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Conversations with Jason Arrow- final; You Know Him As Carmen Hart’s Ex

Porn Valley- I had a chat this week with Jason Arrow at the Star World Modeling offices, Arrow tells me he’s also repped by Exotic Star Models,

“I’m native American,” says Arrow, explaining his porn name. Arrow’s been working steady since February.

Jason’s drawl is obvious and he mentions that he’s from North Carolina.

“Me and Carmen are good friends,” is his answer to the question about whether they had been going together.

“We dated for maybe seven years on and off. She brought me into the business.” They’ve gone their separate ways since.

“The business is totally different for men and women,” Jason observes.

“Which everyone knows. Everyone wants to see pretty girls and no one gives a damn about a guy. That’s basically the point where I’m here to get started and she helped me get started. I’m trying to build up as much as I can and get my name out in the business.” On several occasions Jason and hart worked together on screen and those would have been Wicked movies, he says.

“We do have some scenes together.” But now that he’s off on his on without the training wheels, Jason says he’s catching the hang of it pretty well.
He and Hart met in high school, he says.

“We went to the same high school and stuff and afterwards she moved away, out of town- maybe 100, 120 miles away,” he continues. “We kind of got separated for a couple of years. Then she moved out here and started a business. I was living in Charlotte, bar tending. She gave me a call and asked if I wanted to come out and hang out for awhile. I did. I went with her to sets- saw the work and how everything is put together. I kind of started from there.”

Aside from Hart most of the girls, Arrow’s been working with him are as new as he is.

“So they’re not really big names- Carmen Hart’s probably the name of choice that I’ve worked with,” he states. He mentions having done a scene with Allie Ray but isn’t well versed with the names of girls he’s worked with yet.

Growing up, Arrow was pretty wild.

“Boys will be boys when they’re growing up and that’s how it works,” he laughs. “I’ve always been into sports- the average guy stuff. I got in lots of trouble in high school. Lots. I finally made it through high school and I also have two years of college behind me. I went to the University of North Carolina for maybe two years and I then I figured I could make more money bar tending and in porn. That’s basically where I’m at now. I’m doing this full time working maybe four or five days a week.”

He was sexually active in high school and goes back to the age of 12 when he got started.

“I thought all men loved beautiful women- I just didn’t know I was going to take it this far,” he says. He can’t even begin to relate about his first time.

“I don’t know how I would put that- I’d have to take three or four different times and pile them all into one to make it a first time,” he relates.

“It sounds kind of weird but you try different things at different times and that’s basically how I was. I didn’t go through the whole enchilada to start with. I found different girls and played around. There was a handjob, blowjob, then I finally made my way to some ass.”

Arrow describes his relationship with Hart as having the normal ups and downs.

“We definitely had great, great times together; then we had bad times that were just as wild as the great times,” he adds. “Both of us were young, just getting out of high school, getting into life. Things are going to change- always. That’s a part of life. But I think we were kind of a rock band. We can make the greatest hits of all time the one year, then the next year we may have a falling out. Then may re-unite two years later.”

“Did she change any by becoming a famous name?”

“Everyone changes,” Arrow thinks. “I met her when she was 15 years old. She’s definitely a grown woman now. She grew and she changed. No one stays on the same channel. But she’s still a good person.”

“Were you guys ever going to get married?”

“I don’t think so- we were too young and I’m defintely too wild,” concedes Arrow. “I don’t think so.”

Hart during a PrimeTimeUncensored, show last week mentioned that she was a full-blooded Lumbee, whereas Jason’s father was Tuscarora while his mother’s Lumbee.

“I’m two different tribes mixed in one,” he explains. “But if you sat both of us [he and Hart] down together, you could tell we’re from the same part of the earth. She’s a sweetheart, a real nice girl. I don’t have anything bad to say about her. She works hard. She’s really, really smart. She can sing like it’s going out of style. And she’s real level-headed. Of course working with Wicked has given me a resume for this business that is very, very good and I thank her for it. She got me in really fast, really quick.”

One of the Wicked movies, Arrow seems to recall working with Hart in is titled The Girl in 6C, directed by Brad Armstrong.

“And the other two are David Stanley’s movies,” he adds. “I don’t have the names of those.”

Arrow says he really likes the business and can see himself going far in it.

“I love the fast money,” he adds. “Like I said, before I got into this business I was a bar tender….”

“Which must have given you opportunities for a little action,” I suggest.

“I loved it,” Arrow replies. “Those three years of bar tending were the best in my life. Believe it or not, bartenders get laid more than porn stars. And my dream in life- I want to own my own bar, niteclub, strip club, Top 40’s- whatever it takes to get me there. I love the night life and it’s really, really, good money.”

“Did you go to bar tending school?”

“I did,” Arrow says. “I went and all that shot. But growing up I got in lots of trouble. And I had been dealing drugs for awhile. It wasn’t going the way the world sees it, you know? People think of you differently when you do stuff like that. And I really wanted to get away from it. I didn’t enjoy it at all. It brought more trouble than what I had been in already. So I kind of started bar tending. It was cash and it was fast money. I started doing that three or four nights a week.”

I wanted to hear about the bar brawls, and Arrow says he’s from a rough neighborhood to begin with.

“The whole county is just a bad county- it’s real poor and I guess people don’t have a lot to do but drink and fight,” he relates. “I got a taste of that every weekend. That was an every Friday night-thing. Someone was going to fight. I probably have a thousand bar stories- I just don’t know which one to start with.”

“How about the first time you got laid as a bar tender.”

“That’s a good story,” muses Jason. “I was bar tending. A guy comes in. He orders his drink and asks me if I know who he is. I’m, no, I’ve never seen you before. But I make conversation with him. He wants me to try and come on to his wife when he’s not around to see if she’ll hook up with me. I told him I don’t know about this. He’s, come on, I’m not going to get mad.

“You can do this. I’m, alright. So I talk to her and she blows it off like she knows something’s up. So maybe six months went by and I started working at a different niteclub. The same lady comes in with a different look, a different hair color, the shorter hair. I had no idea it was the same lady. Anyway this lady get hammered and I end up taking her back to my apartment. I have sex with her. A couple days later I’m getting this private phone call- it keeps popping up on my call phone- private. It wouldn’t stop calling so I finally answer.

“It’s ‘hey you- motherfuck this, motherfuck that- you’ve been talking to my wife.’ I’m like I haven’t been talking to anyone’s wife. If you want to see me I’m the bartender at this niteclub. If you’ve got a problem you come by and see me, we’ll straighten it out. Little did I know it was the guy who offered me a chance to sleep with his wife and I did. But I had no idea that’s who it was or that’s how it was going to turn out. So, actually, he dug his own grave. But he’s a really guy and I still talk to him when I go back home. Everything’s cool. But that’s definitely one of the weirdest things that happened to me.”

“Ever get jealous husband or boyfriends that show up with a loaded gun?”

“No because the niteclub I worked at was so bad, it had metal detectors and everything else at the door when you walked in,” replies Jason. “So I didn’t have to worry about guns until I got to the parking lot. Me and Carmen were together in 2003 and I ended up being at a niteclub and I was shot a couple of times. She basically brought me back to health. She took care of me 24/7 for months. She’s definitely a cool girl and I learned my lesson from that incident to not play with the gun. Someone’s got a gun you kind of just back up and let them do whatever they’re going to do. Get out of the way.”

Jason says he likes being out here.

“I like the people a whole lot better,” he states. “There’s so many different races and faces. It’s not like back home where everyone’s brown and has a southern accent. There it was monkey-see, monkey-do. Whatever this person does, the next one does it. Out here everyone seems like they’re happy and everyone goes their own way. And I love that.”


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