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Conversations with Nautica Thorn-final

Porn Valley- This morning I had a chat with Nautica Thorn,, who’s the contract girl for AMA Video. Thorn who has been in the business going on three years, suggests that performers on have been in that long are entitled to letterman jackets.

“But the only thing we get from doing porn for three years is a looser pussy,” she laughs. That statement being a cue, we got right into a discussion about anal and Thorn ventures to say she might have done her first and last scene about a week ago.

She’s tried anal off camera and was really drunk at the time. “Even then I didn’t like it so I think I’m just a lost case with a cock up my ass,” she says. Some do, some don’t, I tell her. “I’m one of those that don’t,” she comments. I asked Thorn to describe in grim detail her thoughts about that scene. “It was with Kris Slater – he was the lucky guy that went into my ass,” she says. “A nice guy. We started fucking and as soon it got in after about two minutes I kind of fell off the bed. I was like you need to go into my happy place. Give me a second. I started singing to myself gummy bears, unicorns and fluffy pillows over and over again. That’s my happy place.” I ask Thorn if you can get a happy meal there as well.

“Definitely,” she laughs. “You can get a Chicken McNugget happy meal any time you want.” All of this being said, I take it that Thorn’s experience with dick in her ass was a brief one. “I thought I could do it,” she said, noting this wasn’t her first attempt. She’s tried before with Chris Cannon. “Chris Cannon couldn’t do it so we had to re-schedule an get a smaller dick. But I’m still find of the name Chris. That’s why I picked another guy with that name.”

I tell Thorn it’s probably a good idea she didn’t pick Chris Charming who’s hung like a horse. Thorn said the anal scene was for the first movie she directed for AMA Video. It’s called Secret Desires. The performer Thorn is very easy to direct, she says. “If the guy talent is having troubles I will go ahead and suck his cock. Oh yeah. It’s been done. We have video footage of it. I tell you what I want to see and just do it. Apparently Thorn’s willingness as a director to lend assistance has made her popular among male performers who are lining up to work for her. “I need male cock,” she says.

Asked what made her decide on porn for a career, Thorn says she was of age. “I was a stripper and an agent came up to me and asked if I wanted to do porn. I was, okay. I was a very sexually active child so this is not a shocker to all my friends.” Defining sexually active, Thorn remembers the first time she masturbated and having an orgasm as well. “That was at the age of 11,” she remembers. “The way my bed was the bed frame had a little railing and you could put your legs through it. So I was bouncing around and playing my video game and my pussy kept rubbing up against the railing. I was like, oh, wow. This is kind of cool. I kept doing it and doing it and came on my bed post. That was the first time. After that it was masturbation heaven.”

Thorn gave her first blowjob at 13 and the following year took a “penis” in her pussy. All she remembers about the blowjob was that it was in her room. “I’ve got an ice fetish- we were foreplaying and I was rubbing it all over his balls. I was a professional at a young age.” Thorn remembers the guy being a senior in high school. “I had a crush on him- I thought he was cute. I wanted to suck his cock. So it just happened. I just pulled down his pants.”

Thorn then had sex with a different guy, noting that this scenario was planned out. “It was my boyfriend at the time. I said come over and fuck me. He was, okay.” Besides this, Thorn used to hold porn parties in high school. “All my friends can vouch for this back in Hawaii- I used to call them up and they would come over, skip school. We’d make a huge lunch and would just watch Asia Carrera for some reason. It was Asia Carrera on all the time. We’d comment on what they were doing and would pick up on stuff that they were doing.”

Thorn would hold the parties once a week and the skipping school part was dismissed because watching porn was considered an education in of itself.

Thorn’s friend were not shocked, either, when she went on to become a stripper. By this time Thorn had left Hawaii for California. “I went and met this stupid guy,” she says. “I thought he’s awesome. Let me go live with him. That’s all I have to say. He’s stupid just cause I say so. It was a bad relationship. It was a long, wasted four years.” Thorn started stripping at 18 but wasn’t doing it very long because she started doing photos and girl-girl shoots. Her agent at the time was David Cruz. “Then I moved on to World Modeling ; then I went to Pretty Girl.”

Thorn can’t even remember her first porn scene. “I just remember that I wasn’t freaked out,” she says. “It was cool, okay. Let’s do this.” Recalling how she got her AMA contract, Thorn says she and Joe Loughlin have always been good friends. “I came into the office to see him. We started talking. I told him about this movie line I wanted to do. He said good idea. That’s how it came to be.”

Asked what makes her happy place happy, Thorn says it’s a guy who talks a lot of shit in bed, chokes her out and is very rough. Thorn loves the full complement of rock ’em, sock ’em behavior and says she got into it when she was married. “My husband is very good at it.”

According to the way Thorn makes it sound, her parents had very little control over her; even less, now. “They know I’m working for Playboy which I’m not lying,” she says. “But they don’t know that I’m a performer. They know I’m directing.” Thorn hosts two shows for Playboy. One is on Spice TV and is called Spice Clips which airs Saturday and Sunday. Thorn also hosts Nightcalls Hotline on the Playboy Channel the first and third Friday of every month. “Hotline is a more interactive show,” she states. “I get to put out my ideas, talk to the fans and get to interview the new girls in the business. It’s a lot of fun.”

Thorn does girls as well and her first time with a girl was at the age of 15. “I was out with a guy friend of mine. We had been fooling around. He brought his girlfriend at the time out with us. We went back to his place and had sex.”



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