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Conversations with Kelly Leigh- final

Porn Valley- I had a chat with Kelly Leigh last week on a Rob Spallone set. Leigh, to put things in perspective, was one of the porn partyers who got “kidnapped” when some after hours celebration wound up in Hacienda Heights

Leigh, who came into the business in June, said it was pretty much the way Kayla Quinn described it.

“I was there- I saw it all happen right before my eyes,” she states. “My car was at Aura, parked in the valet.” But Leigh apparently had a conversation with Quinn who told her she was selfish for wanting to leave the party because of the condition Kat was in.

“I said okay, so I just shut up and then Kayla just took over,” says Leigh. “She was great. No one would give us a ride. We were stuck there. There was no food there. There was no water. And she was all over the place making sure that every girl was okay. I don’t know what happened with one of the girls but I heard the story. But Kayla was all over it. She was on top of it and very concerned. That’s when she called you from the car. She made a big stink about it. I thought it was very commendable of Kayla. I was really impressed.”

Since coming into the business, Leigh has acquired an agency, Lucky Modeling.

“I go by Kelly ‘Lucky’ Leigh,” she tells me. “It’s quite a task to rep a bunch of girls especially when I want to work myself.”

“I met this guy who owned the company, Lucky Modeling,” Leigh continues. “I would call him Mr. Lucky. And he is another gentleman that has to have control of everything. A lot of people in this business have to have control- like controlling women, it seems like. It’s really weird. I bought the site from him. He got mad at me one day for not coming over the time I was supposed to come over. So he took me off his server. Now I’m trying to get that stuff into my own server and re-direct. And he won’t let go of certain codes. It’s a pain in the ass. And he has my because he registered that for me, too. I’m learning things and it takes awhile. But it will all work out. I have confidence.”

On the side, Leigh maintains her own business apart from the industry.

“I sell CD and DVD manufacturing,” she says. “I’ve been working home the longest time.”

“You have to be real disciplined to work out of your house,” says Leigh. “It’s good money working for yourself, having your own business. But you don’t meet people. I really miss being around people- a lot. So I thought this would be a real good chance for me to fuck and make money. It’s perfect. I get to meet people.”

“I’ve never been married and I’ve never had kids.” Leigh adds, of the belief that’s because she works at home.

“And because I don’t cook, men don’t want to propose to you, or that’s what they say,” she says. “That’s the way to a man’s heart. You got to cook. I date men that cook- that’s what turns me on because I love to eat. And I love to suck dick.”

I was wondering if Leigh also met a lot of creeps and bozos and stayed single because of that. She says no.

“Growing up my mom always told me never have kids- they’ll ruin your body and ruin your life. I think that stuck in my head. To this day she’ll say she never said that, but that’s okay. I think being independent keeps you single for so many years. Then, I can’t cook. But I did get proposed to. He wanted to stay in the country [a green card proposal].

“He’s a hair dresser, and he said he’d do my hair for the next five years- color, cut, anything. But I don’t want to do anything illegal.”

“Nothing like a good, honest proposal,” I tell Leigh who said the guy didn’t get on his knees.

“Do it right, but that was my first proposal.”

Leigh also jumped into this business because aside from kids, she doesn’t go to clubs, and doesn’t go online.

“But I love sex,” she states. “So I figured if I love it, I can make some money at it. And my first job was doing a 19 year-old.” Leigh did some Over 40 Mags, although she isn’t 40, and she put those pics on

“Putting that stuff on there I was getting a lot of agencies calling me,” she says. “Like Ben Fisher and he was persistent. Boy, that guy’s persistent. He’s relentless. When he first met me he went, you don’t do anal? I was, like, I never have in my private life. He says, well, we got to get you working on that because that’s where the money’s at. Come over the hotel and we’ll start practicing. I was, like, what? I’m not that dumb.”

Still and all, Leigh went over to the hotel, and now she’s kicking herself because she allowed Fisher to talk her into things.

“When you get in the business you wonder if this is the way it’s supposed to be,” states Leigh. “Ben is another example- I have to see how good you are at sucking cock so I can tell the producers how good you are so you can get these jobs. I thought is that really how it is? Of course I did, and he’s just a bull shitter, a bunch of bullshit. That’s why I got away from him.”

On the other hand, Leigh’s been practicing her anal and now does it on camera.

“I enjoy it but it’s a very private thing for me,” she says.

As Leigh got started in her career, she worked for Naughty America and that’s for whom she did her first anal.

“It was hot- the guy was Jeremy Holmes. He’s from Miami. He’s about nine inches and I swear I was really nervous. He said, relax, and think of something really nasty. I did and, boom. It was hot. I was, like, wow, this is really special but I don’t want to do it so much. So I’ve only done three anal scenes. It’s not about money for me on doing the anal. It’s about who’s special and gets it.”

“And I did a lot of girl-on-girl stuff and orgy-things,” she adds. “They put me in MILF orgies. There was a lot of Internet-stuff for Blue Moon. I’ve been working a lot.”

Leigh feels that as far as the younger girls are concerned they need to be able to go to someone who’ll give them the skinny about the business.

“Like some kind of consultant,” she says. “That’s something that I would like to be doing, too.”

Leigh feels she made a pretty good decision by coming into the business at this stage of the game.

“It’s much better,” she agrees. “I had to make sure I was okay with it before I did something like this. That’s something you need to be sure of because it will get out there.”

Asked if she got flak from her own family, she says they don’t really talk about it.

“They know- but I don’t care. It’s my life. I think there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Growing up, Leigh was very athletic but was raised to think of sexual activity as being bad. Particularly masturbation.

“I would be with guys and let them get off then I would go in the bathroom and masturbate. They would never know. Until I was at least 30, I figured out I don’t have to do this any more. I thought it was nasty to be pleasuring yourself.”

Leigh was 17 the first time she was with a guy. It was in Wyoming and she got pregnant. She had it taken care of.

“I didn’t tell anybody about it,” says Leigh. “I didn’t tell this guy it was my first time. He was an older guy, I had a crush on him, and I wanted to get it over with. What’s the big deal? I went over there. He saw the sheets and was, like, whoa. I said I was just on my period. I didn’t tell him it was my first. Then when I found out I was pregnant I went to another town and I took care of it. It just gave me what’s the big hype about it. But now that I’m in my Thirties the sex is great. I love it so much and it’s like I can’t get enough of it.”

The first porn movie Leigh ever saw was Debbie Does Dallas,

“And I remember when I did Herschel Savage- I just looked at him,” she laughs. “I know you! Afterwards he’s like can I get your number? It was funny. I remember watching my parents watch it with a couple. I was sneaking on them watching it. I love watching porn. But I never knew peoples’ names. I just knew what I liked. It was people having real good chemistry that turned me on.”

Leigh plans on going to Vegas in January.

“I usually go there for the computer show,” she says. “Never for the porn show. There’s always like four shows going on.”

Leigh’s met a lot of people in the business that she truly likes.

“But there’s some bad people, too, of course,” she adds. “What I like about the business is that you get money fucking and that there’s a lot to learn. I want to learn behind-the-stuff, doing my own thing. You can see that everyone’s doing their own gig. What I don’t like about it is everyone has to have power and control, especially over the women. I don’t like that. It doesn’t need to be that way. But I see so many people doing the movies then they have nothing. There’s supposed to be so much money in porn or that’s what they say. Where is it going then?”


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