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Conversations with Guy Capo, The American Gunkster

When Guy Capo was my first interview on the newly launched site back in April many were asking who? what? After the release of Capo’s American Gunk no one’s going to be asking questions. I spoke to Capo this morning after he had had a chance to check out my review of his debut movie. The interview went like this.
Gene: What do you do for encores.

Capo: I would like to do more stuff like American Gunk. It’s not in the plans right now. I want to address other styles of film. I’d really like to do something story/feature oriented. But I’m hoping to go back to the American Gunk style and improve on some things. Sound is a real big issue for me I’m not happy with the final sound quality. A little bit echo-y. That’s the real telltale sign of amateur hour. Although I don’t think it sounded shitty, I did notice that it needs improvement. I’m hoping to get these bugs worked out.

Gene: I noted in my review that you excel in the magazine-style format. But originally that was what gonzo was supposed to have been all about.

Capo: Exactly. I don’t know where that got lost.

Gene: All of a sudden everybody started thinking that POV was gonzo. Yours is the purest example of what gonzo’s supposed to be.

Capo: Thank you. That’s a very high honor for me knowing the nature of the term and how it was adapted in reference to Hunter S. Thompson’s journalism. For my work to be considered the cinematic equivalent of that is really almost unworthy. I appreciate that comment greatly.

Gene: What are some of the things you’re working on now.

Capo: The next one is Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll. Not quite a feature as far as the story having a beginning, a middle and an end and a plot and a redemption. It’s a brief chronicle of life on the road for a big time rock n’ roll band. It’s a soft marriage of gonzo and feature. There is some storyline but that’s not what drives the film. What drives the film is sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. It’s still very music video-style like American Gunk was. And it’s kind of independent film-like as far as delivery of the actual storyline. I get behind the camera on that Monday. I’m making use again of an awards-worthy and awards-winning Felicia Fox.

Gene: Kudos on the scene you shot with her for American Gunk. I’m sure she’d be thrilled to see how you’ve captured her.

Capo: I hope so. Because, to tell the truth, I don’t think I’ve seen a solo sequence in my life. Because they’re not very common as it is. And the one’s that are there are usually mixed in with gonzo scenes I usually fast-forward through. I’m glad that I’ve done something kind of hot with a solo scene. Now, if everything goes well, I should have Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll shot by the end of next week.

Gene: Who have you got tentatively lined up?

Capo: Felicia Fox, again, of course. I’m also sneaking in, God bless, the last of Taylor Rain’s availability. She’s now contracted to Legend. But we got this done before that finalized. She’s one of the hottest girls in the business. We’ll also got a gal named Kianna and Arianna Jolie; and a total rock n’ roll hardcore chick named Josie- she is hot shit, she’s rock n’ roll all the way. We also have Katie Morgan and Vickey Vette; and there’s Brooke- I don’t know her last name, and Selena Silver.

Gene: In an earlier conversation we had, we talked about your infamous demo reel. Didn’t you say at the time you were considering making an expanded version of that into a full movie?

Capo: That movie is probably outside the scope of what I’m capable of pulling off at the moment. Seeing how much work American Gunk took. Seeing how much work goes into writing and producing a vignette-style movie. To expand that into a 60-page script and keep it all in a palatable fashion- whew! I don’t think I would do the film justice by trying to pull it off. But it’s fully scripted right down to production and editing notes. But it is ready to go.

Gene: Let’s see. You’re a writer, you’re a cameraman, you’re a director, you’re an editor and you write the music. Is there anything that you don’t do?

Capo: I don’t get laid by the help. (LOL)

Gene: Welcome to the club, pal.

Capo: I feel like I’m getting the short end of the deal there! But that’s alright. I get a higher gratification out of being able to make my own films.

Gene: Without mentioning any names specifically I was amazed at the quality of what you brought to American Gunk and you actually did it sober.

Capo: LOL. I had a lot of sleepless nights over this film. At least I can now stop drinking cough syrup.

Gene: When you mainline Robotusin…

Capo: The syringes don’t clean up well. My wife finds me at the foot of the bed on the floor a lot in the morning with a rubber hose tied around my arm. It’s not good. Seriously, I was really nervous about how it was going to be accepted. If this is any indication of things to come, I’m really, really happy. I’m not going to be conceited enough to say that I’m looking to change the face of the industry. I know it’s stupid for me to think in that realm.

Gene: But you’re adding a dimension to the way porn is delivered and perceived. You’re giving it one more definition and spin. Let’s talk a bit about the “deleted scene” in American Gunk with Tony Tedeschi and Ashley Blue. Can you set that up.

Capo: It’s an abduction sequence. In American Gunk I make note of having cut the best scene in the film and I really truly think it was one of the best shot and best delivered scenes in the film. But it went too far. I didn’t realize it when I was shooting it. Stupid adherence to the law. Apparently you’re not allowed to show someone who is bound and penetrated at the same time. If you’re going to do bondage, she has to be unbound by the time penetration occurs. What kind of fuckin’ abduction scene can you realistically communicate where the chick gets unbound before she gets nailed? I highly doubt that it’s a scenario that plays itself out in realistic terms in modern day culture. What abductor unbinds his abductee before he goes at her?

Gene: It sounds like you’re speaking from experience.

Capo: LOL. Can we move on?

Gene: What can we look forward to seeing?

Capo: It’s a wonderfully rich scene in which a husband and wife illustrate their role-playing through abducting one another. That’s how the scene kind of wraps up- they’re this married couple who use this to spice up their life. That kind of helps to make it a little more acceptable. At least it ends on a fun note because up until that point, you’re totally and thoroughly unconvinced that this is an uncomfortable scenario. It’s red hot! And you cannot take your eyes off of it for a split second. But it’s so convincing that it’s scary. That was the point- to show the eroticism in surrendering all of your control. There’s such an erotic element to that. And it’s such a common practice in the healthy sex lives of consenting adults. What kind of fucking ruling disqualifies that scene from being given to the public just because it’s so well done. So be it. I would like to find a way of offering that to the public, whether through a director’s cut; whether it has to be bought through Europe. I don’t give a flying fuck how it gets out there. But I want people to be able to indulge in the true richness of those kinds of scenes- without it being disgusting, without it being sickening, but with it just being amazing. I don’t know how we’re going to make that work yet, but I want to make it available to the public. That’s why I put that little piece in American Gunk. Hopefully people will contact EvolutionErotic and ask how do I get that scene. If enough start calling in we’ll figure out a way. For coming out of the gate with my first film for a new company, we didn’t want to put anything out there that would taint the image of EvolutionErotica.


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