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Porn Valley- Jersey goil Jessica Kaine spent most of Monday afternoon/evening in the bent over position. That’s because she was taking it in the ass from Mr. Marcus on a Tom Zupko shoot. Before she was taking it in the ass from Mr. Marcus, I had the following chat with her.

Kaine makes a point of noting that her last name is spelled with an “i” and that someone got mad at her for some reason- apparently using that name- but Kaine won’t talk about it. “It would be me gossiping on record and that’s never good,” she says vaguely.

Kaine has been in the business about six months. Porn fell upon her, she says. “Horny girl that I am.” Kaine’s parents think she’s out in L.A. babysitting.

Kaine got in the business when she put a picture of herself on and started getting some replies. Not all of them good. Kaine was getting contacted by companies in New York and New Jersey- a few good, a few bad. “But there were a couple of good ones such as the Lauren Phoenix agency which also-emailed me,” states Kaine who was told that if she ever felt like coming out to California, look them up. Kaine looked them up.

Kaine didn’t want to get into specifics but said she’s met producers who were less than honest with her. Such as intimate shoots turning into a roomful of spectators. Another time one of Kaine’s shoot was cancelled in progress because a producer told her that her smoking a cigarette disturbed him.

Kaine, who came to L.A. a week ago, will be in town another week. As Kaine sees it, next time will be longer, maybe a month at a time. Asked what she’ll do when she gets back to New Jersey, Kaine says she has no fucking clue. “It’s going to suck.” Other than that, Kaines suspects that she’ll be “smoking a lot of herbage”. For recreation Kaine also likes punk rock and movies. “Fucked up movies,” she laughs. “Indies.”

Kaine describes herself as a strange kid. “I was pretty confident until the teenage years,” she says. “I was fun and I was always the one kicking people out of clubs. But in high school I was the one kicked out. I was a pathological liar and a kleptomaniac.” I ask Kaine how can I believe she’s a pathological liar if she says she’s a pathological liar.

Kaine was 17 when she first had sex. “I had to make my boyfriend have sex with me- he was a jerk,” she says. “We had been going together for six months. It was ridiculous. I wanted to have sex right away but he made me wait. Let’s just say we’re no longer together.” Sexually, Kaine describes herself as a submissive person. “That’s pretty much what I really do enjoy.” And you can take that to mean that she likes the shit kicked out of her, as well. She also likes choking and anal sex. “Anal sex is fun,” she says. But Kaine can’t even remember the first time she took it in the ass. Which is to say Kaine’s been fucked in the ass- a lot.

“I think forgetting things is really important to me,” she laughs. Kaine describes herself as a writer. “I was an English Major in creative writing. I think it’s very important for artists to have money and most of my friends who do porn are all artists in some form or another.” Kaine thinks she’ll go on to write books- fiction. “And maybe one day it’ll be a movie.”

Kaine mentions that she went to Temple University for a semester. “Temple didn’t do me well,” she says. “Because I really didn’t get along with the Pennsylvanians. But I do now. I didn’t work. I didn’t make any friends and I didn’t like that. Then I went to Fordham.”

Describing her tenure in the business, Kaine says some days will be great and exciting. “And sometimes they up and suck. I’ll give you a brief anecdote. I slept over at this Internet shoot one night in New Jersey. There was a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Kaine says she’s in the bath tub with the girlfriend when all of a sudden her hair is being washed against her will. “Even though I didn’t want my hair to be washed- they started molesting me a little bit. Then they blow dried my hair and took me out to breakfast. It was really fucked up.”

I took this to mean that Kaine was blow dried against her will. “That I was most upset about.” Asked about her six-month highlight reel in the business, Kaine says everyone has made her paranoid about diseases. “It’s good to be more paranoid than less,” she says. “That’s really the worst thing you have to worry about.” I took that comment to mean that Kaine scrupulously watches herself.

“Actually I really don’t,” she answers. “Which is why I’m always scared. My friends are making me be really paranoid and try to remember to do things the right way.” Kaine admits that she’s sexually promiscuous and takes risks. “That works,” she says. Kaine is then asked if she’s done anything that she seriously questioned later. She said maybe she’ll think that way about her upcoming scene with Mr. Marcus. She laughs. Kaine’s a ball buster.


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