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Conversations with Michelle Lay- final

Porn Valley- Tom Zupko wanted Michelle Lay’s hair fluffed out to look really wild. And, as a result, Lay took some truly inspirational pretty girl pictures on the set of Zupko’s latest movie for Hustler, Butt Blasted Too. But it was nothing compared to Lay’s scene with new guy in the biz, Seth Dickens, when Dickens landed a blast on her face that would have knocked down a building. Lay then calmly wiped her face off in Zupko’s T-shirt.

At one point in the scene Zupko had Lay lathered in olive oil. Lay, whose nickname was that in high school, wasn’t too crazy about the idea. Consequently, while the scene was going on, Lay said that eating Dickens was like sucking off Tony Soprano. Zupko has Dickens repeat a ridiculous mantra throughout the entire scene: “Hey, dude, let’s party.” Lay shakes her head. She can’t believe this is what Zupko wants.

“That ass is so fucking pristine,” Zupko comments as he throws French kisses to Lay’s ass on the monitor. Zupko’s saying this is the first time she’s worked for him. “Let’s not fuck it- let’s look at it [her ass],” Zupko adds. But as Lay is soon to discover, Zupko tends to ask you for the types of things that give chiropractors patients. Lay hasn’t done an anal scene in something like four months and she’s nervous.

“I’m going to smack you on the side of your head with my ass,” Lay warns him when Zupko makes such a request. But Lay gets through the scene without bandages, splints or a stretcher. I spoke to Lay prior to the shooting of the scene. I figured KSEX was good as any place to begin. Lay tells me she’s a sugar addict, particularly cheesecake. That’s her vice. Lay says she can’t go without sugar and I ask if maybe this is a chemical imbalance trying to tell her something.

“Tom Cruise thinks there’s no such thing as a chemical imbalance,” she points out. I tell Lay spoken like a true Scientologist and ask if she is one. Lay isn’t. “I just have sugar everyday,” she says. “I eat donuts.” Lay who remains amazingly slim is asked her secret.

Drugs,” she says. “I’m just kidding!!! I’m kidding.” Lay laughs about the industry diet being crack but says she goes to the gym every day. “There’s a couple of days I’ll skip. Like today I won’t be able to go.”

I also ask Lay about the scene she did last Saturday for Team Tyler which was shot at KSEX. Lay, throwing her body across the screen like a Jai Alai player, took another blast- this one from Steven St. Croix who was playing a KSEX porn jack.

“When I heard the words, I’m getting ready to pop, my instinct took over and I just hogged it,” Lay giggles. “I knew that Wankus wanted the cum shot on all three of our faces [Lexi Lamour and Kinzie Kenner were in the scene as well].

“But the way it was set up, two girls were sitting back on the couch,” Lay continues. “I was leaning down in front of Steven’s cock. And I didn’t know he had told the other two girls, stay there. It was more like a sign-thing. I was down rubbing Kinzie’s pussy and looking at Steven’s dick because Steven was fucking her. So when he pulled out of Kinzie, saying I’m getting ready to pop, my face was right there and the other two girls are kind of taken back. I was honestly thinking, oh my God. There’s not going to be anyone there to get the cum. So I just dove in. Steven said I looked like Orca the whale coming out of the water, wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. And it got in my eye. That was kind of bad. I was the cum hog that day. It was fun.” Lay said she likes fucking St. Croix and it was the first time she ever saw Kenner get fucked. “It was hot. She’s got a nice pussy.”

We then got on the subject of KSEX where Lay is co-host to Wankus on Wednesday nights. Lay swears to this day she doesn’t know the whole truth behind her selection that back before she got involved doing movies, she wanted to go on Wankus’ show. “Chef Jeff hooked me up,” says Lay. “I thought Wankus was kind of an asshole. It’s one of those things. That’s how he comes across at first to everyone. I don’t know why to this day people think that.” Michelle laughs.

Lay was just getting involved in the industry and Jacklyn Lick had her own show, she remembers. A couple of weeks later after appearing on Wankus’ show, Lay e-mailed Wankus stating that she’d like to do Lick’s show, not knowing that Lick only had big porn stars on. Wankus told her that she needed to talk to Jacklyn. Lay then introduced herself to Lick that she was new to the business and did Wankus’ show a few weeks’ previous.

“Well she had to get Wankus’ approval,” says Lay who claims that Wankus’ response to the chain of command inquiry got forwarded to Lay by accident. “His response was tell that fucking cunt to fuck off. She’s not a big enough star.” Lay swears this is true. “I’m going oh my God. This guy really is a fucking asshole. Like why would he say that about me. I’m not a cunt. I’m not a bitch. It hurt my feelings. That motherfucker is an asshole.”

Lay thinks that year she also ran into Wankus at AEE. “He was drunk and I walked up to him. I think I may have had a couple of drinks. I’m like what is your problem with me? Why would you say something like that? We patched things up at that point. He was, like, I can’t believe you saw that e-mail. It wasn’t intended for you to see. I was, like, yeah, obviously. At that point we became kind of cool.” But Lay will point out that she’s also quick to return serve on shit, as well. “That’s my personality- I give him shit. I give everybody shit.” Lay says she later got a call from Wankus telling her that she’d be good as a co-host. “Again, I don’t know why he chose me. But he’s cool.”

Before coming out to L.A., Lay was dancing in Las Vegas. In 1998 she met Reno who was to become her husband. They dated and she traveled back and forth to Los Angeles. After a couple of years of commuting she moved in with him, giving up her job and apartment. At this point Lay is thinking she needs a job. She and Reno started an amateur website where she would only do girls or solos. She also met Chef Jeff and his former wife naked Nicole. “They led us through the whole amateur thing,” she says. “As time went on I thought this amateur thing was kind of boring. I wanted something exciting like porn stars in my life.”

Lay also met Nick Manning which has become a now famous story. Before she got into the business as a professional performer, Lay hired him as an escort. Lay got Manning’s name off of LA Exotics. “My husband says I’d really like to see you fuck a hot guy. I’m like where do I find one so I went to this website. I said, wow, this guy’s hot.” Lay didn’t recall that Manning was advertised as a porn star. “I had never seen him in a porn, but I chickened out, though, that night. I told my husband I wanted to wait, that I didn’t want to do it right now. Little did I know that he set it up to where ten minutes later Nick is walking in the door.”

Lay said her girlfriend was also there at the time. And a week later she ran into Manning on a shoot of his. Asked if Manning was like, hey, I’m Nick Manning, the night he came over to her house, Lay says absolutely. “My husband is going to him why should I have to pay you x-amount of dollars to come over and fuck my hot wife and her hot girlfriend? Nick’s excuse was, dude, I’m in the porn industry. I get paid all the time to fuck hot chicks. My husband was, like, right now you’re not doing a porn thing. You could be getting paid to come over and fuck some fat chick. Like some ugly chick.” Long story short, a deal was worked out. Lay then made Manning fuck her girlfriend first. “Just because I was being a snob to him. He fucked her without a condom. But I made him wear a condom when he fucked me. I got off on that control- you’re my fuckin’ hooker, bitch. You’re going to fuck me without a condom.”

I was curious that Manning managed to re-energize his batteries that quickly to fuck two women like that. “I don’t know what was going on there,” Lay winks. “There could have been other things going on. I’m not at liberty to say. Nick was good!”

Lay says she and her girlfriend were mocking Nick because of his attitude. “I’m Nick Manning, big porn star.” Manning however invited Lay and Reno to come to one of his sets. “We’re shooting in a couple of weeks- I’ll call you.” Manning called and Lay went to the set. She remembers Miles Long shooting camera. “Nick was talent and Shay [Sights] was there doing makeup. I don’t know.” From there, Lay found herself becoming more and more entrenched in porn society. She met Voodoo and Nicole Sheridan at a club. “We all fucked,” she says. “Nicole Sheridan was the one to tell me to give myself a porn name.” Lay was told that she also needed to redo her website and start doing movies. “It kind of went from there.”

Lay in her personal life is a freak and likes to fuck chicks. “We would videotape it and Nicole said you’re already doing the hard part,” Lay says. “Why don’t you get paid for it instead of you paying hookers.” Lay’s first movies was a threeway g-g-g- scene with Stormy and Shyla Stylez for Paul Thomas. Lay’s first b-g scene was with Voodoo, with Sheridan joining in. Lay notes that she’s picky and choosey about what she does in the business- having never really watched porn recreationally.

Lay is from Michigan and had one boyfriend for nine years. “He cheated on me all the time,” says Lay, noting that she moved to Vegas with the guy. Lay said she stuck with the relationship because she was insecure and didn’t know any better. “It was one of those things.” Lay’s then-boyfriend owned a bar and would fuck all the waitresses. “It was a country bar,” she says. “That was even worse. It was ho-downs every night!” Asked if she exacted revenge by fucking any cowboys, Lay says they’re not her type but she did fuck some male strippers from a local strip club.

Lay, who walked out one other time when they were still living in Michigan, broke up the relationship once and for all when they moved to Vegas.

“I knew I wasn’t in love with him any more,” she says. “He had been in my life since I was 18. I cared about him. He was more like a friend or a father figure even at one point and I didn’t want to be mean to him. I still cared about him. I just said it’s not working.” Lay says she got clarity almost overnight where she woke up one morning and felt more independent and secure with herself. She finally felt empowered to say no to her boyfriend. “I said you got to go- it’s not working. He moved back to Michigan. I stayed in Vegas.”

Lay says it was all for the best, that she loved Vegas and lived there for five years. “I’m glad I made the change.”

Growing up, Lay never watched porn nor did she sleep around. “All my girlfriends were pregnant in high school- I was a late bloomer,” she relates. “Very late bloomer. Lay also observed that big midwestern boys tend to like big midwestern girls. Lay was made fun of and her nickname was Olive Oyl. “No boobs, flat chest, long skinny legs; and all my girlfriends were big boobs, big booty, big ass and the farmers liked that. I was always everyone’s friend. I was never the girlfriend.” However Lay was able to get a job at a local bar where they only wanted skinny waitresses.

“Today all my friends are heifers,” she laughs. “And I’m doing porn. Now all these guys want me. Fuck you. You didn’t want me in high school.” Lay first had sex when she was 16. “But I was the last one among my friends,” she relates. “It wasn’t pleasant.” Lay was doing it with her boyfriend in her best friend’s house, in her brother’s bedroom when the parents were gone. Lay felt she had to have sex with the guy or else lose him. “He was a popular guy and had a lot of girlfriends; it wasn’t his first time. I thought I better do it.”

Lay didn’t screw around in high school and wound up, nine years, dating the guy she was working for at a local bar. “He owned the bar where I waitressed,” according to Lay.

“I was his babysitter,” she laughs. “I was his daughter’s babysitter. He was nine, ten years older than me. His wife was ten years older than him so she was, technically, old enough to be my mother. I know- isn’t this fucked up!!” Lay heard her boss one night commenting that he was going out and needed a babysitter. “I said, oh my God, I love kids. I’ll baby sit for you. Then babysitting and being around the bar started out as a secret affair. But about two months later he left his wife for me. Then our relationship was very turmoil-ish from Day One. I guess what goes around comes around.”

Asked if there was any rules of conservative upbringing at play in this game, Lay notes that her mother and father weren’t married. “But my mother was married to another man with my brother and sister. I grew up with a stepfather. She married him when I was two. He raised me and had my brother and sister.” Lay doesn’t remember having a close father-daughter relationship. “Me and my mother were close; me and my grandparents were very close.”

According to Lay, her mother’s very easy going. “She didn’t want to say don’t do it [date a married man]; but she didn’t want to encourage it. No one really knew the truth. People that I cared about didn’t know the whole truth. Just like today.” Lay says she also gave her mother the lowdown about the porn business. “I said mom, I’m doing nudie photos on the Internet. Mom, I’m only doing softcore stuff. I think her biggest shock was me doing girls because that’s not normal. Her first thing was, are you a lesbian? No, mom. I’m not a lesbian. But I’m a freak and I like to have sex with girls.”

Lay talks openly with her mother. “She was just out here two weeks ago,” says Lay. “I bought her plane ticket and my niece’s plane ticket. She’s like, Michelle, I want to pay you for my plane ticket. I said no, mom, I don’t need the money. She’s worked in a factory for 20 years. She makes in one week what I make in half a day. So I take care of her, still. I send her everything she needs- money and I buy her stuff.” When her mother protested about the plane ticket, Lay told her that’s what she gets for her daughter being a whore. “That’s dirty money, mom, and she’s, like, shut up! I don’t want to hear it. She’s not your typical mother. She’s young- she’s only 54, a young mom.” Lay notes that her own birthday is July 30 which makes her a Leo.

Lay goes on to say she loves the porn business. “I know what you’re going to get to,” she laughs. “I read Adultfyi.” I’m telling Lay I have no fucking clue what my next question is. But she answers it anyway. “I have nothing bad to say about the business in general,” she states. “You make it what it is.”

Lay, though, remembers at least one bad experience and relates it to probably her third b-g scene.

“Even to this day I’ve got a list,” she says. “I’ve got to know who I’m working with before I’ll take the gig. I’ll work with a guy the first time if I know who he is and he has a good reputation. But if someone calls me and I’ve never heard of the guy and I don’t know who he is, I’m not going to take it. I’ll do it once and if I like him, I’ll do it again. Or it works off my list.”

In the beginning, Lay was taking it slow, and got a call from a production company to do a scene. “I got there and the guy was kind of duhhhhh, so-so. And the studio was crappy. Our scene was supposed to be in an alley and it was on this mattress that was really from an alley. There was cat shit next to it. It was a bad production in itself and today I would tell the guy to go fuck off but he had to fuck me off camera in order to get it up and stuff. I’m, like, is this how it’s done? It made me feel icky.” Lay realizes full well she was being taken advantage of and the thing, is, she’s not the type to be screwed around with. “Because I’m a bitch,” she laughs. “Not a bitch, but I’m strong. Today I know better but I look back at that and go, oh my God. I should have never done it.”

Lay was asked what it was like when she first worked with Nick Manning professionally. “I couldn’t wait,” Lay says, noting that she’s probably worked with Manning on at least five occasions in the last two months. “I love working with Nick. I did my first cream pie with Nick two weeks ago.” Lay says she knows how to take Manning, realizing that a lot of girls in the business probably don’t.

“If you first met him like my first impression was of him- what a pompous ass,” Lay relates. “Because he knows he’s beautiful.” Lay says she can also see how Manning rubs guys the wrong way. “And some chicks,” she adds. “But if you laugh at him, he’ll laugh with you. He really is nice and is very respectful. I never had a problem. One of my dear friends had a problem with him. But her demeanor is way different from mine and I don’t think she could control him properly. I tell him. I dare him, fuck me as hard as you can you fuckin’ little dick-prick. I love to give him shit. C’mon, Nick. You’re my hooker, bitch- like during our scenes. But he’s one of the top guys that I would work with. He’s a nice guy. I tell him I want to get my money back, that he needs to pay me and hire me for a production so I can at least get my money back that I spent on him.”

Another thing that Lay gets busted on all the time at KSEX is her alleged weekly period in which Lay always seems to be sporting mouse tail.

“This is what the problem was, any girl out there will be able to relate,” answers Lay. “I’ve been on birth control pills since I started having sex. Lord knows that could be almost 50 years by now. I’ve been on them for a long time and it came to a point in my life where my body’s not reacting right to the pill. During a few months’ space of time I was experimenting with different birth control methods and pills. Any guy familiar with the history of women and birth control knows that you have break through bleeding. They’re not even necessarily periods. So when I would have sex, I’d bleed, or toys I would bleed. It wasn’t my cycle but I would bleed on and off while my body was adjusting to the new form of birth control. There was a time, three weeks straight on KSEX, when I had a tampon in me. That’s how I got the name mouse tail. There’s nothing medically wrong with me. And it’s nothing I’m tripped out about.” Knowing her body, Lays indicates that such things will happen. Her doctor told her that she’d either have to go off the pill for a month or experiment with other methods. “I don’t want to get off the pill,” she adds. “I don’t want to be pregnant.”

Being a feisty Leo, I ask Lay if there were any moments on KSEX when she wanted to haul off and tag somebody.

“Wankus,” she laughs. “For the most part, I grit and bear it when it comes to the guests. Me and Wankus had a tough start at one point because, again, our head butting would make me want to cry. There were times when he made me so pissed off I was ready to quit. But we’re through that now.” Lay says there was one time she was put on the spot and later the show Wankus apologized to her.

“A girl came in with her mother,” Lay goes on to relate. “He was really putting pressure on me to go down on the mom. I didn’t want to. I was trying to get out of it. I was, politically, trying to be correct. C’mon, aw, the mother doesn’t want that. Then on my last attempt to get off the subject, I was, like, Wankus, she doesn’t have a test and this was on air. He was, like, since when do you care who has a test or not. You’ve gone down on chicks and guys in the show that don’t have their tests with them. That made me go, oh my God, this is really fucked up because the girl and the mom are both sitting there, going, sure. But I’m trying to dodge it without rudely saying she was an older woman that was not my type and that was probably not shaved. I didn’t want to eat her pussy. At that point this isn’t happening any more.”

The first time Lay took it in the ass was by accident. It slipped out of one hole and into the other, she notes. “I never did anal with my husband. To this day I can probably count on two hands the times I’ve done anal. I don’t do it in my personal life. He doesn’t ask for it. We fuck every day. We have great sex and it’s always vag.” Lay’s first time ever was with her boyfriend and she doesn’t remember it being bad. “I didn’t get off on it- I said why do it. It just doesn’t feel that good. Then I started doing it more with fingers and toys when I got into the industry. My first b-g anal scene on camera was with Kurt Lockwood. I could handle it. I’ve done a couple of anal scenes with him and I can handle him, anally. And it was good because I like fucking him. Nick Manning and I have done anal.”

Lay and I talk about the massive outbreaks of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in the business. Lay swears on a stack of bibles that she’s never had either. “Knock on wood,” she says.

“I think that pool of individuals and people who carry it all the time and who get it all the time and pass it around are a certain group that work for certain companies- a lot of gonzo; a lot of girls that work five, six, seven times a week who are shooting with guys they don’t know. I don’t work with those people. I know it’s not full proof but I can only do so much. I’ve got to do more than what the system does. And my method is screening a little more carefully who my partners are. I try to check myself more and I think that’s where the responsibility lies, with the individual. These girls that are getting it know that they have it. They’re still working. Just don’t work with that guy who got back from doing a gangbang.”

Lay was co-hosting KSEX the night the water buffalo girls from Florida came on the show. I ask how she reacted to news that animals were being killed for sport and that people would fuck next to their carcasses. Lay thinks the girls themselves were hot but her overall reaction was one of repulsion. “It caught me off guard that these cute, little girls- this is coming out of their mouths. Me and Wankus, it was almost like a Twilight Zone-thing hearing these words and seeing these faces. I thought I was having an out of body experience like looking down on the whole set not knowing what to say. Safe to say, I wouldn’t approve of that. I wouldn’t have sex next to a dead bumble bee.”



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