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Conversations with Hollie Stevens-final

Porn Valley- I spoke to Hollie Stevens on the set of Tom Zupko’s Blondes Eat More Cum. Stevens, who’s from San Francisco, is repped by and has been in the business about 2 1/2 years.

“It was one of those rebellious things to do,” says Stevens explaining why she got into the business. “I thought it would be fun and try it out.” Stevens figured that maybe she’d do a few scenes.

“Then I decided to stay,” she laughs. Stevens did an anal scene with Kris Slater for Zupko- the first time she had tried one since January, 2004. That one was with Michael Steffano.

“It wasn’t a good experience actually,” she says.

Stevens also grew up a tomboy and had long term relationships in high school, according to her. “Once those ended I kind of went nuts. I was 14 when I first had sex. It was a boyfriend. My two best friends had already lost their virginity. I felt out of the loop. He was one of my best friend’s ex boyfriend. She got really pissed! I spent the night at his house and it just happened. I was playing Peter Frampton!” Stevens thinks that part of the seduction scenario is pretty funny.

“I just laugh now whenever I hear Peter Frampton,” says Stevens. Stevens wanted to try porn out. “I thought it would be interesting to do,” she says. “I used to work at a strip club and they’d have the features come in. A lot of them were the porn chicks. I’d pick their brains about stuff. And that’s when I decided I wanted to do it.”

Stevens explains how she got involved in stripping.

“It was my friend’s 18th birthday and I had never been to a strip club,” she relates. “I had no job at the time. I went in with a bunch of my guy friends. They were, like, you can do this. Since I didn’t have a job or anything, I’d try it out. It wasn’t bad. The first time I was frightened. I went up with another girl. The stage would have two girls at the same time. I was very scared. So they basically said to me, fill out the paper work, you start Wednesday.”

Stevens stripped about two years but doesn’t do it any more. “I do a lot of fetish-stuff, too,” she adds. “I do a lot of bondage. I Dom and Sub. I’m a better Dom. It depends on who the Dom is, too. They can be either really good or really bad.”

Stevens likes oral sex a lot, meaning she loves giving blow jobs and being eaten out.

“I like 69,” she laughs. “Because it’s like something’s going on there, but I also have something to do at the same time!”

Stevens likes the business for the fact that she’s met a lot of open-minded people plus the fact that she’s learned a lot.” Stevens feels having an agent from the get-go kept her from being taken advantage of.

The first time Stevens attempted anal was with a then-boyfriend. “He was fully into anal- we tried it and it just didn’t work out,” Stevens remembers. “Then I cheated on him and I let this other guy fuck me in the ass. It was good.” So good, Stevens said she went back for more.

Stevens is now married and, according to her, her husband doesn’t mind that she’s in the business.

“He never watches any of my movies or anything,” says Stevens. “We keep it separate. I don’t go home and say guess what happened to me today. I don’t discuss work. We’re pretty normal. I consider myself to be pretty normal outside of the fact that I do porn.”

For relaxation, Stevens plants flowers. “I have a garden,” she says. “I have mostly herbs and stuff- no, not that kind! It’s the stuff you get at grocery stores.” I tell Stevens I’d like to come over and see her prize-winning oregano some time. Besides oregano she raises parsley and cilantro noting that her husband is the one who’s the cook in the family.

“I don’t touch anything in the kitchen unless it’s macaroni and cheese,” she says. “That’s the only thing I know how to make! I can bake, though.” I tell Stevens she can break new territory with cereal. She loves chocolate Lucky Charms, she tells me.

“I was addicted to it for awhile,” she laughs. I ask Stevens if she gets mental swings that would account for behavior like that. She says no. Asked if she was a chocolate indulging psycho bitch, Stevens swears she’s a nice person and also tries to keep her porn career drama-free.

“I don’t live in L.A. any more which helps,” she says.


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