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Porn Valley- With a name that sounds like a sneeze, Katsumi has no clue what it means but liked the sound of it. What’s even more baffling is her Oriental looks but her French accent. We spoke to Katsumi prior to her doing a scene for EvolutionErotica’s new series Sexual Predator.

Katsumi: I’ve been in the business more than three years. I began in France, in Paris; and in Europe. I began to work here a few months ago.

Gene: Am I detecting a French accent?

Katsumi: Yes, I’m French. My English is not that good.

Gene: Forgive me for saying, but you look a little Oriental to me. And Katsumi’s an Oriental name

Katsumi: A Japanese name. But I’m French and Vietnamese. I live in Paris.

Gene: How did you wind up becoming a performer in this business.

Katsumi: I was a student and at the same time I danced in discoteques. I did striptease. Then I met a photographer from Penthouse France. They were looking for a girl to have a contract. I wanted to try it because I was curious. So when they asked me to try a porno movie I aid yes, why not. Finally after that I chose to be an actress. I began with a contract with Penthouse France. Then I had another contract which I broke last month. Now I’m free.

Gene: What was it like doing your first scene.

Katsumi: I was scared but I like to be scared. LOL. It was exciting because I didn’t think I was good enough to do the job but found out it was great. I had a lot of pleasure and each time I work at it I try to give pleasure and to have pleasure, too.

Gene: Were you very sexual growing up?

Katsumi: I was very shy, very quiet. For me the most important thing was to be good at school. I never went out. And I had my first experience at 19.

Gene: That was going to be my next question. Was it a boyfriend at the time?

Katsumi: It was yuck. Bad. I regretted to do it with this guy because he wasn’t good. He was immature. I really thought sex wasn’t meant for me. Then I met another guy and I had pleasure.

Gene: Why did you wait so long to have sex the first time.

Katsumi: Because I wanted to choose a good one and I really didn’t think about sex until 17 or 18. For me sex wasn’t important. I had a lot of friends but not boyfriends.

Gene: What was your first scene in front of a camera like.

Katsumi: My first scene was with two goys. That went very well. They wanted to see if I was strong enough to do this job!

Gene: They were testing you.

Katsumi: Yes. It was very difficult but I liked it.

Gene: I take it this was a d.p.

Katsumi: Yes. But I did them before. I also did gangbangs!

Gene: How does a normal girl growing up get involved with gangbangs? You go to a 7-Eleven, all of a sudden there’s 8 guys waiting for you by the Slurpee machine?

Katsumi: LOL. I had a boyfriend and he was very perverse. I did a lot of things with him, for him, but I realized that I liked to have sex with multiple guys.

Gene: Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex.

Katsumi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

Gene: Sounds like you really have to think about this question.

Katsumi: I don’t know.

Gene: Ever get caught by the cops? Those are the great stories.

Katsumi: I really can’t answer. There were so many different kinds of experiences.

Gene: So you had a lot of those growing up.

Katsumi: Yes, I think…LOL

Gene: Believe me, you were meant to be in this business. How about girls. Do you like girls?

Katsumi: I don’t like all girls. I’m very shy with girls. I like different girls but I have to like lots of things. I find there are a lots of beautiful girls that are very stupid. LOL. To me that’s not exciting. I need a girl…

Gene: That has a brain in her head.

Katsumi: So it’s difficult to find a girl. I need a good scene with a girl.

Gene: Having done all this wild stuff before you even got into the business, when was the first time you did anal?

Katsumi: It was with my boyfriend. The first time I really liked it and that’s why it’s easy for me to do in all my scenes. For me it’s easier to do anal than vaginal.

Gene: Why is that?

Katsumi: My pussy is more sensitive and I need more feelings to do vag with a guy. It’s more than just fucking.

Gene: What do you think you might have been doing if not for porn.

Katsumi: In school I studied to be a teacher of French. But it was very boring. To be a teacher you have to accept all the rules in the school and it was very difficult. I’m too independent to be a teacher.

Gene: Think you may wind up becoming one anyway.

Katsumi: Yes. If I didn’t choose porno I’d be a teacher.

Gene: Today you’re going to be doing a rough sex scene.

Katsumi: LOL.

Gene: Ah she laughs. You like rough sex?

Katsumi: Yes! I really like it. When the guys are good for it I really like it.

Gene: What is it you like?

Katsumi: I don’t know the vocabulary to describe it! LOL. I just know how to do it. I like to be dominated. But for a guy it’s not a question of being rough but being experienced. Some guys can hit you in the face but it doesn’t hurt because they know how to do it. I like it.

Gene: With three years in the business how do you like it so far.

Katsumi: The first two years I didn’t work a lot. I think maybe I did ten movies.

Gene: What do you like to do away from the camera.

Katsumi: I like to read. I like music. I’d like to do more sports because I need that. And I’d like to see my family, of course. My friends. But my job takes almost all my time. It’s not only pictures but it’s also shows in the discoteques.

Gene: Does your family know what you do.

Katsumi: Yes and no. They don’t know everything.

Gene: Do people recognize you.

Katsumi: In Paris, yes because I do a lot of television and magazines in France and they recognize me from that. They see me as an actress.

Gene: In Europe they tend to treat your occupation much differently.

Katsumi: Yes. In Europe it’s different. It’s very natural.

Gene: Were you at the convention last month in Las Vegas.

Katsumi: Yes I was.

Gene: Did you have good time?

Katsumi: Yes. I had two awards for the show. Best foreign scene for a French movie I did about two years ago; and best anal scene in an American movie.

Gene: Were you signing for anybody?

Katsumi: Yes for Red Light District.



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