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Conversations with De’Bella- 12/8/2006

Porn Valley- De’Bella rode the Sybian last week on the Howard Stern show but didn’t seem like she was having a good time. I asked her why.

“That’s because Beetlejuice was running it,” she explained. “And he turned it full force right when I got on it and my teeth were chattering and everything. And I couldn’t feel it in any part of my body because he had it full blast. It was the first time he had ever run it- he never worked it before and they were trying to tell him how to control it. It just turned me off. When I was trying to talk to him my teeth were literally chattering. It would have possibilities if it was run right. It felt good when he first turned it on and then he went whoooooooo.

“Howard was real good to me,” she continues. “It was a real positive interview. He thought that it was great that I was doing what I was doing and he didn’t have any negativism at all in the interview.”

De’Bella started shooting scenes in May of this year primarily because she likes sex and likes to have fun.

“I didn’t have very good self-esteem,” she says. “I’m going turn 50 years old. My self-esteem has been low for years.”

“You’re a housewife, you’re not supposed to have self-esteem,” I told her. She laughs.

“I thought maybe I should do something a little different. One of the directors at work- Jon Strong- says why don’t you get into porn. I said I can’t get in front of a camera. I can never do that. He said we’ll start off with a photo shoot so I did that. I felt real comfortable with the guy that was shooting me. I did two layouts for a magazine with him and I decided I’m going to try it. So I tried my first scene for Channel 69 with Herschel Savage. He made me feel real at ease, there were only three of us there. I was real comfortable with it. And I enjoyed myself a lot. I said this is for me, why not.”

Of course one can not overlook the exchange of words between De’Bella and her daughter Jewel De’Nyle on ADT.

“There’s that whole thing with you and your daughter – sorry I had to bring it up,” I tell her.

“She’s still hard nosed,” says De’Bella. “That hasn’t changed. We had a fair relationship but not real, real close. It’s always been that way. She doesn’t think I’m strong enough. She thinks I’m kind of wimpy. So I don’t know if she’s doing it just to get at me. I try to be positive when I write back on things. And that’s why I say I don’t like to bring her into it. I wrote an open letter to her on ADT because she won’t talk to me and that’s the only way I can communicate with her.”

“I haven’t heard her say anything lately about me,” De’Bella continues, noting that when they first talked about her doing scenes, Jewel was behind her and told her to go for it. That’s the last time they spoke. Which was May.

“Now she says I’ve gone too far- I don’t know what she means by gone too far,” says De’Bella. “I think maybe she thought that I probably wouldn’t get any work. Maybe she thought I would just do boy-girl and that would be the end of it. I do a few scenes and that would be the end of it. She probably thought mom’s not going to like this and I’m enjoying myself and having the time of my life.”

I suggest that maybe it’s the fact, too, that De’Bella’s getting all this attention which is adding to the strain in the relationship. De’Bella just did an interview with the LA Times which has yet to appear.

“Maybe that’s what she doesn’t like,” De’Bella concedes. “But this could be a positive thing if we worked together. Her career, she still shoots every month for a company. And this could be good p.r. for both of us on the positive side instead of using it as a negative. I’m trying to bring in the positive; she brings in the negative part of it. Lately she hasn’t said anything because people have been responding back to her, hey, I’m your mom- she should respect me and that Howard Stern said she was hypocritical because she did it.

“I’m living my life, I don’t live her life for her,” De’Bella continues. “I don’t tell her what to do. She shouldn’t be telling me what I should do.”

And let’s not forget the fact that Jewel did bring De’Bella into the business. Off camera, De’Bella does public relations and marketing along with her husband Larry over at Red Light/Platinum X.

“Jewel brought us into the business- she was part owner of Platinum X,” De’Bella explains. “Her and three other partners started Platinum X. And she asked her dad and I to come and run it because they needed someone to run the company that they could trust and get it going. My husband had been in business for thirty-some years and knew how to run a business. And I worked in management and stuff, so we came in and ran it for them. It did really well. So I did that for two years while she was part-owner. Then she, a year and a half ago or something like that, sold her portion of the business to David Joseph. She was the last one to sell her portion of the company. Now she no longer has any interests in Platinum X. David Joseph owns it all now.”

It was Ron Jeremy who first brought up the idea of De’Bella doing porn.

“He was joking around with me- he came into the office and I got a picture with him,” De’Bella recalls. “He says why don’t you do a Debbie Does Dallas? I said it’s been done, Ron. And other people had asked me and I kept turning it down. Finally this year when I was going to turn 50 I said why not. Go for it. I thought I’d talk to Jewel first and see what she says about it. And her initial reaction was fine, have a good time.”

“I don’t know what it is- she says I’m an embarrassment to her,” De’Bella confides. “Or maybe this is because she’s married and has a family. Maybe his family found out about what I was doing, so that’s why she’s embarrassed. I don’t know what the embarrassment is. She still shoots porn every month for her company.”

I was curious what De’Bella’s initial reaction was when her daughter got into porn. She said she was devastated.

“But I didn’t know know anything about the porn business,” says De’Bella. “I lived in the Midwest. I thought porn was something that was done in beds of ratted hotels. I didn’t know it was a regular business-industry type thing like any other corporate business.”

Another thing that worried De’Bella was the AIDS issue.

“When she got in it they were talking a lot about it at the time- that’s the only thing that kept popping in my mind. I didn’t know about the testing, I didn’t know anything about it.”

According to De’Bella, Jewel was working at a strip bar when she broke the news that she was going into the industry.

“She told her dad and then her dad told me,” recalls De’Bella. “So I could learn about what the porn industry was about when she was a contract girl, they flew us to Vegas in 2000. We went to the awards program. I saw what it was all about and I said this is not at all what I thought it was. After that I was relaxed and was fine with it. And then we went out to Platinum X. Ever since it’s been great. It’s a good industry to be in. It’s not what people perceive it to be.”

“We’re from the Midwest and no one talks about sex in the bible belt areas,” she continues. But De’Bella agrees with the notion that all they do in the cornfields is fuck.

“But they don’t talk about it,” she laughs. “They’re not open about it like they are here. So it’s like a hush-hush type thing and you never hear much about it except conversations in a bar, or when different porn stars’ names are brought up. Things like that. That’s about all you heard- you never heard it’s like any corporate office that’s run. You have p.r departments. You have accounting departments. You have accounts payable. You name it. We have all those offices like any other corporate office would have. But I never thought that before.”

I asked her if she was up for any awards, and De’Bella says she only has five movies out.

“Hey, you could qualify for Best New Starlet,” I tell her.

“Not as a MILF!” she laughs. “I doubt that.”

“But one of the movies I was in for Combat Zone- Who’s Your Mommy- it’s up for an award but that’s the only one I was in that’s up for an award.”

De’Bella said, yeah, she does all the nasty, fun stuff and did her first D.P./interracial at the same time for Red Light which comes out in January.

“It was two white guys, a black guy and my first A also,” she notes. “So it was all in one scene.”

De’Bella’s parents are still around and I wondered what their reaction was.

“My daughter called them to tell what I was doing,” says De’Bella.

“So she ratted you out.”

“Yeah, right,” De’Bella replies. “And I never told anybody what she did for years until she was ready to tell them. But my family’s a pretty open-minded family. My dad hasn’t mentioned it to me, and my mom called, ‘Are you doing something out there you’re not supposed to be doing?’ I said what do you mean, doing scenes? She goes, yuh. Jewel told me you were doing scenes. I said yes I am. And she says, well, are you okay with it? I said I’m fine and we talked about it for a little bit. She’s fine and hasn’t mentioned it since. She said as long as you’re safe and having a good time. She hasn’t said anything about it. Jewel got her genes from me and she likes sex. I must have gotten them from my mom. She loves sex and she just doesn’t talk about it.”

Growing up, De’Bella remembers that she didn’t have many boyfriends.

“I wasn’t nerd- I liked to go out and party,” she states. “I was more into partying than school and boyfriends or anything like that. I was into sneaking off and having a bottle of Boone’s Farm and drinking that and sneaking around the bowling alley and hanging out. That was basically what I was into. My dad had a big name in town and a lot of guys didn’t date me because they were afraid of my dad. He owned a construction company. He’s a big man and known for bar fights. He was known for, if you date my daughter, I’ll kick your ass. It was a small town and he was well known.”

De’Bella says she grew up thinking she was unappealing but later learned it was that guys were afraid to approach her because of her father.

“I went to my 30th school reunion and there were guys there- they told me they always wanted to take me out but were afraid of my dad. I thought, why didn’t you tell me that before? Gosh darn it, anyway.”

De’Bella met her husband almost thirty years ago in a bar where a friend of his knew here and made the introductions.

“We started dancing that night and got a little drunk,” she recalls. “We danced for hours and he got me drunk enough to take me out in his car on a private road. The first night I met him!”

“You sleazebucket!” I tell her.

“I’ve always been a slut,” she laughs.



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