DVD-stuff to appease my fan base which complained that they couldn’t join every website that I was on. The first movie I did was New Wave Hookers for VCA and I played Traci Lords and did a BJ in that movie. It’s a really good movie.”

DeArmond feels McKai is easy to het along with and lets you be yourself.

“In McKai’s Vivid-Alt debut,Girl’s Lives, he sat down and took time with the female performers- me, Riley Mason, Pixie Pearl and Charlotte Stokely- we kind of talked about our indiscretions.”

“What’s your indiscretion?” I ask DeArmond.

“When I was younger, maybe, in some circumstances I kind of let people think they were the one,” she answers. “And there might be a lot of them!”

“Playing guys?”

“Yeah,” she laughs.

“Are you a flirt?”

“I don’t know,” she says. “I can be. I flirt with girls. I’m unstoppable when it comes to that. I look for girls.”

DeArmond kissed a girl when she was 18, she says.

“I was a late bloomer. That was the first time. I was really,really drunk. I quit drinking in 2003. I’ve been sober for four years.”

DeArmond keeps herself busy and swears she doesn’t crave going back to that lifestyle.

“I’ve chosen the way I want to live my life,” she continues. “I just like to be happy, do whatever I want and be my own boss.”

Sexually, she likes variety.

“I just did my first d.p.,” she adds. “I had been putting that off. I liked that a lot and my boyfriend was one of the performers. The other one was a gentleman named Miles and that was for Pink Visuals.”

DeArmond’s boyfriend also works in the business and is contracted at Hush Hush. His performing name is Danny Wild.

“I guess because he’s really conservative-looking and really young,” she laughs. “He’s got blond hair and blue eyes and a baby face.”

DeArmond’s first time with a guy came when she was really drunk.

“I think I was a junior in high school,” she says. I just got drunk and fucked a guy. I was 16 1/2.”

DeArmond later met Wild at where they were both “subbing.”

“Then when I started doing boy-girl stuff I picked the cutest boys that were on the site called Men in Pain. And he was really into the pain!”

“Did he like getting his balls tortured?”

“No, he was into flogging and stuff like that,” DeArmond answers. “I can totally understand. I’ve subbed for years. I’m a submissive person, naturally. I think that he just likes to get beat up a little bit. But he’s totally grown out of it. It’s a little bit disappointing sometimes because when we first got together we used to have a back and forth power play. And now he’s been doing so many scenes having to top women.”

DeArmond explains that he does a series called MILF Invaders.

“He plays shy and coy and maybe borderline retarded,” she laughs. “He seduces women, then he flips it on them and really takes charge and fucks them up. He dominates them.”

So far, her movie for Vivid-Alt, “Dana DeArmond Does Internet” has been her most trying project.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” DeArmond says. “It was extremely emotional. My friend was in charge of directing it because I thought that we were really close. And it just wasn’t good. I had to physically take it from him. This was Malekai X. He used to produce for Eon McKai but is no longer there, either. He sort of lost the gig and it was emotional for everyone involved because we were friends.

“Then I had to do a lot of back peddling to fix the movie. But it turned out to be really special. It’s like my baby. from the time I decided I wanted to make a mvie until it was done, it took about a year to make. Which is really a fucking long time for a porn movie. If you break down what I was paid with the time I put into it, I made about five sents an hour!”


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