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It’s been awhile since we last saw Holly Body. Actually a long while. Holly tells me she was out of the business 2 1/2 years. But Holly had a good excuse. She was married. Holly also had a better excuse for getting out of the marriage- she couldn’t stand the guy. We ran into Holly on the set of Xavier Productions’ Leave It To Cleavage where she was playing a stripper.

Gene: The first time I met you, you were a blond. Many years ago. Now tell me, why did you switch from being a blond.

Holly: The honest truth? Because I wasn’t completely happy with my decision to come into porn. I died my hair blond because I was going to change my name, and deny it. I figured nobody would ever be able to prove it. That was my idea. LOL

Gene: So you were just going to do it for a brief time and get out.

Holly: Sneak in and sneak out.

Gene: So how many years has it been?

Holly: I don’t remember.

Gene: I remember.

Holly: Old enough to have a memory lapse.

Gene: Let me refresh your memory…

Holly: It was 1992.

Gene: And then you were out again and now just coming back. May we say where you were?

Holly: I was married.

Gene: And it didn’t work out.

Holly: No.

Gene: How long were you seeing this guy.

Holly: Honestly, it was the stupidest decision. I was only seeing him for five or six months. I’m not the brightest tool in the shed. LOL. He’s an ex football player. He played professional ball. And he had issues that were never dealt with.

Gene: Did he tend to fumble on the goal line?

Holly: Exactly! LOL. It was a terrible, sick relationship. I’m lucky I got out alive. I’m very durable.

Gene: How did you two meet.

Holly: I had a lot of time on my hands, obviously. And I started dancing at Star Gardens. I was featuring once a month. This deejay there said let me introduce you to all my friends because I was dating this guy I should have married. Or the type of guy. So I went out with this guy that I eventually married. Honestly, I don’t know why I married him. I think it was fear of the fact I was turning 30. And I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. And it was probably drug induced! LOL. Don’t write it, but I’ll say it. It was drug induced. It must have been because when I sobered up it was, oh my God! What am I doing with this guy.

Gene: How long was it.

Holly: 2 1/2 years. It was awful. I can honestly say I left the house. He was very mentally abusive.

Gene: He kept you tightly reined in?

Holly: Absolutely. Going to 7-Eleven became a really big deal to me. It was very weird. I was totally alienated from anybody I knew and my family’s not here. Then he alienated me from his friends saying my friends don’t like you. When they came over I was courteous to them, but…it was very whacked.

Gene: His friends knew you had been in the business?

Holly: They didn’t talk about it. But they all thought I was freeloading off of him when in reality, my website which is still doing really well, by the grace of God..

Gene: Give yourself a plug.


Gene: You actually own your name.

Holly: Yeah, since 1998. By the grace of God it’s still doing well and totally being updated every two weeks now. And I’ve just changed hosting companies. But when I was married, I put it on the back burner.

Gene: The members’ site must have been a riot.

Holly: It hadn’t been updated for a year. But thanks to everybody it still paid my rent. And he had a total gambling problem. It was sick. Then when online gambling came along it was even worse. We didn’t have to go to Vegas. It was terrible. Then he was going online and acting like he was me. I didn’t find this out until later. He was a freak cake totally.

Gene: Is this like a famous person.

Holly: He played for the Raiders but he got hurt. Which is how much I knew. We really didn’t talk about it or anything.

Gene: How long have you been back in the business?

Holly: Since the end of July.

Gene: Was it tough readjusting?

Holly: Actually I wasn’t scared until I went to the set.

Gene: Because I heard rumors that you were flaking.

Holly: Not flaking, actually I took GHB. I don’t anymore and I would never do it again. But I was so nervous and it was so hard. And the whole anal thing- I hadn’t done that in awhile and that’s what I was doing. This one time I tried to go to the bathroom and try to put this thing…

Gene: Up your ass…

Holly: LOL. Exactly and I did. But I’m glad I did it that I’m back in the business. It’s good for my website.

Gene: Let’s talk about hen you were a blond and came in the business and were only going to do it for a short time. What possessed you to come into the business.

Holly: I was dancing and was trying to get away from a very ballistic individual.

Gene: You seem to have ballistic individuals in your life pattern.

Holly: I know. Can I say the name. He’s in the business now, Brick Majors. That’s the guy I was trying to get away from.

Gene: Yeah, it was a good idea to hide from him in the adult business.

Holly: One time he knew where I was and he put a live beehive in a box. And put it on my front door. I came home like a dummy shaking my present from my secret admirer. I was trying to make the guy I was dating then, jealous. To my luck, the fact that I shook the box so much, that, when I finally opened it, the bees were dizzy. So they didn’t hurt me. This is my luck that God is with me, that the guy I was dating, his cousin just so happened raised bees. So he knew how to contain them so I wasn’t hurt.

Gene: You signed a contract with Leisuretime.

Holly: With Mark Carriere for six movies which turned into 106. I absolutely love Leisuretime. They treated me really well and I was able to go through their books and get all those pictures they have of me. They’re all going to be added to my website. Tons of them. So that’s why I got into the business- to get away from Brick. Because I was really stupid. Brick was actually the one who paid for my first boob job. He used to do shanky stuff for a living and I took all the blame for him and he held me responsible for him getting in trouble. Then I met this guy at the Red Onion where I used to do bikini contests. Next thing I know I’m on a plane getting my surgery done again. It took about a year, year and a half to complete six movies. But I was able to do them all with Lance.

Gene: Wasn’t that the guy whose penis blew up?

Holly: Oh my goodness, he had his penis enlarged. Then it got infected because he didn’t let it heal. I think he started off with 7″ and ended up with 4″. And the worst thing I heard he gained a lot of weight like 300 pounds or something. Can you imagine being that big? I can’t imagine. Then my whole idea of people not recognizing me and my being able to deny it was not working. I kept saying to close friends of my family it wasn’t me, how dare you accuse me of doing that? I acted appalled and never talked to those people again. Which is ridiculous. And then I got back in the business again in 1995. This time with my natural hair color.

Gene: What were you like growing up?

Holly: I’m so blessed by being in this business if wasn’t for this business, I’d never be sexual. I really, really, really couldn’t say fuck my pussy out loud. I remember the first time on the set they asked me to say that. I ran into the bathroom I was like, oh my God, I can’t talk like that! I can’t say that. And I cured myself by going out to the beach with my girlfriend. I had a little tape recorder and I talked into the visor mirror, and all the way out to the beach and back I’d say nasty stuff into the recorder. I got over it. I got over being prudish.

Gene: You were a quiet kid in high school.

Holly: Yeah.

Gene: Did you have many boyfriends?

Holly: I got married when I was 16. I left home at the age of 11 which is whacked. I didn’t come from a messed up family but my dad was really strict. He was in Lancaster and my mom was in the San Fernando Valley. She was really lenient. So I ended up coming out her. But my mom had her issues, a harboring a runaway. And then my first husband was an angel but it didn’t work out. I went to high school and boys started paying attention to me. But I was very sheltered sexually. I was having sex before I knew what an orgasm was.

Gene: When was the first time you did anal?

Holly: The first time I did it was in private life with a boyfriend. And that’s another reason why I don’t drink anymore, either! LOL. I thought this guy was drinking with me. I was wondering why I woke up so sick an he’d be fine. I find out after a couple of months drinking like this that he was fake-drinking. So I was actually polishing off these huge bottles of tequila. I did anal under the influence of major tequila. And that’s when the drinking started. But I don’t touch it now. I’m the kind of person that when I do things enough I get it out of my system. But I haven’t got the porn out of my system.

Gene: Are you going to settle down for awhile?

Holly: Absolutely. I’m really content with myself. All these guys that want to get into my life they always tell me I’m not content with myself. But I actually am. There’s another thing I want to add some guy on the Internet is claiming that I bad-mouthed Lisa Lipps. I don’t even know their names that shows you how much I didn’t say anything about these girls. I love Lisa Lipps. I know her very well. And I never talked shit about these other girls.


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