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Conversations with James Deen-final

Porn Valley- I had a chat with James Deen on the shoot of The DaVinci Load back in December.

Deen’s explanation of the complicated turn-of-plot involving his character had my eyeballs tearing, but it sounded like he plays a contract killer whose body winds up in a duimpster but not before he gets to fuck an ice cream girl played by Hustler’s new contract girl at the time, Joey Hart. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Believe it or not this is the first opportunity I’ve had to post my interview with deen, and Deen was telling me at the time of the interview that he never chose his porn name, that it was a tag given him when he was in sixth or seventh grade.

“I guess for some reason it had to do with the way I smoke,” Deen seems to think. “It might be the attitude or the demeanor, but it followed me throughout the years to high school.”

“In junior high they were, like, we’re going to call you James Dean,” he remembers. ” Then went I went to college, people who didn’t know each other started calling me that. Then when I got into the business I needed a stage name.”By the sideburns and the way he wears his hair, it seems rather obvious that Deen’s also going for the look of his namesake, although he claims not.

“I don’t go for any certain look,” he says. “I dress for comfort and I like leather jackets.” Regarding the sideburns, Deen says he always wanted facial hair until he could grow it.

“Then I realized you have to shave and that’s not cool,” he says. “Shaving’s no fun. But I keep the sideburns.” And Deen will be the first to tell you that he’s the rebel without a clue.

“I don’t really rebel against anything,” he laughs, “Because there’s noting to rebel against.” [Meanwhile, Marlon Brando’s character is asked in The Wild Ones what he’s rebelling against. “What have you got?” he asks back.]

“This is not so much that I want the name or that I feel I want to live up to the image of James Dean,” Deen goes on to say. “It has nothing to do with any of that stuff. But I feel kind of stupid saying James Deen, hi, nice to meet you but it’s probably one of the easier names to remember. That’s the good thing about it.”

Asked how he got into the business, Deen says it goes back to when he was 6 years old.

“I was walking home by the horse trail and there was a Hustler mag,” Deen recalls. “I went through it and I was, like, this is awesome. This is what I want to do. This is the coolest thing ever. Basically I aspired to do it and when I was 12, I saw this Jenna Jameson interview on Love Line. I’m, like, oh, I want to fuck you! I got a big dick – I want to do porno, all that stuff. During that hour and a half there was nothing but guys calling in telling her I want to do porn. So around 11:05 she gets a call- I want to do porn. You want to do porn, she says, this is what you do. You go get a chair. Then you sit in a room with 20 or 30 of your friends- or people that you don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Then you just beat off. You get your dick hard and keep it hard for about 20 minutes to 45 minutes, just keep it hard and beat off until someone yells, cum. When they yell cum, you cum within a minute of it. I said, okay.

“I’m like 12. I didn’t do THAT, but basically I started having sex at parties or went to Raves and had sex in the middle of the Rave, or had sex on rooftops and waved at people. I did all sorts of exhibitionist-things. It turned out I enjoyed the whole eyes-on-me while I’m having sex. It was really cool. Then I trained myself to cum on cue. So once they yell cum- like Barry Wood, you can ask him, one stroke, one stroke. So I trained myself to do that and never had a problem cumming too soon. Or, if I do I can get right back in and keep pumping if that day ever comes.”

Deen is asked if it helps to be cocky in order to be a good porn star.

“Not necessarily,” he answers. “I’m a very self-confident person. I’m actually almost overly confident. But my confidence is often times misinterpreted as cockiness or arrogance. I come to set. I know I’m going to be able to get my dick hard. I know I’m going to get to fuck. I know I’m going to do fine so I don’t sit there or worry or anything. It’s like that in all aspects of my life, no matter what I’m doing- whether it’s driving- I know I can make that turn at this speed. It’s not so much that I’m the shit, I’m so great, I’m so wonderful as much as I know what I’m capable of doing. And so I’m fine with that. I think there are talent that are confident to the point where they’re comfortable with themselves and are comfortable with everything they’re doing and they know they’re going to be successful with what they’re going to do. That could be misinterpreted as arrogance because they don’t shiver; they don’t fear the simple things. They know what they’re capable of.”

It all boils down, says Deen, with being comfortable with yourself. to the point that you know “shit will work out”. Technically, Deen’s first time in front of the camera was a two-minute handjob for Wildlife.

“That was my first time in front of the camera, but that really didn’t break me in,” he says. “I worked with Sid Vicious but I don’t really count that. My first actual scene was the next one I did. Then Eon McKai saw me and said I need a young kid. He met me, talked to me. He said you’re a nice guy. He was, okay, cool. I’ll give you a shot. Don’t worry about anything. If you can’t do it for some reason, we’ll have some guy standing by and he’ll come in and do it.

“I look at that scene as terrible,” Deen continues. “The only good thing about it is I got my dick hard and came when I was supposed to.” Deen did the scene with Keiko but remembers the fact that he didn’t know anything about opening up or what stage presence meant.

“Basically that was my first official scene on camera,” he says. “That was a real scene and Eon will say you don’t owe anything to me, but I was 18 years old at the time. I’m 19 and have been in this over a year and [ten months]. But at the time I hadn’t done a single scene and no one would try me out. Jim South would tell them, yeah, we got this guy, James Deen- he’s got a good look, he’s got a big dick. Oh, wait. He’s 18? We don’t want to use him. They thought I wouldn’t get my dick hard or that I would cum too soon or that I just wanted to get laid. They didn’t realize that I had a business mind and wanted to be in this business for business purposes. So Eon gave me a shot and a bunch of other VCA directors shot me. So I had that under my belt. Then people would call Jim South- oh, he’s already done a feature for VCA; he’s done a couple of things for Hustler. Really? So I kept getting more and more shots.”

Asked if he got a lot of tail in high school, Deen says he’s always been a slut.

“I’ve always had standards where, she’s hot, and I’m going to do her,” says Deen. “But I’ve always been slutty where pretty much any girl that ever came up to me and said I want to fuck you, oh, okay. Why not? There were some that I couldn’t overly brag about because they weren’t especially pretty but I am what I am.”

Deen’s first piece of ass was at the age of 12.

“The girl was 16 and her name was Alana,” Deen recalls. “It was a camp weekend thing. I went to this summer camp and at the camp we had a winter session where we had a week in cabins or every now and then we’d have three-day weekends- I don’t honestly remember what it was, or if it was a youth center, but we were all staying there and this girl had brought her boyfriend and her boyfriend was pissing her off. And she and I had always been flirtatious and always playing with each other. But nothing ever came of it because I was so young- I met her when I was 10- so nothing ever came of it until circumstances were she was pissed off. She wanted to have revenge so it was time to take our little flirtation to the next step. She and I broke into one of these rooms…It’s a love story.”

Deen makes it sound like someone’s putting a gun to his head to have sex professionally, but he’s kidding, of course.

“Having sex with beautiful women for money?” he laughs. “My God. I want to shoot myself every night when I get home. Honestly? I’ve said repeatedly to people that I know, if I ever make a single complaint about this business that they should just beat my ass on sight, pretty much. I cannot imagine something I’d rather do than this. Like in the entire world.”

Before he got into the business, Deen used to watch porn but never paid attention to the girls or their names. With one possible exception.

“The only girl where I ever paid attention to the name was Gia Paloma,” he states. “I don’t know why, but I always thought she was especially cute. I worked with her and even told her when I met her that you’re the only girl that I ever knew the name of. Of course I knew Jenna Jameson because that was pop culture and that’s like knowing who Marlon Brando was. But Gia was pretty much the only girl I saw when I was at home and I wanted to work with her. So that was really cool to work with her. But because everyone changes their look so frequently, it was rare that I could say I was at home jerking off to her like four years ago! But a short answer would be Gia Paloma. The long answer is what I just gave you.”

At the time we had the conversation, Deen wasn’t in a relationship and felt he was too young to even consider one.

“I figure when I become more mature I can have a real relationship,” he laughs.

“Tell you the truth, if you walked into a bar, I’d serve you,” I tell Deen.

“I get that a lot,” he says. “And I look pretty much the same as when I was 16. And I haven’t been carded since I was 16, either. I’ve been to bars and I’ve been to clubs and I’ve been buying cigarettes since I was way too young. I’ve never been carded and, apparently, I look older than what I am. People say I’m mature. I don’t think I am. I think I’m very childish and very juvenile and the only slight maturity I have is the fact that I do porn and I’ve been forced that maturity. Other than that, I don’t think I have any higher maturity level than your average 19 year-old boy.”

Deen is also with Gold Star Modeling- Joel Lawrence’s agency.

“Joel is one of the guys that I met when I just started in the business,” says Deen. “He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met. He’s cool. And I figure if he can get me extra work, go ahead. I work quite a lot as it is and I have no objection to getting more. The worst case scenario, if I’m not working one week, he can get me work.”

I ask Deen about his attitude regarding D.P.’s.

“Anyone who does them in their personal life is definitely gay,” he laughs. “And I’ve been talking to girls who have been telling me stories. There was this one girl who told me a story and I wish I could remember her name just for my own personal knowledge. Her story was I was with this guy, hooking up with him for a week or so, we hadn’t had sex. And the first time we were going to have sex, he insisted on letting his friend come in and fuck her too. I was looking at her. You know that guy is gay, right? She’s like, no. And I’ve asked other guys and we all agree. A guy will usually say, I will fuck you and then my friend will fuck you. Or he’ll fuck you, then I’ll fuck you. I guess there is some novelty in tag teaming a girl with her friends but I can’t think of a guy in his right mind who would say I’d refuse to have sex with you unless my friend can be there too having sex with you.

“It’s not so much that there’s anything wrong about it, as so much as people should stop being so shy and be who they are. If they want to fuck a guy, go fuck a guy. If you want to go rub dicks with some other dude, go rub dicks with some other dude.”


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