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Conversations with Gemini- final

Porn Valley- So I was at Casa de Hollywood Wednesday morning. Don Hollywood ,, was introducing me to Gemini, a woman who’s been a fan of KSEX for a couple of years and decided that she wanted to get into porn. So Gemini started e-mailing Hollywood, introducing herself. I ask Gemini, who’s birthday is Friday, if she’s true to her birth sign. Gemini is saying something about being vain, indecisive and hot tempered, that, yeah, she’s pretty much true to her sign. Gemini will be in town until next Wednesday.

My chat with Hollywood also reveals that he’s having a book written about him- that the Reuters reporter who did a piece on him a couple of weeks ago, is handling it. Hollywood’s going to be taking her around to Erotica LA Friday night and introducing her to porn luminaries. From there she’s pretty much on her own, he says. I’m also hearing rumors about a reality TV series. I ask Hollywood about this and he starts referring to his “people”. Which is pretty funny.

Gemini, who currently lives in Iowa, says she discovered KSEX via a blog, logged on to the station one night and has been addicted to it ever since. There’s been some nights where she’ll watch the webcam version of KSEX for eight hours at a time. I ask her what the fascination is. “I guess it’s like voyeurism,” she says. “I’m fascinated with how other people live and how other people work. I think my own life is pretty much boring.”

Gemini’s originally from Louisiana. “Kind of,” she laughs. “I was raised in the military; now I stay in Iowa.” She moved there because of her fiance. “We met at a club that I was working at, and I would up moving to Iowa with him.” Gemini’s been a stripper off and on for five years. “I’m an exhibitionist,” she explains. “I like to show off. I entered a Wet T-shirt contest at a Biker Rally one night and the bug just bit me right there. I like motorcycles. I love rallies. I didn’t win the contest but I had a great time in just hearing people clap and cheer for me. That’s it. Okay. I’ve got to get naked more.”

Oddly enough, her boyfriend’s a computer geek. “I tried the bad boy type and they were worse than me,” she says, anticipating the question. “I’m not saying everybody, but there’s a lot of drugs out in the Midwest,” she adds. “It’s really bad.”

Although skinny computer geeks aren’t necessarily her style, Gemini went out to lunch with her would be fiance. “We got to talking and had a lot of things in common. So we started dating and here we are.” Gemini describes her coming into porn as another adventure. “I’ve been married, now divorced and I’m getting married again,” she points out. “I’ve had kids [five]. I’ve been a stripper. I’ve had a normal desk job. I’ve worked at a restaurant.” Gemini says there was nothing soul-rendering about getting on stage to take off her clothes.

“I just got up there and did it,” she says. “The first club I worked at was a G-string club and I had a great time. I really wasn’t that nervous about it. I figured I’m here, I might as well do it.” The first time she ever danced was at a club called Desperados in Louisiana. “It was a great little club,” she says. “Now when I worked at a bikini club in Virginia, then I got nervous. And I don’t know why. Bikini clubs are different in that they have more rules and I don’t want to break them to make anybody mad. That club was right across from a military base and army guys would come in. We always had fun. It’s just that my first time I was nervous.”

As for her kids, the oldest is nine and the youngest is three. “I’ve been pretty busy.” Her children currently reside with the ex-husband. “Until I get financially situated or what not, they stay there,” she says.

Gemini describes herself as being a royal pain in the ass, growing up. “I was raised on Air Force bases and lived a secluded life,” she says. “My step dad was in the Air Force and my dad was a Marine. As a military brat you’re kind of secluded from every thing. You don’t really see the outside world. At least, I didn’t.” Her passions at the time, however, were classical literature. “I just liked books.” She says she’s given thoughts about writing and keeps a journal. “I’m writing down all my experiences. I’ve had a couple of poems published. Writing is just another way for me to be creative. Sometimes I can’t say what I want to say, but if I put it on paper it comes out better than what I want.”

Her companions as a kid were, likewise, fellow Air Force brats. “But when my step dad got out, I began seeing how all these other kids behaved in civilian life and I just turned into a royal brat. I tried doing what all these other kids were doing. I thought that’s what kids did.” As a kid growing up, Gemini wanted to go to college. “But we were a poor family and that didn’t work out. Most girls want to grow up, get married and have kids. I did that. So now it’s finding new adventures. Everything’s an adventure to me.”

Asked about her first marriage, Gemini mentions that she missed out on a lot of things. “I guess, now, it’s not a matter of catching up but finding my own things.” The marriage basically ended because her ex was into drugs and wouldn’t get a job,” she says. “At the end of our marriage he dabbled heavily into drugs and I didn’t want the kids around that.” I figured growing up in the military that Gemini would be naturally inclined towards a guy in uniform.

“Oh I wish,” she says. “Military guys are hot in their uniforms- I’ll admit that.” Because her mother was married to someone in the military, Gemini expected she would follow suit. “I knew how the family was raised and how the house was run- you move all the time. That part I was comfortable with.”

For two years, Gemini says she sent out a constant stream of e-mails trying to get into the porn business. “I made phone calls and nothing would happen. “Nobody would turn my calls. It was either I sent them to the wrong place or they just weren’t interested. Somebody from KSEX- I cannot remember who the exact person was- told me just to post a message to Don and Brooke, on the forums I did. We exchanged e-mails and phone numbers and here I am. I asked them how does one break into the industry because I was getting the runaround and the door wouldn’t even think about opening. Don asked me to send some pictures. I did. Oh you’re cute- we want to work with you. We exchanged phone numbers and we ended up talking every day. They gave me a lot of great advice.”

Gemini was scheduled to work one scene with Brooke Hunter and one scene with Hollywood. I asked if she got a load of the size of Hollywood’s dimensions. She had but said she wasn’t nervous about doing the scene. “When we agreed to the shoot, he told me about his website. I looked and oh my God. Okay, just another challenge. We’ll do it.” Asked if she’s ever had someone of similar girth, Gemini quips, “I don’t think many people have.”

Gemini seems pretty convinced that this is something she wants to do, again, reminding you that she’s tried for two years. “Now I’m here, and this has finally paid for.” Gemini was 17 and ignorant when she lost her virginity, she tells me. “This was the guy- oh I really, really love you- this happens to pretty much all girls. Okay, I figure this guy loves me, why not. I figured we’d be together for a long time. Wrong. Soon as he got what he wanted, he was out the door. He was a friend of a friend of a friend. This was a long time ago. It was not a pleasant experience. I guess it was more fun for him than it was for me because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. We went to his place and did it in a bedroom.” Her most interesting sexual experience, on the other hand, came in a corn field with her ex-husband. “Not too bad for me but his ass got bit up by mosquitoes.”

Why a corn field of all places she’s asked. “I didn’t choose it,” she says. “We were all driving. There were four of us including a friend of mine and her boyfriend. They were in the car doing their thing and we were walking around. We let them have their space but I wasn’t expecting a corn field, though.

Gemini says her and her fiance have a great sex life. “He has no issues with toys- I discovered toys a couple of years ago. And he likes to watch. We have an interesting sex life. Asked if that meant bringing in other partners, Gemini said he was too shy for that. “As yet- but he wants copies of every thing I do.” Her boyfriend’s okay with her doing movies. “But he got on me before I left,” she says. “Because sometimes I’ll start things and quit or lose interest. We had paid for the plane tickets and made all the arrangement to come out here [he stayed behind]. And then he was like are you going to give up on this, too? No, I’ve been trying to get into this for two years. Right now this is the highlight of my life.”

Gemini’s already got future plans to come out here again. “If not to shoot, just to get out of Iowa,” she laughs, stating that she’d love to move out here. Gemini mentions that he’s also been to Philadelphia recently and enjoyed a visit to the Art Museum. “I was working out of a club in New Jersey,” she says. “It’s a well known club, Frank’s Chicken House. I met one of the business partners. We were talking about art museums and I said I’ve been wanting to go. He took me to Philly. We wound up having dinner. It was a wonderful experience. We drove around to all the historical places. Then he told me to watch National Treasure. I did- oh I’ve been there. I saw that! That was fun.”

For someone who’s not a club headliner, Gemini seems to have made some of the substantial rounds. “I do research about clubs,” she explains. “I check out the forums and see what people are saying about the places. I’ll check out the club’s website and see what it looks like- if it’s a dive or a really nice place. Then I’ll call the manager.”


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