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Conversations with Jenna Haze-final

Porn Valley- I spoke to Jenna Haze on the set of Zero Tolerance’s,, 20 girl orgy Wednesday afternoon where she was about to get it on in a scene with Angel Cassidy. Haze was very upbeat and telling me about some minor participation in a recent b-g-g. “But I don’t do guys right now- I’m kind of waiting on that still,” she says. “I was on the side for that one and all I did was really masturbate. So that wasn’t like a real scene and I did that last week.”

That pleasantry out of the way, I had to ask Haze her feelings about all the JKP rumors. “The company got taken over by people pretty much,” she went on to say. “Jill left, Bob left, all the girls were leaving; and it wasn’t the company I signed with. The company I signed with was run by a woman, co-run by a man, there was a lot of girls, we were all like a family, we all went out together. We were close and everything. And then it just started deteriorating after awhile. I don’t know. Bad business decisions were made from what I know. That was the downfall. We went public which wasn’t a good move, I don’t think. I take it there were some personal issues there- I don’t know what happened. I just know I got my check.”

Haze’s contract was up in April and she waited to see what was going to happen. “I love Jill,” she says. “I joined the company for her. But I didn’t want to sit around getting paid waiting to see what was going to happen. Finally I said screw this. Jill said she was gone. Bob resigned and it started being run by people who don’t know anything about the business. I didn’t want to bea part of that. I wanted to make some really good, hot stuff while I’m still in the business.”

I asked Haze if there was any internal communication going on. “I would sit around and they’d just pay me,” she says. “I always asked when are we going to shoot? When are we going to shoot? But nothing ever happened.”

Haze had been with JKP over three years. “I worked for a lot of people in the beginning,” Haze explains. “I was freelance. I came into the business doing boy-girl; girl-girl, anal, d.p.’s like my first week. I went really hard and really fast. I started working for a lot of companies. I shot one anal scene for Jill and she was in love with me and offered me a contract. But I put her off for a few more months because I wasn’t sure. Finally I made the decision to go with them and she allowed me to quit doing boy-girl. I started doing girl-girl because of my personal relationship which is really cool.”

Haze says she reads all the industry gossip but avoids anything about herself. “because if I do, I get upset about it. So I don’t know how people view me in this business. I have no idea.” Haze’s decision to get into porn was based on the fact that she’s always been a fan. “I’ve been a fan since I was 14 years old,” she says. Haze and her ex-fiance were going to get into the business together. “I contacted Shane’s World and they were going to do a couple of scenes of us together when I turned 18. I turned 18 and he chickened out but I still wanted to do it. But I kind of gave up because I was still with him. A little while later I left him and I was hanging out at a club in Orange County. I guy came up to me. He was a friend of this guy I was fucking at the time. He came up to me and was like, hey, I know Peter North. I know you’re really wild and you like sex. So do you want to do porn? I can introduce you. The next day I went down and got my test and I was doing porn. It kind of came to me after I had given up the idea.”

Right from the beginning companies were trying to get Haze to sign a contract. “I went on a trip to Hawaii with Wicked and they kind of talked to me about signing. But I put it off for awhile. I put it off for almost a year before I signed.” Haze’s reasons for signing with JKP were simple enough. It was run by a woman. “I used to watch Jill all the time,” says Haze remembering when there were as many as 8 girls signed to contracts. “We were all good friends and it was more appealing that being a company run by a man. Plus Jill was friends with my boyfriend and it seemed right at the time. It was. It was good to me for three years. Probably the first year and a half was the best. After that our movies sucked more and more. I stayed with it for Jill.”

At the mention of Friedland, Haze said she couldn’t begin to tell me the things Friedland said to her. “But we had a business-like relationship,” she states. “When he was married to Shyla he got more personal with me by calling me and asking me what he should do about Shyla-this, Shyla-that. I tried to stay out of it because he was my boss. basically, I don’t know him very well in the comings and goings. He had never hit on me. He had always known my boyfriend. I definitely never fucked him, that’s for sure. Oh my God!”

Haze loves the idea that she’s a free agent and can now work with all her friends. “And I’m really excited to be working for some gonzo companies again,” she adds. “That’s my roots- that’s where I came from.”


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