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From the Gene Files, 8/22/02-

We got it out of the way late in the conversation, but Mercedes concedes that she gets a lot of ‘you look like Chasey Lain comments’. That wasn’t the case when she first started in the business around 1996. Mercedes was a blond and had no tits. Mercedes now with a new look makes it very clear that she wants boxcovers.

Mercedes: I left the business for personal reasons and decided to come back.

Gene: Personal reasons over with?

Mercedes: They are over with.

Gene: That leaves the door open for so much rumor, speculation and gossip.

Mercedes: That’s a good thing. I love rumor and gossip.

Gene: Have you been the object of it?

Mercedes: Always. People gossip about me.

Gene: In what respect.

Mercedes: Sexual things.

Gene: Are you a slut?

Mercedes: No. I just like to have fun.

Gene: You should be a slut. Any woman with your dimples definitely should be. What made you decide to come into the business.

Mercedes; I was a dancer- off and on for about 8 years- and I wanted to feature. I wanted to see what it was all about. It was exciting. The financial thing of course.

Gene: Remember your first sex scene?

Mercedes: It was with Ed Powers

Gene: Eve’s first sex scene was with Ed Powers.

Mercedes: He pays the best.

Gene: What’s your stance on anal?

Mercedes: I did anal with him.

Gene: Are you an exhibitionist?

Mercedes: You could say so at times.

Gene: Were you like that growing up- the girl that always walked around the house naked.

Mercedes: My mother always called me a sexpot.

Gene: Always walking around in your birthday suit?

Mercedes: Yeah.

Gene: Were you like a good time on a Saturday night.

Mercedes: I as a good time but I hid a lot of my stuff.

Gene: Were you ever a cheerleader? You look like a cheerleader.

Mercedes: No!

Gene: Are you like a multiple guy woman?

Mercedes. No. When I’m with someone, I’m with them.

Gene: Very admirable. When was the first time you got laid?

Mercedes: The first time I was 14 or 15.

Gene: Remember the circumstances?

Mercedes: I remember them exactly. He was an 18 year-old guy and I always flirted with him. I thought he was very cute and he had me come up to his apartment one day. We were watching TV and he seduced me.

Gene: Did you like it.

Mercedes: It was alright. It was painful at first.

Gene: Did he get you a little drunk?

Mercedes: No. I was perfectly sober.

Gene: You knew going in what was happening.

Mercedes: Oh yeah.

Gene: You like girls?

Mercedes: Yeah, but I’m not gay. I’ll take a man over a woman any day of the week. My first girl was not long after that.

Gene: Circumstances- please relay.

Mercedes: It’s someone I hung out with in school. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I know just that we ended up on the bedroom floor messing around with each other.

Gene: Was she the aggressor?

Mercedes: Yes she was.

Gene: In other words she may have done this before.

Mercedes: No, we were both doing it for the first time.

Gene: So she says.

Mercedes: I believe her.

Gene: So what turns you on sexually. You said there was a lot of sexual gossip about you.

Mercedes: Do you mean when I’m in bed or what gets me into bed.

Gene: Who gives a shit once you’re in bed I want to know what it takes to get you there.

Mercedes: It has to be someone’s demeanor.

Gene: Demeanor he gets the better you like it?

Mercedes: Ugh.

Gene: Come on, it was worth a shot. Is it a smile and a shoe shine or does it take more than that.

Mercedes: It takes more than that. I have to feel something.

Gene: You want to know what he’s got down there.

Mercedes: No! But sometimes you might want to check to make sure the thing works.

Gene: In the course of your sexual history have you had a lot of sleazy one-night stands? Or do you have to be wined, dined and romanced?

Mercedes: Romanced.

Gene: I’m getting a contradictory vibe. On one had, I’m getting the gossip sex-thing, but on the other hand you seem rather provincial and old-fashioned.

Mercedes: That’s why it’s called gossip.

Gene: So the stuff was never true.

Mercedes: Most of it, no.

Gene: What were some of the wilder rumors?

Mercedes: People used to say that I used to go to clubs and would gather up a bunch of people and go to hotel rooms and have orgies. If I did I’d like to know. I’ve slept with two men at a time and another girl. I’ve had my experiences. Yes.



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