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Conversations with Jon Jon- 4/17/08

Porn Valley- Jon Jon was a professional hip hop dancer and was in Cirque du Soleil before getting into porn.

He and I spoke Wednesday evening. Jon Jon tells me how he was with Gold Star Modeling for about three years then went over to a production company, Black Market, and is now contracted to them.

“I’ve been directing and doing my own lines there,” he says. “I’ve performed in a couple of their titles but I’m, primarily, trying to do my own thing there. I shoot and hold camera for my own productions. One of my titles is ‘Me and My Bro Splitting a White Ho.’”

I’m telling Jon Jon this is pretty funny because years ago I wanted to write a porn movie called Bro Job and was told it would be too controversial and they couldn’t do it.

“That’s a good title,” says Jon Jon.

“And look what you’re doing- splitting white hos with your bro,” I’m telling Jon Jon.

“That title sold a lot,” says Jon Jon. “They’re constantly getting re-orders on it. It’s always sold out. Then I have another release coming out May 9. It’s my POV line, ‘Jon Jon’s Keeping it Real POV.’”

Jon Jon started out in hip hop and went on tour with singers.

“I did a lot of break dance shows and all sorts of dances,” he says.

“How do you pick up something like that? Is it something you’re taught or you learn?” he’s asked.

“I started break dancing in the seventh grade,” he recalls.

“During lunch time we would all go to the gym and the dancers would come out. They would perform and do all these crazy moves. I would sit there and watch how they did it. I picked it up and kept practicing. I would go home and practice on that move I had just seen.”

“Where the hell would you be able to practice this shit?” I ask.

“The living room,” he laughs.

“You must have been a hit with your mother.”

“Oh yeah,” he laughs. “I’d move all the furniture out of the way and just get on the floor and start practicing.”

Through a story too long to tell at least in this format, Jon Jon wound up in Vegas and joined the cast of the Cirque du Soleil.

“I danced all over the place in Vegas,” he reflects. “Me hanging with them and dancing put me in a higher status in Vegas. I was able to meet a lot of people who came to the shows. Everybody wanted to be around the Cirque performers.”

“And here I thought it was Siegfried and Roy,” I tell him.

Eventually Jon Jon made the acquaintance of Vegas porn performer Brittney Starr.

“I would go to this club Taboo in the MGM to dance and she’d always come in there,” he recalls.

“I’d be, like, who’s that? I’d go over and speak to her. She’d always watch me dance in there. I had a question about the business, and she gave me the rundown. She said you need to get yourself an agent. I thought she was hot.”

But Jon Jon never got to work with her.

“I wish I did,” he said.

His interest in porn percolating, Jon Jon looked around town to see who was shooting.

“I was always comfortable performing and acting in front of people,” he states. “I was always in front of some kind of camera. I sent out e-mails and a couple of people replied. I told them I was new but thought I could do pretty well. I just wanted to make sure I could handle it.

“This one girl gave me a practice shoot. I did well for being a new guy. Cool. So then the second time I shot for her- it was Internet amateur shit-I did another scene that went well. They kept calling me. Now I’m getting the hang of it and I’m comfortable. So I sent out some more e-mails. I get a call from Vic who shoots for Brazzers. I started working for the early Brazzers, their interracial lines. I was pretty much the main black guy for that at the time. That’s where I started to meet all the Pro-Am girls.”

“Then I started shooting with known girls like Ava Devine, Sara Jay, Trina Michaels,” Jon Jon continues. “I started working with all these girls. My name started getting thrown around in LA- here’s a new black guy that’s pretty good. I kept shooting and shooting.”

Jon Jon finally began working in Porn Valley and, at the same time, he was looking for an agent. He’d remember taking a Greyhound from Vegas to Los Angeles, sometimes just to do one scene then make the round trip back to Vegas the same day.

“That was crazy,” he recalls. “I was really working hard trying to make it. I’d get a taxi to my scene then get a taxi back to the Greyhound station. I was determined. I had to make it work somehow.”

Jon Jon began contacting talent agencies all of whom seemed to have their token black guys.

“They were, like, nah. But I kept trying. Then I hit up Gold Star. I guess Joel at the time wasn’t looking to have a black guy on his roster. But I’d call to see if I could get in with the agency.

“My girlfriend at the time was trying to get in with me,” Jon Jon continues. “That kind of made it a little easier for us. But then my ex ended up not going with them. I ended up getting in because Veronica Rayne talked Joel into signing me.”

Even with that, most of Jon Jon’s work was still with Brazzers, but he’d be persistent about calling Lawrence, bugging him.

“I’d be, like, give me some scenes,” says Jon Jon. “He’d say, I don’t know. I still don’t have a lot of knowledge on you- you’re still new, fresh. I don’t want to send you out there on these sets. He didn’t have confidence in me, I guess.

“He was waiting for the right time to try me out. A couple of months passed and I’m, like, trust me, dude, I’m good. One day he sent me out on a scene for Evil Angel. I went. It was for Joey Silvera. It was a gangbang with Vixen, the red head. I shot with her. Joey said you did good for a new dude. But I want to see you by yourself. Then he booked me for a boy-girl. I knocked the scene out of the water.

“I don’t know what contacts he called, whatever, but I started getting hit up like crazy. That’s when I started working for all these companies left and right. Like no problems, no wood issues. I went head in.”

Speaking of splitting hos with his bros, Jon Jon did, literally, just that the first time he had sex. He split a girl with his stepbrother. He was 16.

“It was horrible,” he says. “It was me, my stepbrother and this one chick. She liked me and him. But the funny thing is I lied to her by telling her I knew what I was doing. The day came and she said I’m coming over. My brother is, take her in the room. We only had two condoms. I went in there and I was real nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“I’m in the room with her and she’s saying let’s go. I’m panicking trying to figure out how to put on a condom. I finally get it on. It took awhile. I get in there and start going. But I couldn’t stay hard. She’s going what are you doing? She said she’s not feeling it and is disappointed in me. Where’s your stepbrother?”

“He comes in there and is going, what’s wrong? I’m going to get the other condom. I took the other condom and put it on. He was trying to coach me through it by telling me, alright, grab her leg like this and put it in there. You do it like this. The girl goes, you don’t know what you’re doing? I’m, like, ah, he has some technique and is trying to show me what to do with you.”

“It was a disaster,” Jon Jon laughs. “After that day I said to myself I’ve got to dominate the scene somehow and get my sexual skills up. My first time was bad news. The next time I figured out how to maneuver and do my thing. It was good.”

With the projects going good, Jon Jon’s been booking regularly.

“Now I’m not trying to do as much,” he says. “There was a point where I was killing myself. I would come in knock out three scenes and the next day do two. It was crazy but so far I’ve built a good rapport with a lot of companies. I work hard and do what I’m supposed to do to get these scenes done and a good job. I make sure every scene I do, I put 110% into it. Even if I don’t feel too well that day I knock myself out.”


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