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Porn Valley- We spoke to Kelly Star over at Heatwave Video Monday afternoon. Star tells us she spells her last name with one “R” yet we noticed she was wearing a sports jacket with her last name embroidered to have two. That’s because, she says, when she registered her website which is now, she discovered that someone owned the other name. So, rather than go through a hassle, she dropped a letter.

Kelly: I’ve been in the business off and on for about two years. I did a few movies two years ago. I stopped then I started back about nine months ago. Nine months strong.

Gene: What made you decide to get into this business.

Kelly: I like sex a lot. A lot. I really, really like sex a lot. I’m not bullshitting. I think you can tell by my scenes that I do.

Gene: You’ve got that look in your eye.

Kelly: I don’t look innocent, huh? LOL

Gene: Women who are into sex have a certain look in their eye. You have a certain look in your eye.

Kelly: I hope so.

Gene: What were you doing before this.

Kelly: Dancing. I still dance. I like sex and I like money. So I guess it goes hand in hand.

Gene: Some cynics might say that if you really like sex, money shouldn’t matter.

Kelly: I’m sure pro basketball players like basketball but they still want that money! LOL

Gene: Have you decided to take up law? That’s a pretty good argument. So what were you like growing up.

Kelly: I was a nerd. I was a dork. I didn’t have any friends. I was a bookworm. I was real shy. My mom kept me sheltered from a lot. I was their little baby.

Gene: How did you break out of your mold?

Kelly: I started being rebellious. I was bored with being at home. When I started getting out and getting a taste of dick that was the beginning? LOL. The taste of dick literally! I mean literally. It started off to be the full deal but it hurt. I told him no. Then I felt bad because he had this really sad long on his face. So I offered to give him some head but I was really horrible at it. He was like, that’s okay. Half way through it he told me to stop. I was only 14. I didn’t know what I was doing! That’s the first time I had seen one. I didn’t know what to do.

Gene: You had never seen a penis before.

Kelly: Not in real life.

Gene: What were the circumstances.

Kelly: He was cute and he played basketball. He was popular and a year older than me. He started looking at me trying to get at me, whatever. I was nervous, but I was really sheltered. For someone to be paying attention to me, I wasn’t that cute. I was, okay, I want to see what this sex thing is all about. I didn’t like him like that. I was curious to see how sex was going to be. It hurt so I said, nah.

Gene: Physically when did you start developing.

Kelly: I would say, 15. I started getting a lot of booty. Everything else just wasn’t catching up! I was real small chested but I got my ass really early.

Gene: So how was it when you started getting ass.

Kelly: I was really aggressive after that first incident. I was determined to learn how.

Gene: So what was it with the taste of dick.

Kelly: This is no bullshit. This is serious. I like the way a penis feels in my mouth. I really feel like in control. It feels good. It tastes good. LOL. I can’t explain it! I’m not going to say it has a flavor but I’m just saying I like it. You know how some people like to suck their thumbs? Kind of like a security blanket-type thing? I guess it calms me! LOL. It’s like a pacifier!

Gene: Or maybe there’s nicotine in it and you don’t realize.

Kelly: Or something. Maybe I need a dick patch! But I’m serious. There’s something about it that I really like. After the first time I was, like, I’m going to get this right. And when I started improving on my skills I became quite proud of my oral skills.

Gene: Since the first time didn’t work out, when did you finally wind up doing the full-thing?

Kelly: About five months later when I was 15. There was this guy that I had a crush on. He took the same school bus. He lived a few blocks down from me.

Gene: Another basketball player?

Kelly: No, he was a gangster. Not a real gangster because I lived in the Valley. But he was a Valley gangster and the closest that I had been to one. He was really cute and used to talk shit to me on the bus about my ass and how he wanted to fuck me. And I’d be talking shit back like I was all hard. But I was still a virgin. I think girls, we don’t like to tell guys that we’re virgins. You don’t want to feel like a punk. I want to be a big girl. So I was talking all this game like I’m going to fuck the shit out of him. So I invited him over my house when my mom was at work. I remember we did it while we were watching Soul Train! LOL. It was a Saturday morning. I remember! Oh my God, I don’t remember who was on. It was good. I didn’t have a bad experience. I don’t know why it didn’t hurt. Maybe the first time when I tried, he popped it. But this one felt good. After that I was sucking everybody.

Gene: You do anal, right?

Kelly: Yeah.

Gene: When was the first time you tried that?

Kelly: When I was 17. I didn’t like it though. It was painful. It took me until I was 21.

Gene: It takes a lot of practice.

Kelly: Yeah, it does. I know how to relax now and take it like a pro. I’m getting better. Actually the first time I went through with it, I had a bad experience. But I don’t think I need to go there!

Gene: I think we can fill in the blanks.

Kelly: Put it this way, I got introduced to an enema after that! LOL.

Gene: You and Mr. enema bottle became good friends.

Kelly: Very.

Gene: How’d you get into dancing.

Kelly: I saw girls where I figured if they can do it, I can do it. That’s how that went down. And wow they’re making all this money and I like to dance, anyway. It worked. And I don’t want a regular job. I get paid basically to party all night.

Gene: How do you like the adult business?

Kelly: I love it.

Gene: Have much drama?

Kelly: No.

Gene: It strikes me you have a very relaxed, take it or leave it attitude.

Kelly: At first I used to take it personal. As far as being a dark skinned black girl, it’s hard to get work. It really is and there’s not as much work available for us.

Gene: Would you say it’s racism.

Kelly: I don’t think it’s racism at all. There’s less of a market for a girl like myself. More of the people buying porn are not looking for me. I think there’s something for everybody, but this is just a smaller market for women that look like me. I’ve never met anybody who was racist in the adult industry. Everybody’s been cool with me. I don’t know anybody that’s not cool. It’s just not a big market.

Gene: Do you do a lot of interracial scenes?

Kelly: Yes. All the time.

Gene: Have you ever been offered a contract?

Kelly: No, nobody yet. I’m new. I’m not going nowhere. I’ll be around for awhile. I’m sure that something will come along. I’ll do this as long as I can but I’m not going to be 40 still doing porn.

Gene: Who are some of your favorite people to work with.

Kelly: My favorite is Wesley Pipes.

Gene: Why is that?

Kelly: Because he’s so aggressive. Not in a demeaning way but I like the shit he talks. I love it.

Gene: That’s going back to the school bus-thing.

Kelly: LOL. Yeah, the gangster guy! I like that. Wesley is like my favorite. It’s his total personality and everything plus I like his dick. It’s perfect for anal. Because it’s long, but it’s not real, real thick. Perfect for anal. My best anal scenes are usually with him.

Gene: How about you first time in front of the camera.

Kelly: I don’t remember what company but my first time was with a girl. My second scene was a d.p.

Gene: I imagine that made you a little nervous.

Kelly: I was. I don’t even like to talk about that because I was really bad. When I look at it now it’s like aaaaargh. It was with Santino Lee and Guy DiSilva.

Gene: And you’ve worked quite a bit for Heatwave?

Kelly: Yes I have. They’re great.

Gene: Have you thought about directing?

Kelly: Yes I have. I’ve been thinking about it. Hopefully soon I’ll be directing. I’ve been thinking about directing an ass worship line.

Gene: I’ve seen a number of your scenes and you always have a different look.

Kelly: I know and I’m trying to get out of that. It’s just hard because I get bored so easily with hairstyles. I’m always switching. People probably don’t remember if that’s me because I’m always switching. But I’m trying to stay to the same hairstyle, now. Pr at least the same basic color.

Gene: Do you like going out, partying?

Kelly: Not really. Not so much. When I do I party hard but not all the time.

Gne: Ever get an opportunity to fuck some famous people?

Kelly: Yeah. LOL. But I’m not going to name names.

Gene: Sports figures, actors?

Kelly: No sports figures just a couple of actors, comedians and some rappers.

Gene: Then you do get around!

Kelly: Not that much. It could be a whole lot more.

Gene: Do these guys talk the shit that you like?

Kelly: Nah.

Gene: Was it because they were famous?

Kelly: I’m not a groupie-type person but I’m always in that situation where I’m around guys like that. They were just cool and I ended up hanging out with them and it happened. I’m not a star-chaser.

Gene: They chase you.

Kelly: No, not really. I just think I’m always around it. But I don’t go to a lot of parties. I’m a cool person.

Gene: Keep any close friends in this business?

Kelly: Not really. I don’t think I have any enemies but I don’t hang out a lot. Most of the girls in this industry are party girls all the time. I’m not like that.



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