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Porn Valley- I spoke to Internet poobah Kevin Blatt [pictured center]. I got wind of the fact that he was going after Dave Cummings, the father Christmas of the porn industry, and Blatt was telegraphing his punches enough on GFY. Blatt was telling me that this is a long and involved story. He tells me that Cummings had allegedly been pimping a girlfriend of his, and that he pissed off Blatt in the process by allegedly hacking into his computer. Blatt proceeds to give me some background which is pretty much outlined here

At the time Blatt was working for YNot eight years ago, he brought Dave Cummings into the business, he says.

“I hired him and Serenity and Shayla LaVeaux to be at my booth,” says Blatt. “I basically got Dave ingratiated into the adult business. Last year I was dating Holly Miles. She was a porn star. She did girl-girl and had a real bad drug problem.” Blatt said he didn’t realize how bad of a drug problem. According to Blatt, it turned out that Miles was shooting porn with Cummings when Cummings got arrested in the Balboa Park incident.

“Her phone starts ringing off the hook one night while she’s sleeping over here,” says Blatt. “I’m, like, who’s calling you at 4 in the morning? She said people who want Vicadin. I’m like whatever. I take all the phone numbers down and do my due diligence when she passes out and goes into a coma. I call one number back and it turns out she was hooking on the side and I had no idea she was a hooker.” Blatt alleges that one of Miles’ clients was Paradise. “How was she getting her clients? A pimp by the name of Dave Cummings,” Blatt says.

Blatt says Miles was so far gone that he had to pick up a phone and call her father whom he never met or talked to. He told Miles’ father that she was out of control and dangerous to herself. “And she’s going to die.” Blatt said Miles was going to TJ, picking up hundreds of pills and hooking. Blatt in classic understatement said he’s not much of a fan of someone committing suicide in front of his eyes. According to Blatt, Miles went to rehab and got clean. “When she comes back she thanks me up and down.”

Coincidentally, at the same time the Paris Hilton tape came out, [Blatt was involved with its promotion] Blatt’s computer got hacked. “People got some information that was very confidential,” he says. “It starts getting disseminated to all sorts of people in an attempt to fuck me up.” Blatt called the FBI and Miles came forward and said she knew who did it. Miles told Blatt that it was Jeff Miller, Cummings’ webmaster; and Cummings who had something to do with it.

“Jeff Miller hates you,” Miles told Blatt who apparently had some to-do with Miller years previous. Blatt got a report back from the FBI.

“I know 100% that it’s him,” said Blatt. “I called them both up and basically said I hold your lives in my hands right now. I don’t know what advantage you have for ruining mine but if you move forward, I will prosecute you motherfuckers. Either you stay out of my business or I will fuck you up.” Miller and Cummings denied the incident.

According to Blatt, two weeks ago Dennis Hof got an e-mail from Cummings. In the e-mail to Hof, Cummings is supposed to have written that the YNot boys in San Diego had a great opportunity for him and that Cummings might put some of his own money into the deal. Cummings told Hof that he could make as much as $100,000 a month in the deal. Hof then forwarded Blatt the e-mail for his opinion because Blatt consults for Hof.

Blatt told Hof these were the guys Blatt brought into the business and they don’t know shit. Blatt laughed it off and told Hof not to bother. A couple of days ago, Hof got another e-mail warning him about Blatt because Blatt was making public comments on GFY about AVN’s latest lawsuit with Judy Sweeney. The e-mail said something to the effect, Dennis, I certainly hope AVN doesn’t think you’re doing business with Kevin Blatt- he’s bad news. The e-mail said call me ASAP, Dave Cummings.

Blatt claims he’s made Hof a fortune in his own business dealings with him. “I’ve always made Dennis money. I’ve always done well by Dennis.” After Hof forwarded Blatt the latest Cummings e-mail, he asked Blatt what all this was about. It was then that Blatt gave him the background story.

Blatt told Hof the only reason that he wasn’t driving to La Jolla to bitch slap Cummings, “other than that he’s a hundred years old,” is the fact that out of espect to Hof he knows that they’re friends to some degree to which Hof told him that he really didn’t know Cummings all that well.

“This man[ Cummings] is suing the Department of Justice right now on the adult industry’s behalf,” said Blatt. “He wants to put himself out there and on this pedestal. But this is a pimp and a panderer. This guy [Cummings] offers chicks $150 blowjob scenes. And he’s pimping out my strung out girlfriend on the side? Fuck him.”

Blatt feels that Cummings is an attention whore who comes off as Mr. Nice Guy. “The funny thing the Homegrown guys told me years ago that Dave was a bastard and I didn’t believe them,” says Blatt. “And I’ve got my issues with Homegrown. Now it’s coming back.”


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