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Conversations with Jacy Andrews- 1/26/06

Porn Valley- I met Jacy Andrews Thursday on the set of a new cable series titled Sinsations. Robert Lombard,, who casts these features which subsquently air on HBO/Showtime, makes the introductions. Andrews, who’s been in a slew of these movies, has just made a transition to the porn business and is being repped by LA Direct Models. Andrews is smart, sophisticated and beautiful.

I ask Andrews what could possibly have possessed her to cross over to the darkside. After all, she had been a Hollywood mainstream actress for many years.

“Pretty unsuccessful,” she laughs. “But I did a lot of theater and I had a lot of fun. I tried to break into the SAG world and the AFTRA union but I found myself always having to face the big question of whether I would screw somebody to get a job. So I quit.”

And Andrews certainly has some casting couch stories. One actually cost her $3 million bucks because she wouldn’t become the toy of the producer for the six months that she would be filming on location.

“This was a very big mainstream film,” she notes. “It was a big producer and it would have made my career, no doubt about it. I won’t tell you who he is but you wouldn’t want to live with this guy. He wanted me to have his child and all that.” That being put on the table, Andrews decided to quit acting and started her own talent agency.

“I did that until I got frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t get my talent to work on time.”

One of Andrews’ girls blew off a Calvin Klein ad when she no-showed.

“So I closed the agency and decided to go try it again myself,” she says. That’s when Andrews made some connections that brought her to the attention of Playboy. Andrews was put in a few films and eventually got the lead in a project titled Sexual Magic.

“Then someone on the set mentioned Robert Lombard, so I went to his office one day- and he’s the sweetest man in the world- and he certainly appreciated my acting abilities. He started booking me religiously in several different films and TV shows. I was so happy to be in that genre because for the first time I was able to work with no strings attached.”

Andrew always felt she’d make a transition to porn once her B-name got very big.

“But I got led astray for awhile,” she says. “That took me away from Hollywood and the glamour business- I moved out of state and realized that there wasn’t a lot of clients in my line of work. So I decided now would be a great time to crossover. And I can’t believe I waited this long. I should have done it years ago. But I’m happy that I’ve done it now.”

Two years ago, Andrews was the spokesperson for Digital G and had the opportunity to interview porn stars. That gave her a lot of background knowledge in the business and she struck up a lot of friendships with hardcore talent and worked with them in the B-arena as well. This gave her an inkling of what was to come.

“I love sex,” Andrews says enthusiastically. “I don’t have it in my private life but I love having it in my work life. And it’s great- you’re having sex with all your friends. It’s fabulous. There’s no strings attached. It’s fun, playful. We all have a good time and I’m really happy here.”

Andrews has shot maybe five hardcore scenes so far, and her first shoot took her outside of San Diego.

“I had a rough beginning,” notes Andrews. I got to L.A. Robert [Lombard] who’s wonderful hooked me up with a great agent at LA Direct, Derek. My first booking was in San Diego. I had never taken a train before and this was my first day. I was nervous and I forgot my I.D.’s. I left my test in the car. It was just a nightmare. I couldn’t get on the train and when I finally got down there, my bags went all the way to San Diego so I had nothing to wear! It was awful.” But a friend helped her out and took her to lunch so she could regroup.

“It ended up being a great scene with a terrific guy named Phil Warren from Fantasy Forge,” she continues. “It was a private shoot for private collectors. It was a blast and just wonderful and he was such a sweet man.” [Her follow-up scene was with Tommy Gunn.]

Because Andrews said she always had the inkling she’d be in porn, I ask if she were a slut growing up. Far from it, she says.

“Not at all- I raised extremely conservative,” she replies. “Intelligence was something in our family to be revered. We worshipped the written word in my house. [Andrews has been in town about a month and has already read ten books and is on her eleventh.] She enjoys historical novels and reads a lot of Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, war stories; as well as nautical and naval yarns. Among her past occupations, Andrews has also been a fisherman.

“And I love stories about people who are lost at sea,” she adds. “Some day I would love to own a boat and go around the world. That is my dream.”

According to her, Andrews’ entire family is very intelligent and extremely successful. But acting had always been a passion of hers despite attempts at other careers that include publishing. She’s also been a chef, a deck hand a bartender and was a private eye for many years. Andrews worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. in that capacity for five years while she continued her B-film career. When she went full time in investigations is when she dropped off the radar in her acting career.

“But if I was going to sleep for a job, I was going to do it in porn where it was honest,” she says. “I wasn’t going to do it on the side or on the sly and get something I didn’t deserve because of what I had to offer. I felt that porn was more of an honest way to go about it. If you want to make money, go earn it.”

What got Andrews involved in investigations in the first place is the fact that she married a con man.

“I was 21 years old and in 30 days he stole all my money,” she relates. “I was wife #3 when he went on to #4. Her parents hired the private investigation firm that I worked for. They subsequently found me and I obviously helped the investigation and sat as an expert witness. Investigations had always been a natural progression for me. I was raised by a detective so it wasn’t that big of a stretch for me. And women make excellent investigators. In general, they’re more curious, more talkative and ask more questions.”

Sexually, Andrews’ first time was at the age of 17. She was in Hawaii and tired of being a virgin- a lethal combination.

“I figured I’d pick up this stranger and he lived in Hawaii but his parents were from my town,” she laughs. “So we hit it off and had sex and I finally got rid of my virginity. And we ended up dating for about a year and a half. It was great. He was one of those surfer guys with not a lot of responsibility. He ate guavas off trees and I just had more ambition in my life. But it was a lot of fun.”

For now Andrews is doing the basic porn arithmetic except no anal as yet. But she’s willing to learn.

“That’s something I want to experiment a little bit with in my personal life first,” she says. “I met Evan Stone and Syren at the Vegas show and I was asking them about it- I didn’t know anything about butt plugs. They were willing to show me. Thank God I didn’t have my tests ready or I would have been raped. So I need to learn more about it before I decide if that’s something I want to add into my repertoire.

“I worked for Axel Braun on Wednesday and did a scene with Scott Nails. Axel and I have worked together in the past on many B-films, so he gave me some really good tips on how to improve my performance.”

Prior to the Vegas show in January, Andrews had never watched a porn movie. Which worked to her advantage, she guesses, because she didn’t want to bring preconceived notions or stereotypes to the porn performance table.

“I didn’t want to look like somebody else,” she sighs. “I wanted a little bit of originality. I love sex and I’m a wildcat in bed. I wanted it to be me.”

Andrews maintains a home out of state and flies in for work a couple of weeks out of the month.

“Since AVN, I’ve been here all month,” she says. “But I’m going home for a couple of days but I’ll be back the middle of February [for Part 2 of Sinsations].

So far, Andrews loves the business and thinks it’s wonderful to let yourself have the freedom and sexuality that you probably don’t have when your emotions are running high.

“Sex can often times be used as a weapon,” Andrews notes. “More so, women do that I think than men. But it can be used and when emotions run high, a lot of times you’re not thinking of the pleasure but an argument you got into or the fact that you’re pissed off at somebody. In this business it’s fabulous because you get to have the free, total abandonment and get to enjoy yourself in the moment. You don’t have to stay calm or pick up their socks or do their laundry and raise their kids.”

I ask Andrews if she’s one of these intelligent women who makes dumb choices when it comes to men.

“I have made a few in my life,” she concedes. “But I think that’s just part of growing up. Of course, obviously, I married a con man and that was a stupid choice. I should have run a background check on him- that’s all he does. He finds women, wines them, dines them and makes them feel like they’re Cinderella. Then he marries them and steals all their money. He’s not a very nice guy.”

For a time, Andrews never thought she’d recover from that experience.

“I was 21- I had never been in debt my entire life,” she goes on to say. “That was all the money I had for college. I was saving up to get my doctorate and he took it all. He left me $17,000 in debt and I didn’t know at that age that I could survive it. But I did, day-to-day.”

Andrews was going to get a doctorate in philosophy. She wanted to teach.

“Which I still may do,” she says. “I very may well do that and go back to college. But because of the P.I. business I really found a love for criminal justice and investigation. Life takes you in so many different directions and it’s all for the best in the end. If I hadn’t met the con man, I wouldn’t have gotten the job as a P.I. That got me a house. That took me into millions of wonderful adventures in my life all over the world. I would never have had that so I don’t look at it as I made a mistake. You move on and take those mistakes and learn from them and create opportunities and make better choices.”

Andrews recalls another case she was involved with when she was working for the sheriff’s dept.

“The deputy during the course of a drug bust ended up taking $200,000 off the drug dealer,” she recalls. “He spent the money rather unwisely and was, after my investigation, busted. That was a great one- it was a criminal investigation and the guy went down. That was really nice.”

Asked if she ever got into life-threatening situations, Andrews laughs about having done surveillance all the time in Compton.

“Bad areas- all the time,” she says. “Victorville, Palmdale, Lancaster- gun shots going off all the time when I was on surveillance.”

“Is a stake out like in the movies where you’re drinking coffee, sitting in a car and having to piss?” I ask her.

“That’s about it,” she laughs. “Don’t try to drink too much coffee because you don’t want to blow your cover.”

Andrews remembers another time being on surveillance and was in a silver minivan that was blacked out so she could set up her camera.

“I just videotaped people breaking the law- it was fabulous.” Andrews says she loved getting the bad guys.

On another subject, I asked if she was going to work in one of the Nevada brothels because that was a rumor I was hearing.

“I don’t know to be honest with you,” she says. “I have spoken to The Bunny Ranch in Carson. It is a possibility. I’m not going to rule anything out right now. This is what I do, and I have to accept this as probably what I’m going to be known for. I love sex- this is a no brainer for me.”

Asked what her parents think, Andrews says they’re extremely supportive.

“When I crossed over to the nude market, I was a little bit older,” Andrews says. “But I had been approached by Playboy back when I was 21 to do the magazine. I really needed the money back then but I wasn’t ready to make that decision for the rest of my life. So I waited until I was ready to cross into the softcore market. My parents have seen all my movies. They’ve seen all my films. They’re fully aware that I’ve crossed over into adult and they love me, support me and want me to be happy. Of course my mother’s got some concerns that I’ll catch something that will be life threatening. It’s a concern, but my father died when he was 35 in an airplane crash. There are no guarantees in life. “You just take it as it comes and do what you enjoy. One of the things that’s really wonderful about this industry is that it gives you some financial freedom. You’re not constantly worried about finances. You know that you can make money. Up to a certain age, certainly, but there’s a lot of safety and security in that knowledge and if you invest very wisely and correctly you can get in and get out and have a very nice life.”


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