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Conversations with Mika Kani- 10/11/06

Porn Valley- I spoke to Mika Kani this week. She’s with and Kani’s been in the business roughly four months. She hails from the Philippines but currently lives in Nebraska and Mika sounded like she was under the covers when I called. Brrrrrrrr, the midwest chill setting in early.

Kani is set to come back out to California next week. The last time she was out here she stayed for 1 1/2 months. This time she’ll be here for two weeks beginning October 16.

She recently joined up with Gold Star because all of her friends were pointing her in that direction.

“They told me that Joel was good at taking care of talent because he is also talent,” she says. “I was with other agencies- the first agent [she didn’t want to name names] was a bad experience for me. It was a personal thing. Then the second one was okay but there was a misunderstanding and I wasn’t happy with it. Then I found Joel and a new home. They’re very cool. Every time you talk with them they are very nice.”

Kani’s reasons for coming in the industry stem from a young girl’s fascination with Playboy magazine.

“I wanted to be like that,” she says. “When you’re younger you want to do things and experience them. And now I’m old enough, why not?” And she also watched adult movies so she had an idea of what to expect. Kani got her start but listing herself on

“I posted my picture there,” she said. She got some feedback then paid her way to come out to California the first time, noting that it’s a little bit different when, as an unknown commodity, you’re trying to line things up living in Nebraska and without a track record.

“But then I started getting things lined up for me,” she says. And of course she was nervous her first time in front of the camera.

“I worked for Urbano films- that was my first shoot- but I forget the name of my partner,” she laughs.

Kani went to school in the Philippines and worked there.

“The people are very nice- very hospitable,” she says. “And most of my family is there.” But her family doesn’t know she’s doing porn. They think she’s a model and even with that she gets flak.

“But my cousin moved out to California and he knows what I’m doing,” she states. “He’s like my best friend, otherwise no one knows.” The last time she went back to visit was two years ago. Kani also notes that she’s married which explains one of the reasons why she’s living in Nebraska. Her husband, an American, is a geologist with a university job in Lincoln. After he’s through there, the couple plan on moving to San Diego where he calls home.

“Nothing’s planned,” she comments. “One of my best friends is a singer- she said you know how to sing why don’t you join my band. And now I’m a porn actress!

“As a singer I went to China- that’s where I met my husband,” Kani says. “At met him at this hotel. We met and got married- it’s a good love story.” Asked if it was love at first sight, she comments, “Sort of.”

Kani was a tomboy and has four brothers.

“So I’m like one of the guys and most of my friends are guys,” she says. “I’m a late bloomer- I started being a girl when I was in college. I didn’t talk to girls because there’s too much drama and stuff like that. But I liked being one the boys.” Kani had a crush on one particular girl in high school.

“But I love men,” she emphasizes, noting that she was 21 before she first had sex.

“I waited for the right guy.”

I ask her if the right guy was her husband, she says, it wasn’t.

“It wasn’t good- he was my first boyfriend,” she comments.

So far Kani thinks she’s done about 20 scenes, a combination of Internet work and movies.

“I pretty much do everything,” she says and mentions that she squirted for the first time a couple of weeks ago thanks to Axel Braun. She’s happy so far with the business.

“I like it! It’s like being a model,” she adds. “So far everyone’s been cool- it’s a profession and about jobs. Before I even got started I told everyone I have a tight pussy. And I’m very selective about anal because I have a tight one. I’ve already done a couple of interracial anal sex scenes. If you’re enjoying it, it makes you good in the films. I objected, first, to wearing lingerie but I started liking it. You look like a doll when you’re posing. It’s cool.”

Kani also notes that she used her real name when she first started working then went with Mika Kani on the advice of friends.

“Everyone told me change it- you have to. You don’t know. There’s a lot of crazy people out there.”



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