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Conversations with Jeanie Marie- final

Porn Valley- I spoke to Jeanie Marie on the set of a Defiance/Torrid movie tentatively titled Bottle Fed Bitches in which Marie, in pigtails, does a sensational scene with Lee Stone. She’s with L.A. Direct Models and has been in the business about five months.

I tell Marie that for such a short period of time she seems like a seasoned professional.

“While I was supposed to be studying in school I was probably out with your son or what not,” she explains. I tell Marie it would probably be more like a grandson. To which she apologizes, but not sincerely.

Marie claims she’s been a fan of porn since the age of six that she pretty much snuck into her father’s movie collection. It was about the same time that Marie had her first whore-Barbie that took it up the ass. “She liked it.” Marie was about 6 1/2 or 7 when she first began fondling herself.

“I was getting off at 7- professionally- very well,” she adds. “That sounds so horrible. Did I say that? It was so horrible that I still do it.” Stevens started having sex “pretty avidly” at the age of 12. Her first attempt was much earlier, however. By trying Marie means she had sex at the age of seven with another boy that same age.

“Or he didn’t have the equipment- I was already to go. I remember saying don’t pee in me! I said don’t do that- we’ll get pregnant. He said why doesn’t it get hard. I told him he didn’t have the right equipment. He got mad.” Marie kept up the pace throughout her school years to the extent that she became a local legend where she lived.

“I’m already known in my city as the best cocksucker in town,” she laughs. “It’s Castaic, right next to Magic Mountain. Please come there because I’m the main attraction. Magic Mountain is second. I’m very well known. Yes indeed. I’m an active participator in fellatio and other sexual acts.”

When I suggest that Jeanie Marie is perfect for porno she says she’s studied harder for it than anything else in her life, that her and porno mutually found one another.

Jeanie Marie’s first scene was with Max Hardcore. Asked if Max pee’d in her, Jeanie Marie says that was pretty much the case.

“That was pretty much the situation – I was the urinal for his dick,” she comments. “He’s a good guy. I pretty much don’t have anything to same about him. Believe it or not, we get along. We’re not enemies. We have nothing bad to say about ach other. That was pretty much the only time I worked for him but I did bring a friend by- I said I had a friend who’s really into this. I’m probably not your best choice but I do have a friend that would be more than happy to accommodate you. That’s what happened.”

Even though she’s worked for Max, Marie says she’s not big on anal. “I haven’t perfected the skill as yet,” she says. The first time she tried anal was with a boyfriend of four years.

“That was a mistake- remind me never to do that again,” she quips. Marie goes on to say that she’s anti-commitment.”I’m just happy to serve someone’s physical needs and be on,” she adds. “I’m not good with a telephone or anything else. I’m also here to get off myself and if you get off on the mix, good for you. Take it home.”

Marie’s in love with the business and has no intentions of leaving.

“I want it all, like usual,” she says. “Whatever comes my way as long as I earn it. I don’t want anything handed to me.”

Asked how a slut from Castaic got her break in the business to begin with, Marie’s about to tell me when I ask if she got discovered on a roller coaster. She has to laugh because Marie has a lot of sex stories about the time she was employed at Magic Mountain.

“I know a lot of people there,” she laughs. “Lunch break- the break rooms underneath the roller coasters is where all the real good stuff goes down. But I was actually discovered in a strip club. I went there to see girls- I like girls. And I was dancing there for all of one day when I was discovered by a pimp- a talent scout for World Modeling. That’s where I ended up getting my break. I started with World Modeling and they had me very busy but I didn’t quite understand the business so I went around to a couple of agents and here I am with L.A. Direct.”

I want to hear more about the roller coasters, and Marie explains that there are these acrylic benches in the break rooms.

“Some people have gone to lunch on my ass at lunch break. It was wonderful. I brought myself and another girl in one of those rooms. She goes you want to work for Playboy? And I had nothing to do with the business at that point but I pretended I did. I got a lot of pussy for that lie. Occasionally a guy walked in who looked good and I would indulge.”

Marie thinks she had vagina before she ever had dick.

“I remember I used to hang around with this girl whose father was always out,” says Marie. “We went to the shower- and I was masturbating at a young age. I said, hey, have you ever got off? She was telling me about her boyfriend- she wanted to practice. She wanted to know how to kiss him so she would practice on me.” Marie says this was also going on at the ripe age of 7.

“She was talking about her boyfriend. I said do you want to kiss him? She’s like, yeah, I don’t know how. I said let me teach you. We were practicing kissing, what not. She’d usually take showers with me. One day I said, hey, have you ever got off? Because I spent a lot of time getting off in the shower. We had one of those removable heads. I said, here, watch this. First I showed her how I did it. We were both laying in the bath tub. I threw my head back and got off. It was incredible. She’s, like, wow, what was that? I said I’m going to show you? She goes, stop, it tickles. I covered her mouth and she got off. She bit the hell out of my finger. But she was satisfied. It was wonderful. That was my first experience with females and it was not my last.”

Being the slut of Castaic, Marie’s family and friends also know that she’s in the business.

“They’re supportive,” Marie laughs. “Damn, you finally found something you’re good at! Way to go! I was always smart in school. I was on the Dean’s list but it’s all about your preferences in life. If you have a natural talent for something why deprive yourself?” If not porn, I ask Marie what she might have been doing.

“Probably going to college then dropping out and ending up in the same fucking business,” she answers. I could imagine that happening.” If her porn career ended tomorrow, Marie guesses that she’d go back having sex for free.

“I just like sex- I don’t know. Shit. You know what though? I was offered a scholarship to USC- I’d probably do that., go to school. Maybe. Probably not. I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far ahead, yet. I take things as they come.”

Marie says she tends to avoid industry drama but remembers a time when she came close to knocking somebody’s lights out. And that somebody sounds like Talon.

“He’s TT Boy’s younger brother,” she says. “I’m sure he’s a wonderful individual but he caught me on a very bad day. I told him if he did it again I was going to sock him in the mouth. I didn’t, but it’s a good thing because he saved himself a whole lot of dental bills.” Marie even admits that she’s been to jail.

“They pulled me over in front of a Winston’s Pub with a lot of drugs. A lot of narcotics,” she says. “I’m on probation now so I do avoid the partying. I’ve grown up quite a bit.”


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