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We spoke to Evan Stone on the set of Adam & Eve’s feature, Girls Night Out in Tijuana after he had spent the morning in Olivia O’ Lovely’s vagina. The conversation got on to Stone’s darker, swarthier look which you might have assumed came with the role. No says Stone who said it had been his idea to do a dye job- not for the feature – but to cover some tattle-tale gray.

Stone: It was my idea. But the wife changed it to look more than it would have looked had I done it myself. I wanted to cover the gray. She said it’s not gray. I said back here it’s gray. Anyway we go to the drug store and we’re looking at hair color. I had done this for roles way back but never recently. Next thing you know she’s got the black in her hand and said this will look good and will wash right out. Yeah. What did I know. She does this late at night. I get up early in the morning which is something I do. It’s still wet and I walk by the mirror. It’s black hair and I’m trying to figure out who the heck this is. My eyebrows are still light because we didn’t do them. So I’m, like, this looks freaky. But I had to be at this set where I’m playing this evil guy. I didn’t have time to get my eyebrows done. Which was okay because I was supposed to be evil. Then she went back and did my eyebrows. And since then I’d gotten three calls- one, to play an American Indian; and now I’m here in this Chicano bar.

Gene: There’s a whole new ethnic side to your acting repertoire.

Stone: I didn’t have to get a boob job or nothing. I’ve re-invented myself. And I didn’t have to retire five times. I’ve been told now I’m going to get all the bad guy parts. That’s okay because I like to play the bad guy because I hear complaints all the time about having to play the good guy. Then some of the companies switched me over to play the good guy with the long hair. Now I have the dark hair I’ll play the bad guy again.

Gene: What would you rather be a bad guy-good guy?

Stone: I’d rather be working. But isn’t it all one in the same? In real life I like to be the good guy but in the movies, the bad guy with something else going on. It’s more fun for me. I like to work on the character. You’ve got a 98-minute movie and I’ve got all of 20 minutes to make a character stand out in it. With 10 minutes of fucking you don’t have a lot of time. So I try to give it all I can.

Gene: You’ve also played Hercules in a Jonathan Morgan movie.

Stone: It was hot. We were out in the desert and running around being crazy all day. Not thinking about the heat. And about four o’clock in the afternoon we’re like dragging our feet but the team pulled it altogether- Jonathan Morgan and the people at Wicked. Everybody in that company knows exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Gene: Now five years in the business what prompted you to get into it.

Stone: I never sought porn; it found me. I danced at clubs in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The dance troupe traveled around Oklahoma, Florida, east coast but we never came out to California because the California guys had that all wrapped up. Plus we couldn’t get anyone to pay our rate to fly out here and none of us were going to drive. We were a tight group. But one got a little too fat to dance. We felt awkward. We didn’t want to get rid of him so we made him emcee of the show. Then he started emceeing the girls shows. They did road shows. Or he’d go out with them when they were doing escort work. He ran into some girls who were doing a porno movie for Michael Raven in Houston.

The girls asked him if he wanted to get a blowjob in the movie. He couldn’t do it because his girlfriend would kill him. So he called me and said, Evan, I just wanted to let you know I put you in a porno movie. I told him to call back when you’re sober. I hung up. He called me back: no, dude you go down and get an AIDS test and be in a porno movie. I go, yeah, okay, no problem. I go to get an AIDS test and they were like $500 at the time. Remember, we’re in Dallas. I’m saying to myself that’s a lot of money and I’m only being paid $250 for the blowjob. But I would have spent $1,000 to get the test if I needed to.

So I get the test and whoever was supposed to make it from California, didn’t make it. And so all of a sudden instead of getting a blowjob or a handjob now I’m screwing two of the girls. One of them was Sydney Steele who was just starting. The other was Anna Malle. I also met Michael Raven. We all got along real good and we came out here to California. Michael went on to do the directing-thing. And Sydney didn’t know anybody. She met all the directors but didn’t know any of the male talent. So she said until I get accustomed to everybody I’ll just work with him [Stone]. They go, whatever, because they’re looking at her. And that got me into the business.

She took me around and I started doing features and never did a gonzo for three years. Then I finally did a gonzo and thought this is kind of lame. It was an orgy. They took breaks and had cigarettes and had lunch in the middle of it. So with all this energy going on, stopping just confused me. So I did another one but don’t do the orgies too much any more. So as Sydney started working with other people, I met all the directors and all the producers and they just hired me. They found me and now I’m really damn glad that I’m here.

Gene: You’ve won Performer of the Year.

Stone: And Actor of the Year in that year. Or something like that.

Gene: You really have to be on a roll to win something like that.

Stone: That actually caught me as such a surprise. To win an award like that blew me away. I got up there and didn’t know what to say, who to thank. Look at Mark Davis and all these other guys that have been in the business a long time. These guys are good. Really, really good. They’ve honed their craft over the years and have done more movies than I’ve done.

Gene: But as opposed to a lot of these other guys, you really are a feature-oriented actor. You don’t really do gonzo.

Stone: I do gonzo! They just don’t call me anymore. LOL. The acting thing happened in high school. We were doing Diary of Anne Frank.

Gene: You got to play Anne Frank.

Stone: And I was Anne Frank.

Gene: But in the all-male revue version.

Stone: But I had the shorter hair. We had a student teacher come in from the local college. And they were doing Man of La Mancha. She heard me read and said you’re an incredible actor. How old are you? I was in eleventh grade. She wanted me to come out read for the college play. I told my mom about it. We went out there and it was a musical. I ended up doing Sancho. The high school let me out for rehearsals. It was a big thing. The people I met were the coolest people I ever met in the world. They were like family. Then I went to college, moved on to Houston and started dancing and all this other stuff happened. Then I ran into these people again when I started doing porn because they’re artists and they really give a fuck about what they’re doing.

But I’m having such a good time. There’s no stress in my life. Got a beautiful wife, beautiful girlfriend. Everything’s on a nice even keel. Just to make sure that nothing fucks up if someone suggested, hey, let’s go sky diving, I don’t think so.

Gene: How much do you attribute your success to having a cleft chin.

Stone: [Doing a Kirk Douglas] Uuuuuugh, I don’t know.

Gene: I’m Spartacus.

Stone: I hated it for the longest time. In high school they always made fun of my butt chin. Always.

Gene: As you grow older it becomes a real asset.

Stone: I didn’t know that. I just wanted it gone. Back then plastic surgery was not something that was done. Now people are having them put in.

Gene: Including a few women I know.

Stone: But I’ll never forget throughout high school- hey, butt face! And these were my best friends making fun of me.

Gene: Obviously you work out. But with your schedule as a performer where do you find the time or the energy?

Stone: Five in the morning.

Gene: That’s discipline. But what happens if a shoot runs late.

Stone: I always get up. I was the 101st Airborne Rangers, ROTC. We trained right there in Ft. Custer. The Sgt. major trained us and this guy was in ‘Nam and stuff. We were out there working with the National Guard on maneuvers late at night. They showed us everything. We went to the range, shot M-16’s, M-60’s- did everything but sign up for the Corps. I learned discipline there. Every cadet wanted to outdo the other cadets and be the straightest arrow. By hair was buzz-short. I’d shave my head every morning. We were fanatics. This is probably why I’ve got a lot of muscle memory. It kind of helped me out later in my life. Oddly enough I still wake up five in the morning. When you have someone yelling in your face at five, you learn to get up at 4:59.

Gene: Why didn’t you make the army a career.

Stone: I blew out my knee playing football. And they decided it wasn’t a good idea and let me know in a nice way. Me and a couple of the guys got in trouble. We stayed on maneuvers an extra night without the CO’s approval. It was cool because the stuff we did was pretty cool but they didn’t think it was. They reprimanded the other cadets and told me because of the knee injury, they were second-thinking my signing.

Gene: How long have you been married.

Stone: Since June 6th of last year. [D-Day you’ll note.] That’s funny. Because we were planning the big wedding. I go into Vegas and start making a list. The thing got huge and just ridiculous. I said let’s just elope. Can’t do that because my mom would die. So we flew to Lake Tahoe. We just flew in my father from Florida, my sister from Houston, my mother from Michigan and the brides stuff. Then we stayed there almost three weeks. We got a power boat and went over the whole lake. The lake was beautiful. I had never seen anything like that, either. The waterfall, the mountains, the snow. We had this huge cabin with five bedrooms. We had the whole family in there. Everybody left the day after the wedding so we had the whole cabin. And for out anniversary we rented the cabin. Just us, the girlfriend and ourselves. We had all these extra rooms with the dogs.

Gene: A lot is made of maintaining relationships in this business and how difficult it is.

Stone: I had a girlfriend when I got into the business. I was doing porn , it was cool because her boyfriend was doing porn. But when she fell in love with me I was evil and had to be destroyed. I ah to quit porn or her, so she was gone. And I had my dog with me because I drove my pick-up truck from Texas when I first came out here. I stayed at some cheap motel for two months. And I paid rent in Texas for a year and a half before I went back to get my stuff. I was just working.

‘d get a nicer place then a nicer place. Where was I going with this? Oh, the wife… in relationships I could understand the jealousy-thing if one was in porn and the other one wasn’t. Or this one just got into porn and this one didn’t. So I really wasn’t expecting anything. I was getting sex almost every day, and I had my dog. It was fine. I had a nice place and things were moving forward. I was making more money than I was ever making in my life. This time I was going to do good stuff with it- produce, buy some equipment… then I went to a friend’s house and Jessica Drake was there. As soon as I saw her, I fell in love with her. It was like, what the fuck I talked to her four hours the first night and said see you later.

Then I called her the next day, we talked a little bit. Then I did some soul-searching. I said to myself, she’s going to get into the business, right? No problem. What’s the problem. Then she’s going to ask me who she should work with, who she shouldn’t work with. That’s the problem already. I could tell her the people that are evil, but it doesn’t matter. She has to make her own judgment. So I just let her get in the business by herself. So she got in, made her own connections. We went to social engagements with different people and ended up with each other a couple of times. Then we worked with each other a couple of times. We got closer and closer.

We ended up going to St. Martin for Adam & Eve and this big feature. We hooked right up. Five nights into the thing she started talking about moving her stuff here from Texas and moving next door to me. Soon as we got back the plan was to drive, get her stuff and move her in right away. Late at night we’re up late, screwing. There was this big expanse of water, a full moon, a big lagoon. As I’m eating her out, I looked up and told her I loved her.



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