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Conversations with Jayme Langford- 7/9/08

Porn Valley- Jayme Langford, 19, is saying that she’s a Red Bull freak.

Which right away gets her into a conversation with Ryan the bar manager over at Jerry’s in Woodland Hills. They get into a conversation about the effects of sodium content.

Langford, a petite redhead, has been in the business about a year and was the June 2008 Hustler magazine cover girl. She explains how that all came about and the complicated story has enough sodium content to make your head fly off.

“I had been in Hustler two other times, maybe three,” relates Langford.

“There’s three photographers who shoot for them, and I test shot for them. They can all shoot you and each send the photos. I guess Larry, or whoever, says we’ll then shoot her for the cover. I guess that assignment is a bigger deal and the makeup has to be more perfect and every thing. So they said, yeah, we want you on the cover.

“So they booked me to do it. But I just shot for another photographer who submitted my pictures, too. So I guess Hustler didn’t recognize my other photo sets- and they put me in again the same month that I had shot for the cover and said oh we can’t put her in the magazine again. So I guess she can’t be on the cover.”

While the story gets more intricate, as she tells it, Langford did get on the cover.

Langford she was told the cover and centerfold is $5,000.

“Which isn’t much,” she says. “Then every time you’re in the magazine they send you a check for $400 or $500.”

“And so it was weird when I got that check in the mail [for another photo set]. Then I found out they had put that set in so I couldn’t get the cover and then they did put me on the cover, but I didn’t know that they were going to. And I got another check for a couple hundred dollars instead of the $3500- like for the centerfold you get $3500 and for the cover you get $1500 or the other way around I don’t remember which. But I didn’t get either of them. I just got a check for a couple hundred dollars in the mail and I had no idea why.”

Langford grew up in Maine and with a girlfriend she still lives with out here decided to get into modeling.

“I liked nude modeling and did a lot of art nudes and glamour modeling,” Langford says.

Her first scene in front of a camera was for party website.

“They have all these big bikini parties,” Langford explains. “I did a girl-girls scene. I danced in a bikini to rock music and did this scene. It was no big deal. It’s not like I get embarrassed getting naked. If you think about starving kids in Africa, how can you worry about being naked in front of a camera?”

Langford has never worked for Vivid but pretty much every other big porn company. She’s friends with Vivid contract girl Megan Malone.

“But I don’t really fit the type,” she says. “I’m too young and cute. And I don’t have giant, fake boobs.”

As far as living in Maine is concerned, Langford says, “It’s like you’d expect it to be. It was cold. I lived on a farm.”

“Were you into Stephen King?” I ask.

“I remember a lot of kids I knew used to steal gargoyle statues and stuff from around his house,” she laughs. “But I’m not a really big Stephen King fan, though.”

Langford graduated high school a year ahead of time. She was a straight A student, and is now currently in pre-med hoping to become a doctor.

“But in high school I always got in trouble,” she says. “I got in fights a lot. But I still graduated early with high honors.”

Which I thought was a marvelous thing to pull off considering some of the trouble Langford got into, but we won’t go there.

“It’s not like the American school system is very challenging,” she reasons. “But I don’t think your behavior has much to do with how well you do on a test. It wasn’t like I was so busy doing everything else that I didn’t have time to be smart.”

Langford was always good with math and science and decided to go into pre-med.

“I was really good at everything,” she adds. “I’m a really good writer, too.”

Asked if she might jump into the blog pool with the dozens of other porn chicks already putting on swimsuits, Langford says she’d rather take more classes at school than have a blog.

“Maybe take more writing classes,” she suggests. “But I’m pretty sick of writing at this point. I probably will have a blog on my website but not because I want to, or like I enjoy it but I will.”

[Langford is currently putting the finishing touches on her own website– which should be up shortly. Langford says she’s also bought other combinations of domain names.]

Langford expresses some frustration with the mechanics of setting a website up besides the fact that she’s had webmaster drama that’s delayed the launch of it.

“The content management system is up,” she explains. “And people keep slacking and can’t give me a date on when it was supposed to be up. I don’t want to say how long ago. Before I shot for anyone else I was shooting for my website. And I got into a fight with the guy who was supposed to put it up. So I have all this content that’s in the wrong format. I would come out here for two weeks at a time when I was in school and all I would do was shoot for my website.”

Langford mentions that Matt of is now handling her site.

“Considering I provided all the content and I handed it over probably six months ago to him, it’s been awhile,” she continues. “Maybe it will launch today but I have no idea.”

Langford has also relegated her career to girl-girl scenes exclusively.

Asked why, she replies, “Why does anyone not do boy-girl scenes?”

I suggest for the usual reason, that there’s a boy somewhere in the woodwork that doesn’t want his girlfriend doing them.

“I don’t know- every reason that you would not do it, is the reason that I don’t,” replies Langford. “I’m going to be a doctor. It’s not like I’m trying to retire off of this. I want to be a plastic surgeon. Reconstructive surgery.”

“Why that?” she’s asked.

“It’s the highest paid profession other than being an athlete,” she answers. “I don’t want to make people live longer. I just want to make a lot of money and make people happier.”

“In that respect, if you were going to change anything about yourself what would you change, physically? Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?”

“I would have already done it, if I wanted to,” says Langford. “I would do Botox but I wouldn’t hesitate if I had a big nose. But my problems are easily solved. I have little tiny things, of course, that bother me but nothing that would be better because of plastic surgery. If I was completely flat chested maybe I would get breast implants.”

Langford’s asked if she scopes out other girls on the set to see if they’ve had work done.

“Oh yeah,” she says. “It’s obvious when they’ve had work. I can tell. It looks so bad, usually. Like how many years, now, have they had breast implants available and they still look horrible most of the time. It’s pretty ridiculous. There’s so many improvements that can be made.”

Langford’s also planning a trip to London in several weeks. Business and pleasure.

“I could be sitting around over here or I could be sitting around over there,” she shrugs.

“I figure I’ll go and hang out. I’ll work some because I’ve already shot for some people that have a popular website there. I’m going with a friend. I’m not sure what we’re going to do when we get there. First we’re staying at Cambridge with a photographer I’m friends with, then stay in London. Then maybe Sweden and definitely Amsterdam. I don’t really know yet. I don’t know how long.”

“When did you become sexually curious?” ask her.

“I don’t think I am,” replies Langford candidly. “I don’t sit around and wonder about sex.”

“Well your choice of occupations, then, is interesting,” I tell her.

“Well if you can think of something I can do that would make this much money and be less work, hook me up! But I don’t do just this. I have a lot of investments. I’ve made a couple of smart decisions and cashed out and I’ve been living off of that. Then I have the school thing going, and I have a full scholarship.”

Langford’s telling a story about how she just had a run in with school administrators who keep treating her like a kid.

As a kid of 17, Langford had her first sexual experience with a boyfriend at his mom’s house.

“I was drunk and I had sex- that was pretty much it,” recalls Langford.

“Did you have to get drunk to do it?”

“No,” she laughs. “I just got drunk a lot. It was going to be with somebody somewhere.”

Langford says the relationship came to an end when he began cheating on her and that she didn’t care that much.

“I haven’t had a boyfriend since.”

Langford also collects pink guitars, and while admitting it’s a tough hobby to enlarge one’s collection, she, likewise, formed a girl group called Pajama Band.

“I live with two other girls who are models and I don’t leave my house much,” she explains.

I presumed there might be cat fights but Langford claims she’s never gotten into arguments with them.

“If you chose to live with people that you’re going to be fighting with, why would you do that?” she says. “If it was going to be like that I’d just live alone. But we’re fun.”

Langford’s always loved music and has followed a lot of bands, she says.

“I used to play around with this program called Fruity Loops and make music on the computer- I always wanted a band,” she explains.

“When I moved out here I randomly happened to meet a lot of the guys in my favorite bands growing up.”

[But she won’t drop names and Langford doesn’t sound too impressed now with the thought in retrospect.]

“I would listen to their music and had posters of these guys on my wall when I was in fifth grade,” she says. “But once you meet them, they’re like, egh.”

“We’ve had a lot of parties at our house, and there’s been a lot of famous people that have come. Some people would think I’m famous, I guess. What’s shitty about it is these guys are amazing, great and wonderful, but, okay…”

“I’m here now and can play music and have money so that I don’t have to be a struggling musician,” Langford goes on to say.

“So for now I’ve been able to do a lot of cool things and have met all my idols, already. I got to do this stuff that I never thought would happen. It’s like, okay, now what do I have to look forward to? Getting old?”

“You can always look forward to, maybe, I’ll meet this person. Or some day maybe I’ll do this,” she continues.

“But I feel like I’ve already done everything that I always hoped I would do. Then you realize that life is shitty even after you’ve done everything.”

Hearing her talk, Langford’s not big on movies, either.

“I like a few but not conventional ones,” she states, naming an obscure French filmmaker.

“If somebody says let’s go to the movies, not in a million years would I go to a movie theater,” she says. “I don’t want to see the next Tom Cruise movie, anyway.”

Judging from what she says, it doesn’t sound like Langford has too much time to dwell on these details, anyway.

“I’m REALLY busy,” insists Langford.

“Every one says that they’re busy but I really feel like I’m busy. I have to always be checking my schedule. Like all my time is accounted for. Especially when I’m in school.”

“I also wish I had more time to read,” she sighs. “But I’d rather be out doing something than reading at this point. If I had more time, I’d read more. I did when I was in high school. Like Nietzsche and stuff like that.”

“Sasha Gray started it all by saying she read Jean Paul Sartre,” I tell Langford.

“But what’s Sasha Gray going to do in ten years?” Langford asks. “Maybe something great. She should do something with it. Like if people really are smart, then why don’t you do something.”

“You know what I’m going to do later?” I tell Langford.

“I’m going to have a plate of linguine over at Maggiano’s. That’s what I’m going to do.”

“How many weeks did you have to plan that in advance?” Langford wants to know.

“This is well thought out plate of linguine,” I tell her.


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