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Conversations with Liv Wylder-final

Porn Valley- I had a quickie chat with the adorable Liv Wylder on the set of Skeeter Kerkove’s latest movie for Robert Hill Releasing, www.roberthillreleasing,com. It’s called The Contortionist, and in her scene Wylder works with Chris Charming a man whose dick is the size of the Washington Monument.

Wylder, who doesn’t even look old enough to be smoking much less consuming dick, is puffing away on a cigarette. It’s all for the show, and Wylder’s more than old enough to be handling tobacco. She started in the adult business last July but has been doing amateur porn for a number of years. I ask Wylder if her name ever gets confused with Liv Tyler’s.

“Quite often,” she laughs. “My husband came up with the name. I can’t take credit for it at all. I like it.” Wylder’s been shooting amateur for about seven years and worked with a number of websites down in Florida. She’s been operating her own site, for two and a half years.

“I got started working out here when I went to the AVN convention last year,” said Wylder. “I met Lauren Phoenix and she was interested in having me come work for her agency. So when I came out for Erotica LA in June, I went and did pictures for her agency site. Then I came out for my first trip to work in July.”

Now that Phoenix’s agency is closed, Wylder is repped my Mark Speigler.

Like just about every girl in the business, Wylder grew up a tomboy. She did her growing up in Memphis, Tennessee

“I spent a lot of time playing outside and swimming in the pool,” she says. “And I loved to go roller skating.” Memphis is noted for Blues and Wylder found herself liking that and jazz.

“There’s a lot of good live music in Memphis,” she notes. Wylder also considered herself a pretty decent student. The first time she had sex was the age of 12 with a guy who was one year older.

“He was a good friend of mine,” she explains. “And we continued that for about three years.” But for their first time together, Wylder said she did it on a bet.

“They said we wouldn’t do it and so we did,” she laughs. “I wanted to experiment anyway so this gave me a reason to do it.” The first time was out in a garage, Wylder adds. “We called it The Barn. It was on the second floor. It didn’t last very long but it was fun. He had a little trouble finding the hole at first.”

“And at 12 the hole ain’t that big to begin with,” it’s noted. Wylder agrees and says she never really dated the guy. However they remained good friends. Otherwise, Wylder had her boyfriends growing up. Wylder’s involvement in website commerce then began when her husband took some nude pictures of her.

“He was trading them on the Internet,” she says. “So we kind of figured if they’re going to be out there anyway, we put together a website and sold some content.” Wylder doesn’t work with her husband who stays behind the camera.

“I started off with solo stuff and worked my way up to girl-girl,” Wylder adds. “Some of the girls I met at strip clubs and some online. Then I ran an ad in the alternative newspaper in Memphis. I found some people that way.” Wylder never danced but she waitressed a year in strip joints.

“Waitresses are the ones being hit on in strip clubs,” it’s also noted and Wylder tends to agree but doesn’t volunteer any stories. Maybe because Wylder’s been married nine years. She met her husband at a wedding.

“My mom was getting married,” says Wylder.

“How was your husband related to the family?” Wylder is asked.

“That’s a rather interesting story,” she says. “It was my mom and his dad’s wedding.” With this information I’m picking myself off the ground.

“Your mother married his father?”

“Yeah,” Wylder responds. “They got married two years before we did.”

“That is intense- so doesn’t that make you in-laws to begin with?

“Just step brother and sister,” she replies. “But we never lived together. We didn’t start dating until about a year after that. We both liked each other but neither one of us said anything because of the situation.”

“Did other family members have a thing to say?”

“Once we told the folks there was a very good reaction- surprisingly,” Wylder answers. “I was kind of worried that my mom would not be okay with it. But she was happy, actually.”

“What did his father think about it?”

“He thought it was fine,” says Wylder. “Even his grandmother was good with it.” About six months after they began dating, Wylder’s husband proposed to her. “And we got married probably another six months later.”

Wylder, who specializes in doing nasty, crazy crap, says she loves the adult business.

“It’s fun,” she laughs. The first time she did anal, Wylder was 18.

“The first time I tried it, it hurt so I didn’t try it again for awhile,” she says. “I think it was a few years later that I tried it again. I liked it better.” Wylder also tends to mind her own business, works and avoids industry parties and drama.

“I’m just not interested,” she laughs. Asked what her parents thought about her porn career, Wylder says they don’t know about it including the Internet-thing.

“What do they think you do?”

“They think I come out here to sell razors,” she replies. “I used to work conventions selling the body hair razor; and that’s why I was at the AVN convention in the first place. I was selling razors so I tell them I’m still doing that.”


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