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Conversations with McKenzie Lee-final

Porn Valley- Working for Playboy UK at the time, McKenzie Lee, remembers sticking a mike in Jenna Jameson’s face during the AEE, 2005 show.

Three weeks later Lee was a contract girl for Jameson. I spoke to Lee on the set of Sinsations 2, a softcore project from Dusk Till Dawn Entertainment in which Lee plays herself. We talked about the controversy that surrounded her selection as Best New Starlet for last year. And while Lee concedes that she was up against some pretty formidable competition, she nonetheless makes a great case for why she deserved to win.

“I was completely and totally overwhelmed with winning that award,” says Lee. “And I still am. I really, really didn’t expect to win. I was up against some major, great competition- all good girls. That whole list was pretty insane. I didn’t expect to win- so much so to the point that I actually sat back in my seat and said to my friend Jesse Capelli, who’s one of Jenna’s contract girls, too, that the only thing I want to see is a great picture up there. Then, when Cytherea read my name out I nearly felt out of my chair.”

I ask Lee if that was because Cytherea pronounced her name correctly.

“I don’t know,” Lee smiles. “I was so shocked. And Jesse Capelli said go [accept your award]. I was really so overwhelmed. And I didn’t even make a speech- I didn’t have one- I didn’t that that I would win.”

Lee has been a ClubJenna contract girl for a year and first met Jameson when she interviewed her for Playboy UK.”I was being one of those girls running around and chatting with people for Playboy television in the UK,” says Lee. “And that’s where I met Jenna. I was with my then-agent Mark Speigler. I walked past Jenna and prior to that I had spent time reading her book. So I was kind of I want to meet her but I didn’t. Then he [Speigler] dragged me over and I just said hi. I think the only works I got out was I read your book- which is probably the most embarrassing thing I could have said.”

Embarrassing, says, Lee, because she only got three words out. Then, two weeks later, Lee was at Suze Randall’s and Speigler got a phone call from Jameson.

“She was interested in contracting me for her company,” says Lee. So, after she had completed a d.p. and a boxcover, Lee got on the next plane to Arizona and did a test shoot the following day.

“That involved a solo masturbation,” Lee remembers. “And she also tests your skills with interviewing people and people interviewing you. It was to see how your camera presence is. That was all good and I signed the end of January last year.”

Lee’s contracted to do eight movies a year. So after she signed she started appearing in ClubJenna movies including one that was Jameson’s directorial debut.

“It was a fun, eventful year,” says Lee who explains that she was in the business about eight months prior to coming to America.

“I was contracted to Playboy and I was still working on films in England,” Lee notes. “Surprisingly enough, even though critics have said I haven’t done anything, I’ve got over 80 movies out.” Of which 20 of those were shot in the states, Lee points out.

“Those were some of the best things I’ve ever done,” she adds. “I worked for Platinum X and did a five boy mini gangbang kind of thing. I’m talking Manuel Ferrara, Brian Surewood, Jon Dough, Tony Ribas and Steve Holmes, the legend himself. I’ve also done things for Robby D- Jack’s Playground. I also did a milk enema for a movie that I believe has just come out. I think that was kind of funny. That was for a Teen America. In this beauty pageant I showed how much I wanted to win Teen America by squirting milk out my ass. I’ve done some pretty crazy, hardcore stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m the wildest girl on the street but I’m right up there for a contract girl.”

Growing up, Lee was a very shy girl.

“And I’ve danced all my life ever since I could walk,” she says. “But I was a really, really shy kid at school. I blended in. I didn’t get picked on. I didn’t have a bad childhood like everybody thinks we all do.”

“So you didn’t know your Uncle Joey in an intimate way?” I ask her. “No,” she laughs. “Nothing like that. Nothing bad ever happened to me. I had a very productive childhood. I was a normal, regular kid. I had horses- put it this way. People in my school would never believe I’m doing what I’m doing. That’s how shy I was.”

So shy, Lee waited until 18 before she had sex “I was a late bloomer,” she concedes. “It wasn’t the most pleasant experience in my life but I wanted to get it over and done with seeing that everyone was talking about it. It was with a boyfriend of mine and I was with him for three years. I made him wait for six months before we did it. It was just one of those things but I eventually got practiced with my anal skills. I started doing that shortly after which is pretty insane. And without any lube in my ass. It was dry anal. I never really used lube in my personal life, but I had a lot of fun. And, after that I couldn’t stop.”

Lee was also a stripper for six years, starting out in Birmingham, England. “I came straight out of college and started,” she says. “Then, after I got my first boob job, I moved to London and worked for Spearmint Rhino.” Lee’s decision to get in porn is partly due to Marcus London, who’s her boyfriend and a porn performer as well.

“I lived with him and his house mate was a porn actor,” Lee recalls. “He said you could make a lot of money if you go into this and dancing was kind of boring doing it every day of the week.” Lee started out doing girl-girl scenes.

“And five scenes later was my first two boy scene,” she laughs. Lee has worked with London on camera in the past but they don’t work together now. Lee notes that London is with LA Direct and I tell her all the guys on Derek’s site look like Derek. Lee finds this amusing.

“He’s [London] grown his hair back,” says Lee, “because I was, like, you actually do kind of look like Derek a little bit. And he used to get that a lot. I think Derek kind of started the trend that you must be British, have a shaved head and go to the gym a lot. I find my boyfriend is a little like Derek.”

I ask Lee the million dollar question.

“After you won, there was a lot of stuff going on in different forums and chats discussing your win and everyone was saying who’s McKenzie Lee?”

“Kind of funny,” muses Lee. “What I’d really love to say- but I’m not going to- the only thing I can say to those people is, believe it or not, I asked the same question. There were a lot of girls in this category that were very deserving of this award. Not saying I’m not because I know the scenes that I do are great. But I ask the question if these girls have so much product and I have so little, then why me? In response to that I got, it’s quality and not quantity. They may have many titles out that are great. But a lot of people think it’s got to do with how many titles you’ve got out. But it’s really, really not, apparently. It’s how far you’ve come in such a little time. That would be my response to those people, and I know they were saying some very mean things. But really if you sit down and watch my scenes, you’ll know that I’m not just a normal, average contract gal. I’m very much a gonzo girl in a feature world. So, at the end of the day, if I could share that award with all those girls, I would because they’re very deserving, too.

“People also tend to make the assumption that because she’s a ClubJenna girl, the extension is made that oh, she’s got to be like a Vivid girl- and Vivid girls have the reputation that we don’t do this and we don’t do that,” I say to Lee.

“I’m trying to break that mold,” Lee contends. “One of the things I said to Jenna was the fact of the contract girl had a stigma attached to it of, obviously, she doesn’t want to do this; or don’t touch me there. But I really do everything. I do multiple guys. I’m doing d.p.s. I’m doing anal. Probably some day I’ll do double anal as well.

“I’m a really down to earth person,” Lee continues, “and if people just give me a chance and know what I’m all about, they’ll find I’m not one of these people that would storm off sets because things are not going my way. If I’m not having a great day, at the end of the day you suck it up and you deal with it. But I really am the real deal when it comes to being a performer.”

Lee is asked how she and Jenna Jameson get along.

“Jenna is a really good friend of mine,” says Lee. “I’m probably closer to her now than I’ve ever been in my life. When I won that award, she was very proud. She’s won so many awards and never cried. But she cried when I won. She bawled. She started bawling. Jenna is a very good friend of mine- Jenna and Jay- both of them are. They’re not only my bosses they’re also my friends.” Lee spent Christmas with Jameson and her husband and sees them a lot outside of work.

“I notice that people on the forums are not that nice to Jenna, either,” Lee adds. “But my response to them is look at where she is.”

I also ask Lee what it’s like being roommates with Ariana Jollee

“How do you two get along together? Because she’s crazy.”

“Ariana taught me a lot,” says Lee. “I first met her in Spain when I was still working in England. We did a scene together for Harmony and she stuck a snooker ball or a pool ball, cue ball, whatever, in her ass. We were in the middle of Spain. It was kind of funny because she couldn’t get it out for awhile. She was doing two boys and there’s this pool ball on a pool table. She couldn’t get it out but she squeezed for five minutes. And when it did come out, I caught it which was the most amazing thing. But I’ve known Ariana for a long, long time. People give her a hard time for the stuff that she does. But she’s an insane performer. She’s also one of those girls that I think should win a lot of awards because she truly is the real deal.”

“Would you have done a 65-man creampie gangbang?”

“To each their own,” Lee replies. “I think, to be honest with you, 65 may be a little too much trouble for me because that’s 65. 6-5. That’s a large amount of guys and I know how sore she was after that shoot, so I’d probably think twice about doing that. But I’m not saying that I wouldn’t follow in her footsteps with some of the crazy stuff that she’s done. Not only is she crazy but I think it’s funny- to each her own.

“Ariana is truly a man,” Lee goes on to say. “That’s how I see it. She’s like a man trapped in a girl’s body. She truly is. She’s a wild, sexual animal and there’s few people I know that are truly like that. She’s insane but she’s good.”

“I have to ask you this question,” I say to Lee. “With Ariana having this cue ball stuck in your ass, you have to help her?”

“No, she squeezed it out,” Lee swears. “When the laughing had ended after five minutes- it was kind of funny. But I was kind of worried because we’re in the middle of Spain- we’re going to have to go to the emergency room and try to explain how she got a cue ball stuck in her ass. I’ve heard some pretty wild stories but this would have gone down in history. But she squeezed for five minutes. The best thing was, when it came out, I caught it. It was a bonus.”

“Are people recognizing you yet?”

“People do recognize me,” says Lee. “But it depends who they are and what they’re into it. Who’s McKenzie Lee? they ask. But really, they know who I am. They’re just trying to be funny about the whole situation.

“People are so bitter over the AVN awards and they really need to get over it,” she feels. “It’s like, come on now, it’s over. It’s been a few months. And there were rumors that after AVN I had sex with Paul Fishbein and Jenna paid Paul Fishbein for me to win that award. Stuff like that.”

“See, it usually has to happen BEFORE the awards not after.”

“But the fact is I really didn’t have sex with Paul Fishbein,” says Lee. “I’m not saying he isn’t a good looking man, but I didn’t have sex with him and Jenna really didn’t pay Paul Fishbein for me to win that award. I’m sure she’s got a lot of money elsewhere.”

Asked if Sinsations 2 was the first time she’s done softcore, Lee says, no, that she’s appeared in a project for HBO. Lee is inclined to think that project was Sex Games 2 or 3. “I don’t really know,” she confesses. “But it’s the newest one they’ve just done- I worked on that for three days. I had softcore sex with a mainstream actor. I think it’s fun. It’s nice to do different things.

“But this is the first time I’m playing myself,” she adds.

“Is it tough playing yourself?”

“Kind of,” she muses. “With some of the things they write down that I have to say. But, obviously we can change a few of those lines.”

In Sinsations 2, Lee, in a stretch, plays a performer coming from England.

“And I create a storm on this set,” she laughs. “People, are like, well, what do you think of this McKenzie Lee girl? But that’s how it is in normal life.”


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