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Conversations with Katie Ray- final

Porn Valley- This afternoon I had a chat with Katie Ray who’s just come aboard with Joel Lawrence’s company Gold Star Modeling, www.goldstarmodeling. Ray, who’s from Minnesota, has been in the business about a month and is one fine, looking woman.

Ray explains that she was with another agency. “I was with Antonio,” she said, indicating that perhaps Antonio was taking too big of a cut. Besides that she needed to go to the doctor and was urged to do a shoot, instead. “I’m not going to do a shoot if I think I have something and give it to everybody else,” she told him. “He was like you’re messing with every body else’s money.” Ray said the people she was supposed to shoot for urged her to go to the doctor. Ray met Lawrence at Club Vivid. “It was crazy because he called me the next day and I was shooting a scene in his house while he was calling me. We met when I was all done shooting the scene, and he was like I met you last night and I was trying to call you.”

Asked how she got her porn connection, Ray says her ex boyfriend knew her ex agent. “He said I know an agent out in California if you want to get into this industry. This is how you can do it, so I just came out here.” Ray says she has plans of moving to California. “I love it.” Because it was always something she wanted to do, Ray, back in Minnesota, was dancing and just turned 18 in March.

“I’m new and fresh,” she laughs. Rays admits that she was something of a goof off her first two years in high school but got her act together. “I got serious about school and wanted to do well.” I wanted to hear about those first two years. Ray said she just didn’t want to go to school. “I’d get up and I’d be, like, I don’t feel like being in school today. Or I’d go to school and just not do my homework.” Ray finally got serious because she wants to go to college and get a Bachelors in psychology. “And probably do social work or something along that line.” Which means that Ray is in the business to make money for school.

Sexually, she sounds like a pretty good sport other than the fact that she’s holding off on D.P.’s. “I’m not ready for that,” she explains. “And anal really isn’t my thing, either. I’ve done a few anal scenes. It’s just something I have to work into. And then I want to save D.P.s for later.”

Ray had been dancing in Minneapolis until they banned smoking. Business got slow and Ray wanted another line of work. “I was curious about the porn industry but I never really watched porn,” she said. “But I was all for it and came out to try something new.” So far her experiences have been very positive and she loves the business. She was very excited about doing her first boy-girl scene. Her first anal scene was scary. She did it with Max Hardcore, I ask Ray if she gets the full skinny before doing the scene. Ray said it didn’t happen that way. “He didn’t want to scare me away,” she thinks. “If I knew what his stuff was like before I don’t think I would have shot for him.”

Ray says she did throat-fucking, anal and that Max pee’d in her mouth. She laughs. I assume this is the first time that someone’s pissed in her mouth. Ray says it is. “That was different.” Ray said when Max shoots he had three cameras, one for the Internet, one for the U.S. and one for European. “They can only do so much for the United States version,” she says. “They have to cut a lot of the stuff out. So that’s probably in his European movie.” Ray said she swallowed. “he drank a lot of water so it wasn’t too nasty,” she says. “It’s nasty that somebody pee’d in my mouth but at least it came out really, really clear. It came out like water.”

Ray first had sex at the age of 13. he was a couple of years older. “But we were together for a long time.” Ray says when it came to time, they were both of the mind to do it. “Let’s just do it- it was difficult at first but I liked it. It was in a bedroom..” Prior to the business, Ray claims she’s never had a girl-girl experience. Her first time with a girl was on camera and she was nervous. “I had never been with another girl but when we got into it, I was, hey, this is cool. I like this. Let’s do this again.”

Ray is determined to save her money for school and she’s not a partyer. “Every once in awhile you have to have your little party time,” she says. “But I can’t do it- maybe once a month. I’m not into the drugs and drinking. That’s not me.”

Ray’s mother knows that she’s in the business. “It’s not what she wants me to do but she’s cool about it. I had to be honest with her.”



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