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Conversations with Nathan Threat-final

Porn Valley- I’ve heard from more than a few people that Nathan Threat’s going to be the next big male name on the porn scene. Skeeter Kerkove obviously thinks so, too, and cast Threat in a movie that he’s shooting for Pleasure productions titled Nathan Threat’s Heavy Metal. I spoke to Threat last week on the set

Threat’s been in the business a year this month.

“I got started by going to the swing parties and the gangbang parties,” he says. “I met Bobby Manila there at one of the parties. I started doing work for his website and from there people started hiring me and now I’m here.” Threat’s first time in front of the camera was for Manila’s Black Pack Gangbang.

“It was me and five other guys,” he says. “Because I had been doing gangbangs for fun for so long, I went in there harder and stronger than anyone else there. I blew all those guys out of the water. When Bobby told me that I was really flattered because everyone was, like, he just went in there and totally fucked the shit out of the girl without missing a beat. I was just zoning on the girl and all the guys there didn’t exist. They weren’t there.”

Before he got into the business, Threat mastered what he calls “the ability to make the most amount of money with doing the least amount of work.”

“I was working at a post facility pretty much sitting on my ass all day watching music videos and commercials,” he explains. [There was more to it than that, of course.] “Before that I was working in a movie theater making tips in the bathroom handing out towels.”

“Whoa can that ever be taken the wrong way,” I tell Threat.

“I was the bathroom attendant handing out towels and stuff like that,” he laughs. “When X Men came out I made something like $700 in tips the first weekend. And now I’m getting paid to have sex with beautiful women. So it’s just getting better.” Threat says he’s always been an exceptionally horny and “perverse” individual.”

“That’s always been me,” he states. “That could have been due to the fact that I wasn’t getting any in high school.” Asked to explain how horny and how perverse, Threat says he’d be thinking about sex all the time.

“For instance my day isn’t a good one unless I have some pussy to eat,” he says. “If not, my day is just blase. It’s not good. I’m really obsessed with sex and getting my nuts off and everything like that.” Threat’s rapacious sex drive is what eventually brought him to the front door of the swingers lifestyle.

“I used to spend a lot of time online trying to get pussy in the chatrooms,” he laughs.

“How’d you make out there? Did you meet a lot of cops passing themselves off as underage girls?” I ask him.

Threat gets a big chuckle and explains that when he first went online he was getting a lot of action.

“I met a lot of really nice girls but it would take hours to do it,” he recalls. “I’d be at a cyber cafe for eleven hours just hoping to find someone. After awhile I felt kind of pathetic doing that. So I stopped doing that. Then I found these swing parties online, and I went to one of them. I paid the donation to get in. These particular parties were gangbang parties, and they were hosted by women who liked being fucked by multiple guys. So the more guys the merrier. You’d go to one of these parties and there’d be like 35 guys in a room. The first time I went in there, I didn’t want to pay the donation because I didn’t have that much money at the time. It was something like sixty bucks. So I’d go in there and it would be like four beds and one girl on each bed and all the guys would be fucking. I’m in the corner being all shy and everything like that. I was dressed very nicely with my shiny shoes on and a dress shirt, and I’d be sitting there in the corner. I thought, well, you paid your money, you might as well just go ahead and get what you can get. So I went in there. A lot of different things happened. I was eating this one girl out and she stopped sucking all this cock and said you are so good at that. That made me feel real good because I love eating pussy.”

According to Threat, it became a weekly routine with him going to these gangbangs. “It was fun for awhile,” he says. “Then I started getting paid and I had to say goodbye to that and start concentrating on making money so I could support myself.” Threat and Manila parted on bad terms.

“I was kind of unhappy about that but you gotta do what you gotta do,” says Threat.

In high school, Threat was the intellectual.

“Case in point,” he continues, “all my friends were the teachers and the English teachers were my best friends. Needless to say, girls in high school don’t really like intellectuals. They like the sports guys, and yadda, yadda, yadda. That really wasn’t me. Nowadays it’s completely different but then I wasn’t getting any at all. I was kind of a loser.”

Threat’s original career goals are basically the same as they are now: to write scripts, complete a novel and do the whole writing-thing.

“Writing is my passion,” he reflects. “Porn is what I do to have the luxury of being able to write and not have a 9 to 5 job and not be bogged down by an ol’ boss. I can go to work on a set, fuck a beautiful girl, go home and spend the rest of the day writing.”

Threat writes mostly psychological dramas.

“The kind of things where I question the limits of humanity, things of that nature,” he says. “What people do when they have no restraints, what it means to be human.” On the day that I talked to him, Threat was about to work with Sierra Sinn and it was his fourth overall scene for the Nathan Threat Heavy Metal title. [He worked previously with Kelly Wells and Max Hardcore’s girl Layla] According to Threat, Skeeter got his number from Jim Powers.

“Jim Powers is great,” says Threat. “He’s always a happy guy and his shoots are like butter. Jim is a great guy and he told Skeeter about me. Then Skeeter called me up and said I’m going to do all this stuff for you- I’m going to give you your own line and I have all these plans for you. I hadn’t even shot for the guy at this point and I’m, like, wow, thank you. This has been one helluva recommendation from Jim.” Threat said he likes the project so far because there’s no restrictions to it.

“I can do whatever I want to do and I can be as aggressive as I want to be,” he says. “The great thing is that the girls that Skeeter hires for this particular line can actually handle what I can dish it. Usually I tailor my performance around what the girl can take and what she can handle. If she’s saying, ouch, I try to ease up and try to make her feel comfortable. But these girls can take a lot of sexual punishment- which is kind of cool- which means I can do whatever the hell I want to do and just have a ball with it, push girls, toss ’em around, pick ’em up- it’s just great. I don’t like restrictions. So Skeeter’s, like, just fuck the shit out of it. Hell, yeah.”

Before he got into the business, Threat would watch porn.

“The great thing about being in porn is that I was jacking off to these girls last year and now I’m fucking them,” Threat says. “It’s just great. I was watching this Lucy Thai video then I worked with her recently. It was, like, oh, this is great. It gives me a rush.” Threat also loves working with Missy Monroe.

“Every time I work with her it’s my mission to make her squirt,” he laughs. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you- that’s what I’m going to do.” Threat has yet to be recognized by American audiences but has been to Brazil twice where people would come up to him.

“That’s kind of strange,” he mused. “That I’d have to go to a different country to get recognized. We were in a disco and someone came up to me, oh, we saw you in this and that. That was kind of cool. And what I’m waiting for- because I’m writing scripts for the mainstream- my co-writer is asking me what are you going to tell these producers you do. I’m not going to say a damn thing. I’m waiting to go into a meeting with one of these producers and have a guy just kind of look at me, wait a minute. I’m waiting for that head to tilt a little bit- I’m waiting for that day.”

For now, Threat isn’t seeing any one socially.

“But I wish I was,” he comments. “Because it is great having sex with all these beautiful women, but it is a bit on the empty side. It’s not really fulfilling because I’m a very passionate and emotional person. I don’t get to see the whole passionate, lovemaking-things I like to do and get to really explore a woman’s body.” All of which, Threat’s completely open to dating in the industry.

“Because I think only the women in the industry can match my sexual depravity,” he laughs. “And only women in the business can understand what I do. But, sadly, a lot of the women in the business- and how can I put this delicately? They’re mentally and emotionally unbalanced which sucks. You can’t really have a conversation, and a lot of them are unreliable. On that note it’s difficult. I thought about dating somebody outside the business but, typically, women outside the business aren’t as understanding of things as women in the business. But women outside the business are emotionally stable and balanced. To a larger degree. So that’s kind of the Catch 22. I can’t have my cake and eat it too.”


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