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Conversations with Mia Knight-final

Porn Valley- I had a chat with Mia Knight of World Modeling on a Rob Spallone shoot this week. Knight’s been in the business about a year.

Being a swinger, Knight thought about getting into the business way before that.

Knight’s originally from Virginia where she and her husband practiced swinging, then continued on the west coast.

“I got into the idea of doing it on film because we swung with people who videotaped us,” Knight says. “I really liked it. I’m a real show off and enjoy being an exhibitionist. It took me awhile to get into it, though, because, for a few years I was, no, no.”

Knight says she also had some issues about how she was looked at and thought of.

“I got over the fact that I don’t care what anyone thinks.” When Knight moved back to LA is when she started working in porn.

“One day I told my husband- I said you know how we were talking about this, well, I’m going to do it.” Knight also did a lot of personal research on the Internet, read different articles and talked to people she knew from the industry, directors and actors.

“I met some of the agents, we talked and I signed up with one- we didn’t get along very well,” she said. Asked why that was, Knight said it would only be speculation on her part but she didn’t get a lot of work.

“She made a lot of excuses- she wouldn’t call; she was on vacation for three weeks. I called her and said I’m not going to be able to work. She goes, oh, I’ve been on vacation so you wouldn’t have got a call from me, anyway. I was, like, thanks for letting me know. I’ve been waiting for work these past few weeks.”

Knight admits her first four months in the industry was a “bomb” and not in the good sense.

“Then I got with Jim South and he was very nice,” she said. Knight’s first time in front of the camera was weird for her in that she expected it to be more intense.

“I imagine you haven’t seen anything here that you haven’t seen on the swinging end of things,” I tell her.

“I think I’ve seen a little bit weirder on the swinging end,” she agrees. “I’ve met a lot of strange people- it’s interesting- I’ve met a lot of different people; people from Europe; It’s interesting.”

Growing up, Knight was very reserved.

“I was outgoing but only to the point where I felt comfortable,” she states. “The moment you got to know me I became very loud and obnoxious. I was outspoken and a little bit of a show off.” According to Knight she was told by her mother that Knight was masturbating at the age of five.

“She discouraged it but teased me about it- I always kept it a secret that I did it. I felt ashamed of the fact that I needed to all the time. That was until I met a bunch of girls who felt the same way. I said why are we all ashamed about it. It doesn’t seem like that bad of a thing. It’s not like we’re bad people for doing it and I hear guys talking about it all the time. I don’t look down on my guy friends for doing it so why should they look down on me or my girlfriends for doing it?”

Otherwise, Knight didn’t have sex until she turned 16.

“That was brought on by a guy who was kind of a predator,” she continues. “It was a matter of corrupting the innocent girl that doesn’t know any thing. He went after young, innocent girls and made them part of his trophy-thing. He continued to do that long after he had gotten through with me. I kind of considered it a good experience because it made me stronger and it made me realize that it doesn’t have to be this big, shameful thing where you can’t let go of it. Sex doesn’t have to be this big horrible thing that tortures you. You can just enjoy it.”

According to Knight she didn’t even know what a blowjob was before she met this guy.

“I was, like, you blow on it? You seriously want me to blow into it? I don’t know. That doesn’t feel very good, dude.” Knight says she was very repressed for a long time and had a lot of issues with her sexuality.

“I was really worried about how people would view me based on what I liked and what I thought about, what I fantasized about; different things. I believed on being the good girl that everyone wanted to like and wanted to look up to and respect. I never really got much doing that. Everyone still got on my case and gave me a hard time for not being good enough. Why am I trying so hard at being the good girl when I’m doing this behind everyone’s back, masturbating and thinking dirty thoughts then hating myself for it? I just got sick of it.”

Then Knight said she had a boyfriend where she started liking sex.

“But after awhile he started shaming me on it- as the relationship went on, he didn’t want me to go out and experiment with other people even though he was doing the same exact thing. He wanted to keep me as the pretty little flower. I was, I want to go out and experiment too, but I felt bad because he told me it wasn’t right for girls to do that. After we broke up, I did not want a relationship. I did not believe in a relationship. I did not believe I was going to get married. I didn’t want to deal with people and their emotional issues.”

Then she met a guy who was very non-judgmental of her, she says.

“I feel like myself around him and we don’t limit each other,” she explains. “If he wants to go out and have fun and party and he ends up having sex with someone else, it’s not going to bother me because I know his heart belongs to me, that she wants to talk to me and come home to me at the end of the day.” Knight says they met at a community college acting class in Virginia. They didn’t click immediately.

“He thought I was a completely hippie chick,” she laughs. “And I thought he was part of the popular crowd. Neither of us were right. We just had completely weird views of each other because we were both too shy to deal with each other until he read a comic book I had. Then he saw that I had a really gruesome comic book. He saw that I had a very dark sense of humor. At first he thought I was this pretty, made-up chick who was wearing all this crazy crap, looks nice but she looks like she could be a bitch. That’s what he said he saw. Then he read that my sense of humor was very light. I don’t take things too seriously. It’s just not worth it.”

Knight was all for the idea of free love before she met her husband. Then when they got married, she was devoted only to him. But, at the same time, she didn’t mind if he would have sex with someone else. Then after some moments of guilt, she’d admit to herself that maybe she’d like to fool around as well.

“It was a progression over our marriage,” she states. “We’ve been married five years now and about a year into our marriage we became swingers and gradually progressed into how open we’d be with our marriage and relationship-wise.” Asked if she’s brought anyone from the business into her swinging circle, Knight says not too many.

“We have a few different pockets of swinger-friends,” she adds. “We have different sets of friends that all hang out together. There’s different people, different singles, different couple and some we haven’t talked to in awhile, and, some, just recently. But in the porn industry I haven’t really met a lot of swingers. It’s funny. I’ve met some who say they are but they aren’t. And they’re really upset when you call them swingers. And then there’s the ones who want to be swingers but they aren’t; they really try to be but can’t deal with certain elemental aspects of swinging.”

Knight likes certain things about the porn business over others.

“I’ve been to shoots that were better, then there are shoots I really didn’t care for at all because they’re run haphazardly,” she said. “No one knows where anyone’s stuff is and there’s craziness all day. This one is more organized and it’s nice.”

Knight couldn’t tell you what her major sexual turn on is other than relaxed sex.

“Where I don’t have to worry about being encumbered by posing or anything like that- just real sex.”

And Knight could care less if her mother knows about her career.

“I don’t talk to her; and if she knew, it wouldn’t do her heart any good,” Knight continues. “It would just be another thing for her to bitch about. For her it would be proof that I was the failure she thought I was. My dad- he knows but he doesn’t want to know yet. He’s not letting himself know it yet. I have to talk to him about it. He’ll get over it. I know he will because he loves me too much to give up on me.”

Knight describes her relationship with her mother as one where certain people shouldn’t be together.

“Certain people shouldn’t inflict themselves upon each other because it’s poison,” she explains. “And certain people are poison in your life. If you have someone that’s being poisonous to you for no other reason than the fact that’s all they know how to do, you need to get rid of them. Just not be around them. You’re not doing them any good and they’re not doing you any good.”

But Knight said there was a time when they got along.

“But I was putting up with a lot of stuff just to try,” she says. “I feel like I had a child for a mother. And I feel like she’s always held that against me and it’s always been just a venomous thing. But I’ve never been able to get anything out of her than a bitter, evil, twisted review of how I’ve done things. It’s just not worth spending time on it.”

With her mother living in Virginia and father living in California, Knight says she doesn’t see her father that often, either. And for down time, Knight likes cartoons and video games.

“Art and crafts- I’m just kind of laid back,” she smiles.

“Kind of like that hippie chick your husband thought you were,” I suggest.


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