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Conversations with Fallon Summers-final

Porn Valley- The Spallone gang was shooting a movie today and I think it was being called something like Lesbian Take Down Vol. 2. Some girl, dressed as an Indian, is supposed to be ravaged by a bunch of other girls wearing cowgirl boots. No, I’m not making this up. A total of eight women are scheduled to be in the movie but it sounded like five didn’t show up and had to be replaced. In the mean time I’m having a chat with Fallon Sommers, one of the girls who did show up.

Sommers first came into the business at the age of 18 in December, 2002. She left in April, ’04 and is now back. Sommers says it was the money, along with the realization that the most fun she had was when she was working in the business, that brought her back. In the time she was off, Sommers was working as a waitress at an Appleby’s in Colorado. Sommers is with the Red Rose agency and mentions that she kept in touch with an Internet shooter who’s friends with the owner.

“I’m slowly getting back into it,” says Sommers who feels that the industry has changed even more since the time she first got in.

“That might be because my perception’s changed,” she explains. “There’s a lot of girls now doing a lot more things that are drastic. It seems like every girl is doing anal so it might be hard to get work not doing that stuff.

Sommers had been involved in some Internet drama with Kinzie Kenner.

“That’s all kind of behind me,” she says. “Kinzie was a good friend of mine and there were some things that were uncalled for and unnecessary on my part as far as saying those things. It wasn’t very nice.”

Sommers explains how she came into the business after she had been in rehabilitation for a drug addiction. The heavy duty variety.

“But actually being in the business kept me clean,” she says. “A lot of people don’t understand that or would think it was the opposite. But being financially stable leveled out my stress.”

Sommers’ first scene in front of the camera is a video she watches a lot, according to her. “It’s one of those rape fantasy things and it looks very extreme. It was for this guy who does the Real Sex Magazines, with the movies. The name of the movie is Real Sex Magazine and the scene was with Lee Stone. I love Lee Stone and have no complaints about him at all. But it was my first scene and I look petrified. I was scared to death.”

“Does Lee do his normal thing where he lifts you upside down?” I ask her.

“Thank God, no,” she says. “I might have flipped out. It was an intense scene and I wasn’t that sexually experienced to begin with. I looked really nervous.”

All of this being said, I asked Sommers her feelings about TightFit’s announcement to shoot only girls 21 and over.

“I think that’s a good idea,” she said. “I think that’s a good requirement. It was fun and all at the time when I thought I was mentally mature enough to handle that. But it affects a lot of things that you don’t have a lot of grasp on.”

Sommers’ family wasn’t too happy, though, when she got into the business.

“They didn’t condone it,” she says. “I lost a lot of respect. But my mom supports me. That was a big thing I had to think about. It’s a touchy subject because me and my dad still don’t talk.” The next time around, Sommers vowed that she wasn’t going to be as open about things with her family.

“For myself I can live with this, it’s a job I like,” she says. “I like sex. I like sexual situations and being on camera. But as far as them, I’d like to keep that out of their way.”

Sommers seems to think she was a pretty good kid growing up.

“I had a lot of rules but I wasn’t sheltered,” she says. The first sex she ever had was with Kenner when they were in eighth grade.

“That was the first time I ever had an orgasm,” she says. Sommers first time with a guy was when she was 16.

“There was no orgasm so I liked the female-thing better,” she laughs. “That changed.”

“Did you squirt when you did the girl-thing?”

“It was more like your water would break,” says Sommers. “It wasn’t like a squirt of 12 feet. It was more like a gush.”

“What’s the thing that turns you on most?”

“Men,” she replies.

“That’s not what you said in eighth grace.”

“At the time I didn’t dig the dude-thing because I hadn’t experimented with it yet,” states Sommers. “So I was more into girls.” Of the male performers, Sommers says she really likes working with Talon and Stone.

“But I haven’t done a boy-girl since 2004,” she notes. “It was a boyfriend-thing, but he and I broke up. He didn’t know about me being in the business and I lied about it. He found it and I decided to stop working. Then there was the HIV-thing that happened so I hopped out of it. That was one of the things; but him and I are no longer. I’m dating.”

Sommers doesn’t have a site up as yet although she owns the domain name.


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