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Porn Valley- I had the following conversation with Dillon Lauren on a recent Bridgette Kerkove shoot, I tell Lauren I’ve heard some very marvelous things about her.

She’s been in the business a year but is only starting to shoot a lot more in recent months. “I’m more serious about it,” she explains. “I was going back and forth but more recently I’ve been sure I’ve wanted to do this. I’ve been living in Vegas and then Florida and so it was back and forth. And I had a boyfriend.”

I asked Lauren if having a boyfriend was fucking up her shit. “With this boyfriend it was,” she says, noting that they had been going together three years but no longer.

“He worked some in the industry,” she explains. “But he just couldn’t handle me being in the industry. So it was like forget it.” Lauren said she had shot some stuff in Florida. “But Florida doesn’t pay enough- it’s crap. Now that I’m living out here I stay with some people from LA Direct and it’s pretty cool.

Lauren had danced in Vegas for several years having moved out there in 2001. There was The Spearmint Rhino and The Crazy Horse Too, a club which had been in the headlines recently for being the center of a racketeering indictment and an ongoing investigation into bouncers roughing up the customers. Lauren remembers a time when a customer picked her up and threw her. She cut her head on a marble table. So she doesn’t want to hear complaints about how they’re being roughed up. “I know the bouncers took him out,” she says. “A lot of those guys come in there and get violent or they try to violate a girl then they’ll walk out of there saying, oh, they ripped me off. Oh they beat me up. It’s bullshit. I haven’t seen the bouncers take out anybody there that didn’t deserve it. “Another time I got punched in the stomach by a guy,” she continues. “I’m serious. These guys will get all drunk and stupid and arrogant. They’re not interested in going to bed with you.” Lauren also remembers another incident one time where one dancer smashed another in the face with a bottle. “She cut her face all up. You just don’t want to be around that kind of stuff all the time.”

Lauren got into the video end of the business with a guy friend in Vegas but other than that she prefers to leave out details. “Then I came out here after I quit dancing.” Lauren said she’d eventually love to do features.

“I needed a break from dancing,” she says. “Dancing, you drink all night, you party all night, you’re out all night. Then when the clubs close in Vegas at 6 in the morning, you’re at other clubs because you have to have a life except you’re beat up the next day. It’s a perpetual thing. It wore me out.”

Another reason for getting in the front of the camera, says Lauren, is that she’s an exhibitionist. “The industry is a lot more professional and the people are much more caring with you than at strip clubs. A strip club is kind of seedy- not all clubs necessarily- but the customers are all drunk. The guys I’m working with on video are not drunk. The customers are grabbing all over you.”

The first time in front of a camera, Lauren says she didn’t know where to look. “I was freaked out,” she laughs. “I was a deer in the headlights. It’s easy if you enjoy sex. It’s not that hard. When I work on a set, if a guy I’m going to work with or a girl is real comfortable with conversation, that helps a lot. There’s a vibe. You do the test-thing. If everything’s real professional, then the sex can be fun and free. But if you walk on to a set and everybody’s moody, and there’s questions about this or doubts about that, it’s not going to be good. So it’s really about the kind of environment you’re in that makes the scene more comfortable. Coming out to LA it was real easy to work because everyone’s pretty professional.”

A year in the business practically gives Lauren veteran status I note. She’s way more comfortable with the business now, she says. “I feel like I know more about how to pose for the camera and how to talk to people and how to get through the scene.” If she could point to a mentor or someone instrumental in showing her the ropes, Lauren said it would have to be her manager. “He makes sure I get to the set on time,” she laughs.

“There’s also a lot of people I’ve worked with that I can look up to as far as being able to push you through a scene. Otto Bauer is excellent. He brings you right through a scene. The first time I shot with him was for Skeeter Kerkove, Skeeter is also very enthusiastic about porn and is a good person in talking to you about certain things.”

Lauren was a troublemaker growing up. Her words. “But I got straight A’s and I graduated from high school early,” she says. “And I moved out young.” Lauren explains that she wanted to do her own thing and moved to Philadelphia, South Philly. “And I went to high school in New Jersey down by Margate,” she says. At this point, Lauren and I exchange recollections about South Jersey shore bars- Margate, Ventnor, Ocean City. “We used to go to Maloneys,” remembers Lauren which is where pretty much everyone else hung out. Then there was Maynard’s in Margate, she says. “My mother ran the kitchen there for years.

“And we used to go to Ventura on the Green,” she adds. I remember going to the Anchorage in Ocean City, and Lauren volunteers that her sister used to bartend there.

I asked her what she didn’t like about Philly. “The cold weather was kind of rough,” she says. “But I loved Philadelphia. I loved the Jersey shore. I lived there every summer. I had two sisters and we had a blast.”

When she turned 18, Lauren traveled out of the country for awhile. I ask what brought her to Vegas. “I was sailing,” she tells me. “I left Philadelphia sailing and went through the Panama Canal.” Lauren laughs realizing how bizarre this sounds. She goes on to explain about a guy she knew in Philadelphia, a rich guy. Actually a very rich guy involved in the cable industry. A mogul.

“He was going to take me sailing,” she relates. “He had an 86-foot yacht and he was a very nice person and we went sailing through the Panama Canal and came up Costa Rica, all through Mexico. We came up the coast to California And I lived in San Diego for two months. Then I took off and I went out to Vegas for a weekend with some girls I met at a bar, and we stayed for three years! Then I came out here.”

I mention to Lauren it’s probably fair to say that she’s not the stay at home type. “No I’m not,” she says. “My whole life is about traveling and meeting new people.” I tell Lauren I dated a girl like her years ago. The woman sent me to the funny farm. Lauren says the gadabout existence is something she likes. I ask if she found it rough having a relationship. “Yes, especially if the other person is more stable than you are,” she replies.

Lauren likes the adult business. “It’s not like a lifetime career but it’s a good short jump.”

She does the basic anals and d.p.s but tells me she’s not likely to do another scene involving three guys. Nor is she inclined to do double anals. “Oh no,” she says, noting that she’s concerned about tears. “I’m not saying I’d never try it. I’m just saying I haven’ tried it.” Lauren says she did get hurt once doing anal.

“But I didn’t have to go to a hospital. I went to a doctor and wound up not working for like a month and a half. Scott Nails has a very long penis.” I tell Lauren the story about the shoot I’m on where Nails’ cock gets caught in Kat’s braces. Lauren winces. Other than the time she had the incident, Lauren says she prefers to do anal.

“Not because it pays more,” she says. “I have less complications with anal. You can be rougher with anal. And I orgasm anally, too.” Before she got into the industry, Lauren had tried it twice in her personal life. “It was good. Doing it in the industry was tough but I’m good with anal now.”

And Lauren certainly remembers the first time she had sex. She was 15 but prefers not to talk about it. It was a bad experience. “Starting out wasn’t good for me,” she says. “I was raped. I don’t really want to talk about it. It was date raped. The guy was 21. It was just stupid.”



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