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Porn Valley- Keeana Lei, 5’3″, 105 pounds, is originally from Panama and talks with a perpetual giggle. She moved to the states about three years ago and is now doing porn. She’s repped by Roy Garcia.

KL: I’ve been in the business about seven months now. I started dancing first then I moved on to video/Internet work. I did that for awhile now I’m moving on to DVD work for and I pretty much virtually have no limits! I pretty much do anything.

Gene: I take that to mean anal among other things.

KL: Yeah.

Gene: Let’s talk a little about that.

KL: He-he-he. Whooooooooooo.

Gene: You definitely sound like a fun girl.

KL: Yeah!

Gene: What made you decide to dance.

KL: It’s fun. I like it and I do like getting naked. I love the attention. It’s teasing but I don’t like the teasing. I like getting down. That’s pretty much how it works out. I got tired of working at the club 8 hours a day. Porn seems much more fun and a lot better, more money. I love my job, now.

Gene: Would you say you were disenchanted with the dancing business?

KL: I still like it. I’m hoping that I get to a level when I can do feature dancing and get back to dancing.

Gene: But you hate the teasing part.

KL: I like teasing but I don’t like not getting to anything.

Gene: You want satisfaction.

KL: Exactly!

Gene: What were you like growing up.

KL: Pretty crazy! I was always getting in trouble.

Gene: Sexually? With the law?

KL: Party trouble. A lot of school trouble. I was crazy but not as crazy as I am now. I kind of broke lose.

Gene: A couple of drinks and you were getting naked?

KL: I’d get up and I’d dance on a table. I’d hang around with the girls. I like the girls.Gene: When was the first time you ever had sex.

KL: I was 16 years old.

Gene: That’s kind of conservative for a party girl. I figure that you would have started a lot earlier.

KL: I liked to play with myself a lot. LOL

Gene: Sounds by your laugh that you must have been pretty good at it. You didn’t need anybody else.

KL: I got compliments on my first time!

Gene: You’re your own worst critic. What can I tell ya.

KL: He-he-he.

Gene: Remember the circumstances of your first time with a guy.

KL: I’m trying to recall.

Gene: Has been there a lot of times since?

KL: I started late but it doesn’t mean I stopped after I started. It hurt. It really hurt. That was obvious. But it was a lot of fun. I started bleeding then I stopped because I got scared.

Gene: Was this guy a boyfriend?

KL: It was a friend. He used to be my boyfriend before I had sex. And we broke up. Then I started dating somebody else. But I kind of got down with him. It just happened that we had sex.

Gene: But you were dating another guy.

KL: Yeah!

Gene: How about the first time with a girl.

KL: I was 18. It was one of my friends. We went to the beach and started drinking. We did it on the beach. It was really dark and nighttime. There was nobody there. We got kind of wild.

Gene: The only problem with the beach is sand in the wrong places.

KL: The dirtier the better.

Gene: You like to have sex in unusual places.

KL: Yeah!

Gene: Where would be the wildest or craziest place you’ve had sex.

KL: It was in a parking lot.

Gene: It’s even better if you get caught.

KL: I got caught. It was pretty wild.

Gene: Cops find you?

KL: Yeah.

Gene: I like the part where they make you get out of the car naked.

KL: We weren’t in the car. We were in the parking lot. It was my boyfriend at the time. I came to visit him and we started fucking in the parking lot. We were in between cars. I was young. I didn’t have a car. he didn’t have one, either!

Gene: That’s a good story.

KL: When you’re young no one has a car or a house. So any place is good to fuck so you have to be wild and adventurous. Otherwise you’re not going to get laid! I also did it behind an old abandoned building at an old railroad tracks. That was a lot of fun.

Gene: You like that environment where it’s grungy.

KL: Yeah! Another one was six o’clock in the morning in a bathroom at the mall.

Gene: That’s good stuff. How old are you now.

KL: 23.

Gene: You’ll have many more stories like that, I’m sure. What made you decide to perform on camera.

KL: I started dancing first and didn’t like the dancing-thing. And then I moved on to camera. I like a lot of attention. I’m a camera hog. After I saw it replayed back, I was like, oh my God, that’s me? I like watching myself on camera.

Gene: What are some of your favorite sex positions.

KL: Doggie-style is one of my favorites. The other positions- I don’t know their names. I don’t know if it’s a position but I like having cock in all my holes.

Gene: Sounds like a gangbang to me.

KL: Yeah!

Gene: Ever have multiple guys before you got in the business?

KL: Always fantasized but never did it.

Gene: What are some of your fantasies.

KL: I’m not good at that question, why is it? But I would like to do it out in the middle of a crazy island. Abandoned.

Gene: You’re marooned out in the middle of nowhere.

KL: Yeah.

Gene: Who would you prefer to be with, a guy or a girl?

KL: I’d prefer a cock. Definitely. There’s more enjoyment with a cock. I like girls, too. I like sucking titties. I like sucking on clit.

Gene: When was the first time you tried anal.

KL: I think I was 20.

Gene: What was that experience like?

KL: Oh my God, it hurt the first time! Like crazy. Then I started doing it more frequently when I had a boyfriend who was really into it. Then I got really into getting fucked in my ass. I haven’t stopped.

Gene: The more you do it, the better it gets.

KL: I don’t know if a lot of girls would agree with you on that.

Gene: Do you orgasm during anal?

KL: Yes. It’s easier for me to orgasm if I have a cock in my ass than if I have a cock in my pussy. I like it to be chaotic. The more chaotic the better.

Gene: You’re going to be good in this business. What was your first time like on camera.

KL: It was with my boyfriend.

Gene: How does he feel about you being in the business.

KL: He feels really good. He’s really proud of me. He wants me to become a super star. A super porn slut!

Gene: To be successful you need support like that.

KL: He’s really good that he supports me like that.

Gene: Is he in the business, too?

KL: He works not very often. He does it with me but hopefully he’ll be able to get a start by himself.

Gene: You don’t mind him working with other girls?

KL: No, not at all. He lets me get fucked every way and by every one. Why can’t I let him get fucked by everyone, too?

Gene: What’s his performing name?

KL: Jack.

Gene: Just Jack?

KL: I gave it to him on his first shoot and he’s been using it ever since.

Gene: Just Jack. Not like Jack Beanstalk.

KL: Just Jack. LOL.

Gene: Where are you from.

KL: I was living in Ft. Lauderdale but I lived almost all my childhood in Panama.

Gene: How was that growing up?

KL: Pretty cool. I was a military brat. And I went to American school. I got to hang out with the American lifestyle while at the same time have a Latin lifestyle. It was fun. I can’t complain.

Gene: How long did you live there.

KL: I’ve only been here three years. I was in Panama the whole time.

Gene: How did you like it in Ft. Lauderdale.

KL: When I first came here I was in extreme party mode so I liked it. Then I started missing Panama. Then when 9/11 happened I was really dreading the states. I wanted to go back.

Gene: What was it thatyou liked about Panama. It’s hot, humid.

KL: It’s really hot. If you think Florida’s humid, Panama’s way worse. But everybody just parties. The neighborhood- everyone knows one another. here, you could be living in your house five years and you don’t even know who’s living right in front of you. I don’t dig that about the states. But that’s what I like about Panama. Everybody parties every day. But the one thing about Panama is there’s no money!

Gene: Were your parents strict with you.

KL: They weren’t strict at all. My mom was really open minded. She never wanted me to date just one guy. She always said date a whole bunch. All you can.

Gene: I take it they know what you’re doing.

KL: My mom kind of has a vague idea. She doesn’t know how deep I am in it.

Gene: It sounds like she would go with the flow on this thing.

KL: She probably would. I’m just not ready to tell her!

Gene: How about your father now?

KL: My father would shoot me. If he found out I was doing other girls he would totally go nuts.

Gene: Other girls?

KL: He’s not into the whole girl-girl thing at all. he’s old fashioned about that. If he found out I touched another girl, he’d go nuts.

Gene: You said you started playing with yourself before doing anything else. Were you real young.

KL: Yes. I found out that the shower was real fun. Then when I was 8 I overheard someone in my classroom talking about taking a frozen hot dog in their pussy. I thought it was funny then I went home and stuck a hot dog in my pussy! I listened to the story. I had to try it.

Gene: Did you eat it afterwards.

KL: No, I threw it away.


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