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From the Gene Files: 8/1/02- The saga of New York Joe has become like Enron where sinister new scandals and revelations pop up by the hour. Lainey called to give account of her dealings with New York Joe which included a proposal to hook at the Kentucky Derby.

Gene: New York Joe had his side of the story. Explain to me from day one your dealings with Joe.

Lainey: I don’t remember how I got a hold of him or how he got a hold of me. It was e-mail.He was going to be at the AVN show in Vegas. He asked me if I wanted to do a shoot and I’ve still got it written down in my organizer from the first time I talked to him on cell phone before Vegas. It was going to be a blowjob scene for $250. He asked if I wanted to do the shoot in Vegas. I said, sure, no problem. Because for the Internex had contracted out with a company and I told him we’ll do it after that. We were supposed to have a shoot at nine in the morning the day before the AVN awards. He called me the night before and said he had cancellations that night and wanted to know if I wanted to do the shoot that night. I said fine, whatever. It’s going to take me awhile. I have to get ready. He said no problem. It was supposed to be in my hotel room but he ended up switching it to his hotel room. We got to his hotel room. It was me and two other people that came with me- my boyfriend and another guy. We got to his hotel room at midnight. It was supposed to be a 45 minute shoot. When we got there he threw in a foot fetish-thing which was supposed to be another ten minutes. That was like 30 minutes. I said, fine. Whatever. Then it was supposed to be a 45-minute blowjob. Two and a half hours later. It still wasn’t done. My boyfriend just simply knocked on the door and said how much fucking longer. It’s supposed to be 45 minutes. Joe started spouting at the mouth. And so did my boyfriend and the other guy. When we went to leave, he wouldn’t pay me. He said we agreed that it would be for free. I was like why the fuck would I come here and do a free shoot. He said you told me it was free. I said, no. You told me it was $250. He said I never pay girls $250. I’ll pay you $50 for the blowjob. I was like, bullshit. You’ll pay me the $250 or I’m not fucking leaving. He said I promise you I’ll bring you the money to your hotel room tomorrow.

Gene: But it was supposed to be free. Yet he’s telling you he’ll bring you the money.

Lainey: Yeah. He said I promise you I’ll be there by noon. I said okay. You better fucking be there. He never showed up and I couldn’t get a hold of him. Nothing. Then it was like a month later he asked me if I wanted to do an escort-type of thing for the Kentucky Derby. It was a $50,000 job or whatever. I said I’m not going through you, give me the number for the guy that runs it. I talked to him and this guy said Joe was talking mass shit about me. But the guy wanted to use me as long as I wasn’t with Joe. I said I don’t want any drama. Joe ended up calling me two weeks later and I went off on him asking where was my money. He’s like if the money’s really that important to you I’ll send it. I said send it. And I caught him on every lie he ever told me. He ended hanging up on me. He wouldn’t talk to me.

Gene: Did you ever do this Kentucky Derby thing?

L:ainey: No.

Gene: What happened there?

Lainey: Nothing. I didn’t want to do it. If it involved Joe, I didn’t want to do it. It’s funny because at the San Francisco Expo at the end of June he’s acting all buddy-buddy with me. Since I’m such a lowlife whore and everything.

Gene: But he never paid you.

Lainey: Nope.

Gene: Did you ask him about it at the Expo?

Lainey: No. I had too many people there with me including guys and girls that really wanted to have a nice little conversation with Joe but I didn’t want to start any drama.

Gene: According to his story, your boyfriend came charging into that room and acted like a dickhead.

Lainey: I know. That’s ridiculous. You can talk to anyone I’ve ever worked for. He’s full of shit. With everything that comes out of his mouth he ends up contradicting himself.



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