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Conversations with Former FedEx Man, Guy DiSilva

Porn Valley- “Did you hear from your buddy that got out?” Guy DiSilva [picture from]is asking Rob Spallone.

“Which one?” laughs Spallone, forgetting to count.

“You know which one- Joey,” says DiSilva.

“I’ll hear from him this week,” answers Spallone about Joey Buttafuoco. DiSilva is smiling. He’s always smiling.

“When I’m not smiling, people think there’s something wrong with me,” DiSilva comments.

DiSilva started in the business when he answerd an ad to do a shoot for Randy Detroit. Detroit’s been in the business a long time but DiSilva finds it interesting that the younger crop of talent doesn’t know him. I remember DiSilva telling me that Steven St. Croix was in that threesome. I was curious who the girl was.

“It was a girl named Debbie Frasier,” DiSilva recalls. “It’s amazing I remember her name. Randy put a wig on her because she was a Jewish girl and he wanted her to look Latin.

“The thing about Randy he’s one of those kinds of guys who doesn’t really care- no production value or anything. And he put a black wig on her and tried to pass her off as a Latin girl. I don’t know if it worked but I thought it was funny myself.”

“After that outrageous debut how did your career go after that?” I ask DiSilva.

“I didn’t do that many more scenes because I was afraid of being recognized,” says DiSilva who was working for Federal Express at the time.

“I used to have people wanting me to work in my uniform,” he laughs.

“I always thought you looked good in brown,” I tell him.

“It was blue, actually,” he says. Wrong express, but whichever way, it’s one where you hustle.

“It was a helluva hustling job,” DiSilva agrees. “I was doing Federal Express part time and this part time. That lasted for about half a year until everyone found out. They tried to fire me because they knew what I was doing but they had a difficult time doing it.”

“Did they make a specific issue out of it” I ask him.

“They didn’t say that was the case but I believe that’s what it was,” thinks DiSilva. He says there was a vibe at work where people who saw him, smirked and smiled.

“They knew what I did- I was busted. And that was the last real job I’ve ever had. I’ve been doing this ever since, full time.”

Asked what possessed him to leave the exciting world of package delivery, DiSilva says he was always watching porn and spanking the monkey.

“And I still do that to this day,” he admits. “I swear. Sometimes I’ll do that and someone will call me to do a scene and I’ll have to make up a story.”

“Because you already shot the load- that’s pretty funny.”

“It does happen,” says DiSilva.

“You got to be like a fireman- always ready for the fire.”

“I know but I can’t help it,” he chuckles. “I’m still like a fan even though I’ve been in this business for 14 years. I still watch videos. And if that goes away I don’t think I’ll be interested any more. I’ll give myself another year and a half as a performer. And then it’ll be time to move on.”

DiSilva started spanking it to the Buttman-stuff.

“I’m a big fan and I know you are too,” comments DiSilva. “I’m a huge fan of his. I did something and you reviewd it- it was Buttman’s Inferno. And I still collect his stuff and we used that premise the first time I worked for him, that I was a fan. His stuff is what made me really want to get into this business. I’m kind of an old school guy.

“John’s a great guy,” DiSilva continues. “He and David Christopher are two industry vets that I like- whether I’m working for them or not. I just like them as people.”

“Obviously you’re an assman.”

“I’m an assman but I’m also- believe it or not- a foot guy these days,” DiSilva announces. “I got a crazy foot fetish. Not like Rod Fontana. He likes a girl walking around with dirty feet and everything. I’m not into that. I like them clean and nice. And I got to the point where I’m always looking down first before I’d look up.”

“I was always a foot man before anything else,” I tell DiSilva. “Even as a little kid.”

DiSilva says his foot fetish began when he worked in a shoe store in Brooklyn.

“It was called Fred Braun’s shoe store,” he recalls. “When they’d try a shoe they didn’t want, I’d go into the back and actually smell the shoe and lick it. And I’m not making this stuff up. This is true. That’s where it all started.”

“Here’s the defining question are you into the stockinged foot or the bare foot?”

DiSilva says the bare foot.

“I’m into the nice, manicured toes and arches,” he adds. “A pointed foot drives me nuts when I’m in a scene. If the girl does not point her feet I, dunno, I try to get her to do that.”

“Me on the other hand, I used to smell baseball gloves, not women’s shoes,” I tell DiSilva. “Nothing like a well oiled smell.”

DiSilva says he’ll get a lot of calls when people are shooting foot movies.

“They want to hire people that genuinely like feet and they know when I’m doing a foot scene, I’m really into it. And I’m not doing it jsut for a pay check. I get a lot of calls for that. I like the two funkiest areas- feet and asses.”

Besides performing, DiDilva’s currently shooting for a company out of North Carolina.

“I’ve shot a few scenes for them but nothing’s out yet,” he says. “It’ll probably be a series but we haven’t nailed down a name yet.” DiSilva’s also working on launching some sites one of which is called Blow My

“I’m going to try and get non-industry guys tested- guys who are dying to get a blowjob from a girl in the business.”

There’s a couple more sites planned including Big Girl and MILF Factory.

“They’re not launched yet but I bought the domain names,” DiSilva adds.

With what he said about feet, I thought it would have been a natural for DiSilva to shoot such a line.

“The thing was when I got into this business I wasn’t thinking about shooting,” he explains. “I wanted to fuck. I was horny. That’s why I got into this business but I waited too long to think about doing my own stuff. But again this is not an easy busy to walk away from and go back to FedEx. I was just a natural horndog.”

DiSilva’s going to New York for several days to attend some family affairs. And then he’s leaving the country for a week.

“It’s work-related but I don’t want to mention where I’m going,” he says. “The person I’m going with asked me not to mention it. So I’m only being loyal.”

DiSilva used to play ball and made it as far as Double A where he was a center fielder.

“I’m still pretty good at the game but I don’t get a chance to play it much because it’s not the game you can get a group of guys together,” he concedes. “I can play pretty well even though I’m getting up there in age.” DiSilva’s now 50.

In his career, DiSilva recalls a project he did for Metro, directed by Paul Thomas.

“It was called Sin Sex Part 1 & 2,” says DiSilva. “I played a 1940’s gangster- when I had more hair on my head. And Steven St. Croix was in that one too- he was opposite me playing the bad guy. And that’s one of the finest roles I’ve had in this business. It was a leading role. Ot was a big budget movie, everything, one of my biggest projects.”

DiSilva’s had a few but, then again, too few to mention relationships in the business.

“Nothing to talk about,” he says. “But I dated one girl who blew her brains out. She went by Lauren Beatty and she also used the name Lauren Bates. The name may ring a bell. We dated for a little while. She killed herself in 1997. She didn’t do a lot of scenes, she wasn’t popular but I was notorious for helping girls out. I used to have this place that they called the home for wayward adults. I was known for helping out people in need and she was one of them. I just felt sorry for her. We kind of dated but she was suicidal from Day One. I was a sucker for that. But no longer. I’ve learned.”

Which leaves DiSilva to date women on the outside, and when they discover he’s a porn performer they’re mildly surprised.

“Because of my age and people always tell me I don’t come across like someone that’s in this business,” he thinks. “Whatever that is. I’m pretty modest and that’s why people are surprised I do this.”

DiSilva turns 51 in July and the equipment is working just fine. He’s a Cancer, sign of the emotional wreck.

“I’m embarrassed to say our president is a Cancer,” he notes. “Tom Hanks is a Cancer- I’m a little proud of him. And there’s a few other good Cancers out there, Harrison Ford. I know a little bit about astrology.”

I inform DiSilva that I’m a Pisces- the sign of the drinker.

“Albert Einstein was a Pisces,” he tells me. “That’ll go to your head now. I shouldn’t have told you that.”

“I always had this thing about doing mathematical equations but I never pursued it,” I tell DiSilva who admits to taking a blue pill now and then.

“If I show up for any kind of group scene and I don’t, I’m going to be the only one standing there and yanking on it,” he says. “These days you almost have to use it to keep up with the competition. But I got into this business before Viagra so I paid my dues.”


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