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We ran into Monique this afternoon. She’s now directing a series for Heatwave Entertainment / Sterling Pictures, It’s called Sexaholics, a new series of which she’s now working on developing Volume 3. Monique also has a website called
Monique says her new series is from a woman’s point of view.

Gene: What was it like your first time directing. Were you scared shitless?

Monique: I was. I’m so used to being in front of a camera. I knew what I wanted. But holding the camera was all new. Gabor [from Heatwave] was awesome. He gave me complete control of the shoot and how I wanted it to be done. He trusted me with using the camera. It’s interracial hardcore. And I always like to keep it hardcore because I consider myself one of those gonzo hardcore chicks. And it’s just trying to bring the best out of women.

[Monique says she’s been performing since 1996.]

Monique: I’ve learned so much, seriously- about myself and the business altogether.

Gene: What were some of the things you strove for in this series.

Monique: Just hardcore sex. I wanted chemistry. Be being talent I worked for a lot of people I didn’t want to work with- there was no chemistry. And I wanted chemistry. I know that there are some directors that bring the best out of me and some that don’t. I wanted to be that director that brings the best out of females and I know it’s a lot easier being female talent. Besides I think women are more receptive of a woman directing them.

Gene: When talking about chemistry are you meaning to say that over the years you may have fudged a scene or two by acting more enthusiastic than you might have been?

Monique: Ah………..yeah. There’s always something going on in my head if there’s not some type of physical attraction. I’m thinking of other things that might get me attracted.

Gene: What would some of those other things be.

Monique: Vin Diesel. I have thoughts of him in my head while I’m performing- honestly.

Gene: Did you ever meet him in person?

Monique: No, but I just like his whole XXX persona. I just like the way he looks.

Gene: What was your feeling after the first Sexaholics. Were you satisfied or did you think you could have done even better.

Monique: I was really looking forward to doing that because as I said, it was my first time using a camera. When the reviews came out it was all good and I as really surprised. I thought they were going to comment on my camerawork which was a little shaky. It was my very first time shooting a sex scene and I wanted to know the response and what it was I needed to work one. There was no negativity on my camerawork. I knew that the sex was good. That wasn’t what I was worried about. It was getting the angle and showing the sex where it looks good. I know hen I’m looking at a movie now I’m looking at the camera angles and what they did. It’s kind of crazy, but I’m doing to master it. It’s going to take some time and I’m practicing a lot.

Gene: Are you still going to perform; or are you concentrating on directing. What are you going to be doing.

Monique: If I’m going to perform it’s going to be in my own series. I would like to be the female Jules Jordan who I think is phenomenal with his camerawork. I want to work on the directing-thing and get a lot more series going on. I’m not getting any younger!!

Gene: How did this thing with Gabor develop where he wound up giving you the opportunity.

Monique: I did a lot of research. I got the equipment that I needed and then I just went to the companies with my ideas. I wanted to see who was going to give me my break, considering that I had never shot before. Gabor gave me a budget and trusted me to shoot. I could have screwed it all up. When I’m go and work for somebody else I’m watching. Even though I’m in front of a camera I’m watching what they’re working with and how they’re doing it.

Gene: Remember your first scene?

Monique: Like it was yesterday! When I first got in the business I did girl-girl to start. I didn’t let anybody push me into doing anything I wasn’t ready for. My first scene was with Tabitha. She’s not in the business anymore. She didn’t have a last name. My first boy-girl scene was for Black Cheerleaders Search. It was with Julian St. Jox.

Gene: That’s good. The brain cells are still working. So that qualifies you to write a book. By and large, how has the business treated you.

Monique: Very good. I make the best out of it. There are some ups and downs and things that I would rather have not existed. But I have no control over that. I have to make the best out of it.

Gene: You were under contract.

Monique. Both under Video Team and Extreme Associates. Extreme probably made the best out of me as far as anal and the scenes. Video Team is good for pretty boxcovers but I’m a hardcore-type of chick. I love working for Evil. I love working for Anabolic. Extreme was right down my alley. They brought the best out of me. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be getting nominated as much as I have been. I owe it to them. I’ve had some beefs with Extreme but they were always good to me and treated me with respect.

Gene: What ended your stay with Extreme.

Monique: I moved on. It wasn’t working out the way that I wanted so I just left six months after the contract. I felt like they weren’t working me enough. When they did work me it was awesome but it just wasn’t enough.

Gene: Anal’s your big turn on.

Monique: That’s like 90% of my work.

Gene: What’s your next movie.

Monique: Sexaholics 3.

Gene: I guess that’s obvious.



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